300th Post Nihilism

This is my 300th post. The Tea Cerebration(s) has completed 300 posts in 394 days, after its beginning in July 2014. My last 200 posts were done in 194 days. I have done the last 100 posts in 95 days and the last 50 in 46. I did post a minimum of one post on every day. By doing these, I have once again proved that I have no other job. May be I should have another job, but unfortunately, I have none. In the next two hundred days, I will reach the 500 posts marks, if life keeps going this way. Well, there is not really any point about life.

I keep wondering where do I reach with my blogs. Sometimes I think why I should write here. It keeps going on and on, and nothing really happens that would bring a clear change to my life. Each and every day, I write about something or the other, and then I post it, and then nothing else happens. I just go to sleep, and then I wake up and I write. It seems to me more like a loop which goes on eternally. Well, people do many things which seem to be constructive and good for their future. I wonder where does blogging stand.


Doing good with blogging has very less effect on my daily life. I remain the random jobless, useless person as I have always been. The India Today Conclave Win came up as a small relief, but the situation still remains the same. Sometimes, I feel that the particular post came from a part of my brain which I know very less about. The fifth month has arrived after that positive thing, and I am sure that most people have forgotten about that. My life remains empty and I believe that worst things are waiting to happen without giving any slight chance of an escape.

Sometimes, I think whether it does anything which counts at all? 300 posts here and 200 posts at Movies of Soul later, with the extra on other two blogs making more than a 100, thus making it above 600 posts in total, I still remain the person I used to be when someone looks at me. Is it doing good or bad for me? I wonder how it will define my future. Can something really positive come out of this or will this go as how I wasted my life? Will it even make sense to most of the people, the majority of the world?


I have never thought that I would ever reach the number three hundred in my life time. I was completely out of ideas when I started my blogs. Now I do have more ideas, but not sure if it is really a positive thing. I have been just writing and writing without caring about anything else. But I have still reached nowhere even after trying regularly. I am still stuck at the abyss from which only depths call, and not a soul to return to the surface.

I wonder if many of you have read my previous post, Time Machine’s Child, which has been a reflection of my world. It has been recently selected as a WOW post at BlogAdda, and I have been wondering about the same situation. Is the search for a better timeline, or a deviation into a better reality just an illusion? Is there light at the end of the tunnel or is it just a fake belief just to make us explore more of a tunnel which is infinite, and ends for each person only with death?

Will the search for a better alternative end up in the worst situation? Or is that alternative waiting for us after death? Isn’t it easier to have trust in after-life than the present one? There is no justice in this world, and shouldn’t that make the idea of after-life more exciting than the present one? May be if death is the entrance to that better life as religions talk about it, embracing it before being a bigger sinner to ruin it is the better option, right? And if there is no after-life at all, still isn’t it better to finish it off now than later?

***The images used in blog post were taken on my Sony Cybershot Camera.


35 thoughts on “300th Post Nihilism

  1. Teny, I felt a lump in my throat reading this lost of urs. First of all, let me appreciate that u so authentically and transparently poured ur feelings here. Second, I empathize with ur pain. What I want to say is that, ur mind of the writing will go waste. Since, u have uniqueness, which will b noticed today of tomorrow. Having said this, let me also ask you to bring a positive change in the pain area. It is important to take charge of life. The way u r giving ur best shot in blogging, give ur best shot in job search, in preparing for exams for jobs etc. I don’t see any reason for ur not fetching one job soon. Divide ur time between priorities as well as interest. Please never think that what is d use of all these blogging? That would reflect in ur life sooner or later. Be happy Teny. God bless!

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      • I really hope it doesn’t. It makes me wonder, why this blogging gives me no consideration when I send a resume; I ask myself if this isn’t writing experience. Any other experience is not possible, as I can get that only if I get a job 😦


    • Thank you 🙂 I don’t really believe in my chances; with unemployment rate so high and with people able to talk nicely and also exaggerate their skills, I doubt if I can do that good. People who give the image that they can do things get the job, and so what I can do will rarely matter na?


  2. In the same boat Teny, even I wonder what have I accomplished…. Except for being a homemaker who writes as hobby… I too wanted to be taken seriously for my writing… So I can understand your feelings. Best of luck

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  3. Hi Teny,

    Congrats on the 300! Spartanz …grrr…:@ six pack and spears 😛 😛
    Well, I am also having the worst time of my life. I also wonder if the L in my luck is replaced with some other letter. It’s bad even with a job. I hope you enjoy your life and try and take up something, you like as a job. Some job won’t do and it will be a disaster.

    I also don’t know where blogging would lead, but then let’s see where it leads 🙂

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  4. That is a HUGE achievement Teny.. I don’t know why it seems you’re not happy with it..And I must tell you, there is definitely something great to happen that is awaiting you.. Please don’t lose hope and keep sharing your great thoughts and you should be rather happy for erecting an awesome Vampire Clan in this blogosphere.. 🙂

    I see the winner badges in the side bar.. that’s what you call the achievement and out turn of your writings.. And I’d definitely like to know more about your India Today Conclave win. Many Congratulations and keep writing 🙂

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  5. Haha angane swayam jobless aakkathe. Apo ennum post cheyunna baaki ullavarum jobless avulo 😛
    Congrats boss! 😀 So many posts in such a short period! _/\_ thozhuthu!

    You know what is funny? I have sort of said the same thing in my latest post. I am jobless, failing exams in a row, the only thing I know is to write. I have sort if hit an all time low. But writing gives me solace and hence I write. Regarding jobs, I am just throwing resumes in all directions for writing jobs. I’m writing CA, CS and bank tests. Erinju nokkam enne. Blindly!

    Who knows! the target might accidentally hit a night fury and we might end up owning him 😀

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    • Joblessness rakthathinte bhaagamaa ennu thonnunnu 😛
      Thanks 🙂
      You are writing bank tests! Athum undalle 😀 Enikku Maths allergy aayathu kondu athum pattilla.
      Are there flying cats too? I wonder. Simona won’t like a Night Fury 😀

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      • Vere vazhi illa. Etra kaalam CA ezhuthikkond irikkum. So, adutha kalaparupadikk keram nu vechu. Atra tough maths onum alla. Chumma erinju nokku. You might get another Simona 😛

        Hehe but Night Fury does look like a cat. Simona would love her.

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      • I doubt that; she doesn’t like any non-human which is bigger than her 😀 Veettilaanel thozhuthum illa 😛
        Bank test potte…PSC Maths polum enikku bhayankara tough aanu 😀

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  6. Now, it’s 1.58 am and I’ve nothing to do in particular. (normal people usually sleep but I’m not normal 😐 ) I do have a prompt from a poetry blogroll, but somehow I don’t feel like writing at the moment. I read a lot of posts from other blogs and commented. Somehow this one happened to be the last and I read even the comments along with the post 😀

    Well, Teny, such not-so-good phases are common with all of us. We all have passed and are passing through situations which have made us feel the worst. But this is life and you should garner happiness form every possible thing around. Writing 600 quality posts in different blogs….isn’t it an achievement? Doesn’t it help you to enhance your experience and imagination? Hasn’t it made you a prolific blogger? Even if you think like a nihilistic, you can’t just dismiss these facts. I never support nihilism, it makes one weak and eventually cynical. You’ve talent and one day you’ll surely get a chance to channelize them in the proper way.

    For you, life has just begun. It’s a long, long journey….you’ve time now, prepare yourself and be confident…have faith in yourself and your ability… 🙂

    P.S. It has become almost a blog post and may sound philosophical. I hope Uncle Vampire wouldn’t mind this time… 😛 😀

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