Story of a Purge

There is something about the new generation people. They are angry, not just plain angry, but so angry that they need to go serial killer on their own people, even their friends and relatives. In that case, what is the chance of the common man whom they witness on the streets? Beware, people; the angry young men can take you on, and be careful when dealing with these people. You don’t know what they are capable of with the anger and frustration which have been going through them.

Some time ago, I had read something about a group of young men abusing and beating up an older man just because they found his vehicle ahead of their “super” automobile. This can’t be considered much different from what the cricket fans have been doing to Maria Sharapova, and yet this is also a case of disrespect to the elders which is the result of “spare the rod and spoil the child”, and the parents also suffer from a child who is not rightly disciplined, and it is such a shame.

This is where the movie The Purge comes to the picture. The angry young men need to purge their emotions and earlier they had chosen Sharapova for the same. A higher option is surely the life of crime and this movie talks about the need for a bigger purge, which means that people won’t have to abuse someone at frequent intervals, like Keralites have been doing with Renjini Haridas, Sreesanth, Prithviraj Sukumaran and Aashiq Abu. It is a shame that it has become so difficult to control negative emotions, and the need for such a purge is rather disgusting.

The purgers caught on the security camera demanding their right to purge or abuse & kill (screenshot from the movie)

The purgers demanding their right to purge or abuse & kill (screenshot from the movie)

Coming back to the movie, it has a period of twelve hours every year set as the time for the purge in which every crime goes. All things become legal, and some people will have the resources to defend while the others will just have to become the victims. The number of purgers will be a lot more than expected, and even your best friends or relatives can kill you. It is a terrible situation, and all this hatred and abuse which is going on in the Facebook pages is actually a kind of purge, a harbinger of something worse.

The Purge has lots of elements which should terrorize people, with the absence of any feeling of remorse or regret among the purgers, the blood and gore, as well as the declaration that these criminals are good, educated youth. That should bring a question about the point of education as we have seen what kind of words a group of literate people use on Facebook, but that would be another story. Here, the purge is about the absence of a heart and a soul.

The Purge has a terrible thing at its centre. The idea of such a purge itself is horrifying, but in the end, this movie is a violent movie with a message against all kinds of violence and has a stance for equality and kindness among all. We all have the tendency towards violence and it can’t be ignored. But the problem is that people only care about violence happening towards their own, or those who are kind of like their own. Otherwise, these people seems to find it okay, and it is impossible for them to realize that it happens both ways.

Yes, the purgers are the educated youth, and literacy can't bring anything unless you choose (screenshot from the movie)

Yes, the purgers are the educated youth (screenshot from the movie)

The tendency for violence will only increase among the upcoming generation as they are introduced to the world of blood and gore at such an early age. They are not disciplined and live the way they want to. Therefore, it is natural to get abused just because some young person rams the car into yours and start abusing you even as it is clearly their fault. You can’t argue with them, as they don’t listen to the voice of reason, and the new tendency is to completely avoid the word of God.


26 thoughts on “Story of a Purge

    • Yes, in India, the Father of the Nation is the man who preached truth, peace & non-violence. I would think that the new generation here won’t care 😦


  1. Totally agree with your views, Teny.
    People behave so irrationally…
    Anger is a bad emotion. You are right that people on the street can turn violent with all the pent-up anger.
    I dealt with this in my latest post. Wish we had superpowers to control all this negativity,,,


    • I loved how you combined those two there, the situation and the contest 🙂
      People are forced to compete in this world, not to be good to others. Even those who pretend to be compassionate have lot of hatred for the other side, more than the love for a group. This is why they abuse, I would say 😦
      Thank you 🙂


    • Thanks for the comment 🙂
      True, I hope it changes, but I wouldn’t bet on something very soon. I have found it impossible to reason with them, especially when the anger level is too high.


  2. I totally agree. The level at which negativity is being expressed on social media and real world has become threatening. I remember the cricket world cup when on losing, Ranchites carried a funeral procession of M S Dhoni before his parents eyes. They also attacked his house in Ranchi. I don’t wana believe that they are the people I am always surrounded with. It scares me. :O


    • I have been added to a sports group on Facebook where Tendulkar fans and Dhoni fans are fighting against each other abusing the family members of the respective players. I would say that cricket shouldn’t be about hero worship, no team sport should be. The celebrity worship always has the other side – the hatred.
      Anger is the dominant emotion these days. The same can be said about the fans of the movie stars. Cricket is taken too seriously btw.


  3. Very well written. Great observation and very true. People are getting more angry at anything… They look for an opportunity to do something horrible and get away with it. That`s I hate the film “The Purge” for its reality… Unfortunately, it`s not future anymore… This is what happening right now… and we are not aware of it yet…


  4. That sounds scary. 12 hours of violence every year? Do you realize that 1 hour will be enough to destroy the Earth in the current scenario?

    We come back to this every now and then. The famed abuses! 😀 I left my office a year ago and until then, the guys made sure that they never used the extreme swear words in front of us. In a year’s time, that has changed too. I have been hearing some words way too often than before. My friends came home. There was no surprise when they involuntarily said the words and then smacked their mouth, looking shocked at us wondering if any of my family members heard. What do I say? Let them learn the hard way by letting the words slip out at crucial circumstances.

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