Inspiration: Episode Two

Shweta Dave ( has nominated this blog for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. This is the second time for this award and for any award on this blog ( Thank you,Β Shweta πŸ™‚

Very inspiring blog award

Hoping that this kind of awards are a nice start, I have kept a page separate for the same, which can be accessed from the top bar of the blog πŸ˜€ (Β Shweta has some inspiring stuff at her blog too, where I am a regular reader.

The Very inspiring Blogger Award rules:

  • Display the award on your blog

  • Link back to the person who nominated you

  • State 7 things about yourself

  • Nominate 15 bloggersΒ andΒ link to them

SevenΒ things about myself:

1. I support Sanju Samson as the next wicket keeper of the Indian Cricket Team.
2. I wish to visit the four Italian cities Rome, Venice, Florence and Milan as soon as possible πŸ˜€
3. The farthest I have traveled is to Glasgow, Scotland.
4. Among the non-Keralite cities to which I have traveled in India, I love Kolkata the most.
5. I don’t like my chances of getting a job.
6. I believe that I am going to get hit by a reckless driver when on road, sooner or later.
7. I have discovered many reasons to be a pessimist πŸ˜€

FifteenΒ blogger friends for this award:

1. Simon (
2. Ulkar (
3. Moon (
4. Jatin (
5. Lorrie (
6. Kalpana (
7. Lynn (
8. Harsha (
9. Leyla (
10. Risty (
11. Anita (
12. Christy (
13. Philip (
14. Nitin (
15. Seema (

Have a wonderful year ahead! πŸ™‚


35 thoughts on “Inspiration: Episode Two

  1. Congratulations for a second time :). I am honoured that you mentioned my name in your list. Thank you so much. I shall soon update about this 2nd award nomination in my blog. And let me tell you we have one thing in common. I was a cricket fanatic since my childhood but stopped watching cricket after Ganguly left. Not very consciously but don’t feel the urge to watch one-days and tests anymore. But enjoy IPL :P. Btw, some day I would like to know, at least some reasons of your becoming a pessimist.. . πŸ˜€

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