The Full Nostalgia Post

This one is a very personal post from the memories. Nostalgia always has some special space in our world, and a few things have more special place. There are a few things which comes to my mind when talking about nostalgia. These have had special spots in my mind for a very long time. I would like to start this post with my first laptop, an Acer which is still the costliest laptop which I ever had. Three laptops came after this one, from Lenovo, Asus and Dell, but this one continues to be the first image to come to mind when someone talks about laptop.


Nostalgia has its place among pets too, and there is one cat at my aunty’s house who is a cause of nostalgia. Now, even the age of this cat’s son has passed, but this one is my favourite among all cats before Simona. She was the official cool cat of that time, and she was almost everywhere. We couldn’t keep a cat at home during those times as it was a flat where we lived, but this one helped. Cats were needed and here was one.


This floral carpet, the pookkalam made for Onam is another special one. We had these at our flat every year, and this was the one which looked special. It was all about flower designs in different shapes until then, but this one was the big Kathakali face, and so I remember this one a lot. Every year, I looked to see if the face came back, but this was the only time.


I have had a unicorn loving childhood, and so buying a Honda Unicorn was a necessity for me. I tried hard to sell the existing TVS Centra and buy this one. So, Honda Unicorn made it to our home on a special day, and that began a large number of journeys and the exploration of the town as well as the city of Cochin like never before. It became a connection between us friends, and this became our official youth transportation, mostly for having food πŸ˜€


Then there is the old church – it has been part of my long stay at one town. I was a regular visitor to this church for years, and even now I see the structure when I go through the particular town. But the truth remains that this is the church which I visited less despite it being my parish. It seems that I have a certain liking for all churches other than my parish church. So, I have visited the church less, and so I started missing this church very early πŸ˜€


The great TATA Indica has been the car which I had driven the most, a record which is now broken by the current Chevrolet Beat. This car has gone to a lot of places, as we traveled to many corners of the central Kerala and a little bit to the South. Beat has covered almost the whole of Kerala, but this Indica used to be a big travel inspiration. It didn’t even have the stereo; dad hated music and I had to use the mobile music πŸ˜€


Then there is the most beautiful thing among them all, the desktop computer – it is something which can’t be seen at any of my friends’ home these days and I miss this thing. There was the joystick, the webcam, the speakers, the landline, the UPS, the headphone, the modem, the caller id and even that old Nokia 6600 – also see the number of wires. This was taken after I bought an extra special graphics card for being the great gamer – those days were so grand; there were those games which kept the happiness factor highΒ πŸ˜€


***All the images used in this blog post were taken by me only on my cameras and mobiles of those times. ***We go through more bikes, cars, laptops and many other things which are more modern, but something from the past stays πŸ™‚


30 thoughts on “The Full Nostalgia Post

  1. can fully relate to nostalgia, seriously few things are so attached to us and old is gold stays intact in this scenario. even till date i love my desktop PC…and many more such close to heart things…

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  2. My first laptop was an Acer too, and yeah the most expensive one I owned till date. If I were to compile a similar post, the Acert laptop, my guitar (which I no longer have) and the first mobile phone which I bought with my own money would go on it πŸ™‚

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      • I thought that you also found Indi the best place to share your posts – WordPress readers can be crowded; IB is less crowded even though there are many in my network πŸ˜€

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      • Ahhhh… hmmm. Well, I could say a lot of things about why Indi is no longer the best place. It used to be the best, yes. And I met some of my favourite bloggers through it. But lately, it has changed – too much of mutual back scratching and too many phony bloggers lifting content from here and there and also some hate-filled blogs. So now I log into indi when I remember, as opposed to before when I did it religiously πŸ˜›

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  3. Just so that you mentioned that it was a carpet only I noticed the details of it… Gosh! It looks so Attham. And wait… you had a unicorn loving childhood? That’s something superset from a Vampire Bat πŸ™‚ Suche memories never fades… ever… indeed.

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  4. Nostalgia reminded me of TVS scooty. I learnt how to ride on that. My own was Activa. It was still a second hand after Amma used. My very own is my Lavy. It has been four years and I love her. πŸ˜€

    Animal was Ammu, my dog 😦 It always makes me sad.

    You seem to be an eternal cat fan πŸ™‚

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