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The Tea Cerebration(s) is the fourth of my existing blogs, and the last blog I have created until now. Chronologically, this is my sixth WordPress blog and eighth blog in total. I have been writing online since I was in school, and after a break, restarted it later after I joined and finished MA English because my ideas about various things had undergone a lot of changes. My opinions had undergone huge changes, and so new blogs were needed.

The Tea Cerebration(s) remains my most active blog with the most number of posts, reaching 350 posts on the 444th day of its existence and it is also my fastest blog to 50,000 visits. It has won a good number of contests and special awards for blog posts, the biggest of them being the selection for the India Today Conclave 2015 at Delhi as one of the four official bloggers as a result of my post, The Vision of a Lost Bat.

I am a little too busy with work as of now, but I am at times available for guest posts, and I also write opinions on a wide variety of topics. I have reviewed not only movies, but also restaurants, internet service providers, electronic appliances and others. If you want me to review something or have my opinion about one thing or the other, do let me know, but expect only a truthful reflection of my experience. For latest movie reviews, check my other blog, Movies of the Soul. I am always looking forward to writing something.

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