The Dumb and the Different

***This is an “anger post”, so please be careful while reading this. These types of posts are initiated as a result of watching movies with very high expectations and not getting the needed results. Such posts are rare, but right out the heart without second thoughts, and not suitable for people with the tolerance level of a brainless/braindead zombie always hoping to eat the brains of humans. If you are not such a zombie, please proceed and read. Otherwise, close this tab right now.

Vampire Owl: Is this post brought out of blessings from Werewolf Anger instead of Uncle Dracula?

Vampire Bat: Yes, after watching this movie, Uncle Dracula had to be admitted in the Northern Gothic Infirmary.

Vampire Owl: Oh! I didn’t know that. In that case, please continue! I shall now go and visit him.

I have watched many terrible movies in my life. Just a few days ago, I came across the movie Tamasha on the first day of its release, the first day itself. Even though I liked the idea to be conveyed in the movie, I couldn’t manage to like the movie even a bit just like the others in the theatre, out of which only about ten people could stay until the end of the flick. The movie’s idea, if presented well, could have made it one of the best Bollywood movies of the year, but unfortunately, that was not the case. What I am going to tell you will be easier for you to understand if you watches Malayalam movies. Otherwise, you can either try harder or attempt not to read this.

Another thing about which I wish to be perfectly clear about is that I am not going to accept the comments of the fan-boys and fan-girls here, and I will just talk about what I thought could have been better about this movie and why it needed to do different for me; not for you. I am sure that certain addicted Bollywood fans can make themselves like this one better, and same is the case of the fans of the leading actors. But from a neutral point of you, I will provide my opinion here. If you don’t like it, don’t be a dumb fan and start abuse – choose to be rational. I have waited for the weekend to end before writing this one because I wanted most of you to watch this movie and come to a conclusion. Here are the reasons.

1. Why always the same story?: Well, the first thing I expected here is a complete change of the story, but it wasn’t there. I don’t understand why Bollywood needs to keep bringing the romantic angle into everything. This is once again the guy and girl meeting, singing songs, having dumb fun, leaving to meet again as they wonder what they had/have/will have is love or something else. Romance is not inspiration; love stories are not motivational because the point of life is not new generation infatuation which is shows in this movie – it is good people around us who inspires us. This story is just a repetition and for some reason, it keeps coming at us again and again. Is it at least interesting? No.

mili (3)

Meanwhile, this movie has two leading star performers and there is no romance.

2. Not able to connect with the characters: The hero of this movie is like Nivin Pauly of Oru Vadakkan Selfie, the only difference is that the person here tries to study and finish his course while Umesh played by Nivin decides not to study the course which he didn’t liked and failed in it. But he was a realistic character and we could relate to so many things that he was shown doing. But the hero Ved played by Ranbir Kapoor is not a realistic character at all. The way of showing his whole life as a mechanical thing further reiterates the fact it is not real, but created – the situations are also unreal, made for the person and not for the story which fails.

3. Not at all believable or likable: Both main characters in the movie are not likable. Their attitude towards a man in France for not knowing English, lets us know that everyone should learn English or get lost; where is the chance to be different there? Then, the use of the ridiculous jokes spoil most of the time in France, and in the end, the meet up in Japan for no reason. The protagonist even refuses to keep the lift’s door open for an elder lady and acts like a psycho in front of his boss for no reason; he wants people not to ask “How are you?” because he doesn’t like it – so much for freedom. There is no reason for people to connect with this movie – yes, we are all different, but thankfully, there is nobody like these people here, and I will thank God about the world around me.

4. There are so many better inspirational movies: We had the highly inspirational Queen last year, and then there was How Old Are You? in Malayalam and 36 Vayadhinile as its version in Tamil. This year had three movies Mili, Rani Padmini and Su Su Sudhi Vathmeekam as the highly motivational flicks which worked with perfect does of inspiration. The good thing about these movies is that none of these have romance, and even with the comedy and the light-hearted feeling, these are serious about what they deal with, and they are about the lives of the common man, not someone who keeps traveling all around the world like the one percent because movie’s producer has extra money.

ranipadmini (1)

Like in Queen, two leading ladies can make it work; skip romance and foreign countries.

5. The unexpected burial of the idea: The death and burial of this idea to be ourselves and do what we love in favour of melodrama, makes sure that it never really touches the heart. I usually get attracted to these types of movies with messages, but this one shows us no middle path, and provides us with the opportunity to be a robot or someone who is fair to one’s family – can’t one be both? In this year’s three Malayalam movies, there were the characters Mili, Rani, Padmini and Sudheendran who could be both! A good number of real inspirational movies have given me the idea that if I respect and accept others along with being different, I won’t be a robot. I apologize for being too traditional for your taste, but that is what I am, and I shall not walk away from my values.

