Here is a short introduction to the generally used characters on this blog and my other blog, Movies of the Soul ( Most of them have been part of successful novels, movies and video games for a long time. I am just giving them the opportunity for a short stay on my blog as I am a big fan. They make appearances here and there, when needed.

1. Uncle Dracula: The uncle to each and every vampire and the ruler of all vampire world. Suffers from regular tooth problems and hopes for a vampire apocalypse instead for the regular zombie apocalypse.

2. The Vampire Bat: The right hand of Dracula and movie watcher. Not a fan of normal human beings. Usually found in any of those theatres or multiplexes near you.

3. The Vampire Owl: The left hand of Dracula, partial movie watcher and hopes to owlify the whole world with the help of his lazy zombie minions whom he employs from the Free Zombie Territory.

4. Vampire apprentices: Including the recently appointed Vampire Hamster and the part-time worker Vampire Panda, there is a long list of vampire apprentices working under Dracula.

5. Chucky and Annabelle: Fans of Uncle Dracula who visit him at times from the nearby territory, and pray for his good health. Spends the rest of their time coming up with awesome evil plans.

✠ Zombies, assassins, revenants, sorcerers, demons, elves, centaurs, satyrs, spirits, mummies, werewolves and many others are not included here as they make more of guest appearances even though there are plans to do expansions. No undead creatures were harmed while preparing this blog page at midnight. There was no summoning magic and the conjuring spells were not used without permission from the Lich Queen. THANK YOU! 😀

A map of the vampire world and surroundings

A map of the vampire world and surroundings

A map of the divisions of vampire world

A map of the divisions of vampire world

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10 thoughts on “Characters

    • Everyone is so angry for the wrong reasons, and people get “hurt sentiments” so easily – so I would at least make sure that the undead remain content 😀


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