What Do We Know?

There has been no shortage of newspapers in the vampire world which were smuggled through the portal to the other realm. One of them had the attention of Dracula who decided to teleport himself to the land of the humans, where the Vampire Bat awaited his arrival. “What is it about this India Today Woman Summit and what is this thing about women wanting to be treated specially or equally? What is wrong with these humans and what is it that these people require?” Dracula wondered. A certain understanding was reached with five situations at five different places.

They first stopped at a village where a woman was looking to keep her second child after losing the first one to female foeticide forced upon her by the relatives of her husband. She had her own doubts about this one too, and had left the house. Dracula refused to believe such incidents happening during this modern age and wondered if they had used the time machine instead of the teleportation device, but the Vampire Bat assured him that it is the right device, and to make sure about the same, pressed the button again to instantly teleport them to another location.

transyl (1)

The device re-appeared at another location and it crashed into the garden of a house. They were quick to hide the machine and listened to the conversation going on inside home. While leaving, Dracula asked “Why should this girl stay with the idiot who is not worthy of marriage? Just because he is rich and has good looks, why should she tolerate this egoistic maniac? This is ridiculous”. “I would blame the parents in this case. They are always looking for the rich men from reputed families and not men with character. Some idiots think that a job with high salary and family reputation means everything” said the Vampire Bat.

The repaired device stopped at the top of an Airtel mobile tower. They looked around with their exaggerated visions to notice two separate incidents, one where a girl was stalked by three men, and another where four men were acquitted by the court nearby as the accusation on them for molestation was wrong. “This is rather confusing. Which one is real? One of them is an illusion, right?” asked Dracula. “Both are real. There are just good men and women and then there are the evil ones” replied the Vampire Bat. “It is just not that simple as it is in the vampire world. Humans are too unpredictable” he added.

“See that one on the left side!” the Vampire Bat screamed. Dracula turned around to see a man yelling about shortage of dowry. “That idiot! I don’t understand why the families get the women to marry these men who ask for money. There is no favour being done here, and marriage is not about saving the girl. They should say no to the men who ask dowry, no matter what he has to offer. This is not love, but an insult to women. It is a shame that they even give dowry for love marriages” said Dracula. “I have told you many times that these humans are strange. Even most of the good men don’t have the right to choose what to study and whom or when to marry” said the Vampire Bat.

transyl (2)

They rested under a tree behind a stage on which a lady was speaking about why all men are evil and how they should leave the women alone to achieve what they have always wanted. They remembered that the same lady had asked for more reservations for women in various fields along with some special treatment at another venue. She had also asked for hatred against men. “Who is she?” Dracula asked. “It is a human thing. They don’t really know what they want, but they find ways to hate each other every day. She is just a very good contributor in one particular field. The religion and caste based hate fields are more popular” the Vampire Bat replied.

“Forget them. Nobody has any idea. At least do you actually know what you want?” Dracula asked. “I don’t know it either. But I have understood that there will never be true equality unless everyone tries to achieve it, stopping the discrimination on the basis of not just sex, but also social status, caste, religion, community, money, race, language and everything else which divides the world including the extremities of nationalism” said the Vampire Bat. “I am delighted to know that you are thinking exactly the same way as I have been directing my thoughts” said Dracula as he disappeared into the shadows.

Iโ€™m blogging for the India Today Woman Summitย 2015 #WomenPower activity at BlogAdda.

***The images used in this blog post are from the Official Facebook Page of the movie, Hotel Transylvania.



9 thoughts on “What Do We Know?

  1. You know what somwtimes after reading such a post, I am confused whether I should be happy and smile and appreciate that you have written so well , you are able to express what we women have been going through or should I feel sad that you have revealed the truth which is common but just unsaid. We see all this happening around us, with us , in our own family, near us but we are quiet. Even after so much development our brain cells have not developed. We still follow things blindly without thinking anything. moreover I am confused that when we say we have not developed and we live in old times. BUt recently I visited Banglore Palace and in the audio tape it was mentioned that woman use to see the poceedings of court and use to interfere in all such matters. I am not sure what are we doing. Just hope that we may be able to get beget a world where in human emotions will be at top priority and we will leave all such bad practices , and LOVE will be there ….
    I remember 1 song of Kishore Da….
    Aa leke chaloo tujhe aise gagan ke tale, jahan gam bhi na ho , aasoon bhi na ho, bas oyar hi pyar pale…..

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    • Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ I love that song! I have been mostly unable to figure out what has been happening around; and nobody really knows the right way; even after so many years of revolutions, new teachings and all that – the only thing people can manage is to get angry at each other and abuse at Facebook. Everyone has opinions, but nothing that is balanced – It should be a problem with the brain cells as you said, that any of the two groups from gender to religion and caste cannot come up with a solution to a problem by discussion.
      What bothers me the most is that according to the society and some people, there are particular ways in which men and women are supposed to behave, but I have always felt that we should be individuals who should be different from each other and our way of life must be defined by what we really are and what we want.

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  2. I am so glad I read this post! Sorry to say, but I have been becoming increasingly disillusioned about this whole subject because more so than ever, IMO, men (in general, not all) are trying to thrash women and calling us names if we try to raise our voice. (Maybe I spend too much time on the internet, where I happen to see such things)
    I too believe that unless men and women work together, and not discriminate each other on the basis of anything that you have mentioned, we will never achieve it. That is, after all, why the UN championed the cause of He for She.
    Trust me, seeing all the anger and frustration, I’ve even cried (literally) wondering why are people being mean to each other. On to my oft repeated line – we have finite time, just LIVE in harmony, instead of finding reasons to hate!!!
    Thank you, for writing this.

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    • Thanks for this detailed comment ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, the He for She is more relevant than anything else, because most of the times, if men raise their voice for the women, they will be also called names by some people. There are people who can’t understand why there are occasions when He supports She.

      The internet abuse is so pathetic – the act of Sachin fans against Maria Sharapova was also more sexist than anything else. I have always felt that without He for She, there will only be hate, as it is the attitude of “individuals” and not groups that matters in the end. People are part of so many groups and there is just one individual. As you said, each person should be nice to the other, and not mean.

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      • I know! Whenever a man raises his voice, people almost always end up abusing him, calling him “gay” and what not. On one side we have them, on another, we have men who openly identify themselves as male feminists and champion the cause. I have so much respect for the latter, but sadly, the former is the majority ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
        I don’t know, man, the future is looking so bleak, or maybe I am just pessimistic. But, let’s all take little steps at a time, and be nicer to each other!

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      • I find the future to be bleak in many ways too – the more there are groups and the usual things are fed to them again and again, there will be no right individuals, people have to find the right things themselves and stand for the same instead of going with the indoctrination! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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