***The images used in this blog post are from the official Facebook Pages of these movies. I love movies with inspirational messages, others which make us think and those which provide some fun, but not those movies which fail in doing all of these. I suggest that you don’t advice me on this matter because I am very much angry and frustrated about spending a hundred rupees on this movie. This film has left me in depression. Along with that, for us who have watched Anarkali, Ennu Ninte Moideen and Premam, there is that fake romantic angle.


18 thoughts on “The Dumb and the Different

  1. Aha! So I finally get to read your thoughts!
    I actually agree with all of your points, the only difference is that I went into the movie expecting all of this. Imtiaz’s protagonists are always far from reality, so I was able to digest the eccentricities of Ved a lot better. The movie almost plays out like a Drama on stage where everything has to be accentuated to make a point. In the end I think what made the movie worthwhile for me are Ranbir, Deepika and AR Rahman. 🙂 (Is that too shallow of me? I dunno)

    And btw, I just realized that I have a lot of catching up to do on Malayalam cinema. Starting with Mili!

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    • I like how you managed to view the movie 🙂 I was expecting something else, hundred percent. You know, the movies I usually watch are like less drama and more realism – Malayalam cinema have had so many highly realistic movies which were appreciated like forever, and I am rooted in them. Unlike this, the attempt I have been seeing in inspirational movies is to make the main character connect more to the most number of people who really struggle 🙂
      I felt that a story around Deepika’s character would have been better. Ranbir’s character and the portrayal doesn’t work for me at all; I don’t believe that love is a way out, and neither is being unconventional all the time 🙂 The Don-Mona-play didn’t come close to being funny for me either; it was so irritating.
      Mili was a movie which gave me some instant connection to the protagonist; I know a lot of people like her, and some parts of her life reflected my own. She is also different from the others, but I felt that she is different because she happens to be different, and not for bringing something dramatic or funny into the movie. When she falls out of the infatuation that she has for a guy, that is her achievement and not falling in love or reclaiming romance. Then, there is the hero with whom the girl doesn’t have a romantic relationship with. I believe that movies like Tamasha should have stories of life only and not finding romance in foreign countries.How many people find that in real-life, I wonder – nobody that I know of. Maybe I wanted the story to be that of the auto-driver, or the story-teller’s child. But that won’t be Bollywood-ish, right? That guy won’t travel to exotic locations outside and will have no colorful romance. Yes, it is about giving the majority Bollywood fans what they want, and I have the most problem with that when it becomes part of a movie like this 🙂
      From what I read about this movie before the release, I felt that this is the movie that I should really watch, but it wasn’t to be, and this was nothing like what I expected, which is why I was more disappointed than ever. I liked Highway, and that had raised the expectations too.


  2. I have seen it last night, yes an usual concept and stuffs. I liked the screenplay, music and performance in the movie. Its perfect. There are many flaws in the story by itself as you have mentioned everything in detail. Very funny reading this post. As you said, Imtiaz has good reputation as a film maker, he should have done better.

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  3. Who would take the challenge to become a Zombie and not go through your post Teny 😉 Well, we are on the same page regarding Tamasha, though I didn’t watch the movie (thankfully), but what you’ve mentioned… I smelled it in it’s trailer. And I so much agree with Bollywood movies doing every aspect of life in & around a boy and a girl. That’s bullshit. I rather go watch Malayalam movies, but since not all of them reach till here, so I hop onto English ones. By the way I really liked “How old are you?”
    An informative post by Teny… 🙂

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    • I have always liked the inspirational movies as long as they came up with the right ingredients and live up-to the reputation; its just a matter of which one I liked more 🙂
      Yes, the boy, girl and romance becomes the base for Bollywood rather too much. I would prefer for the individual and his or her ideas to be the point which brings the change, or may be someone who is not a lover 🙂 This one was said to be the one which was to change that usual stuff, but this didn’t.
      How Old Are You? was a movie which began the new wave of inspirational movies centered on the common person, and the female protagonist, I would say – I liked it a lot, even though I liked the movies which followed even better 🙂
      Thanks 🙂


  4. I came here to read the rant 😛 You should’ve mentioned the movie’s name in the title, would’ve kept the the abusive fans at bay. It’s a good thing I don’t watch Hindi movies (or movies in general!), otherwise I like the lead pair (I like them, but not a blind fan who would watch their movies JUST to watch them) and the promos looked “exotically located” so was thinking if I start watching movies again, maybe… But after reading your rant, now maybe not 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mentioning the name in the title would have been dangerous with the fans attacking the post without even reading this 😀
      You should have the right movie to start visiting theatres again, and it might not be this one 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hahaha
        Yeah, exactly! That’s why I stopped. At one point I used to watch so many movies (not as many as you, but still) Even then, Hindi was at a minimum. They’re worth downloading, not spending in a theatre 😛

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