Safety is a Priority

On the road safety should be a priority. The number of road accidents don’t seem to come down by much, and neither does the deaths by the same. If you open the newspaper early morning, this is what you get first. Yes, there are news about other kinds of deaths, murders, robbery and everything else, but this is more of a case that you can avoid as long as everyone can find safety as a priority, and not some other random things like reaching a place early or driving fast and in a stylish manner with almost no reason. *Except for the first photo on the road which was taken on my Sony Cybershot DSC W310, the rest are from Nissan Safety Driving Forum (NSDF) website.

1. Let there be no pothole: Even as this is completely in the hands of the government, it is up-to us motorists to raise our voice for getting the roads repaired. Yes, it is injurious to the suspension of the vehicles, but the bigger problem is when people suddenly breaks or turns the vehicles causing accidents – there are even cases of people falling into some of the deeper ones and losing control of the two-wheelers, sometimes even causing deaths. There is more than one kind of terror that these potholes can come up with, and repairing the roads shouldn’t take long. There are too many bad roads around, and each pothole is a possible death-bringer, especially during the rainy season. We have such problems even on the state and national highways – not fair at all.


2. Know no traffic signal breaks: We see this too often, and the cars which do this often are the big ones, and the same is the case of those huge trucks or buses and often the auto rickshaws. Sometimes, it won’t be that easy following the signals, as they could work in a strange manner, and there might be occasions when they just stop working or when the police tries to help, it doesn’t work well. But our duty is to obey the signal, and at the same time look for the movement from other vehicles. Yes, a few adjustment would be needed here as there is a difference in the concept of “yellow” for many people. So always look for any vehicle passing through before obeying the traffic lights. Some of those who breaks the traffic signals even have number plates which are hard to read – how can someone allow such a thing?

3. Realize your speed limit: Even if someone has bought a costly car with a top speed beyond comprehension, he should also be paying the fine for breaking the speed limit, may be a bigger fine for the bigger cars – small fines rarely make an impact due to having a big purse. What we should do on these occasions is to try not to race with the maniacs who can’t decrease their speed. Let’s keep within the speed limits because a rule is a rule, and it is a fair thing to do. Along with the same, use helmets and seat belts – yes, we may be driving slow and causing no trouble to others, but there will always be those maniacs who drive fast and without any responsibility. Let’s save ourselves and not fall into the death-trap for the fault of someone else. After all, it seems like a group of drivers who don’t care at all, and it is up-to us to bring a change here. Let’s also hope for more “hidden” cameras to catch these people.

4. Respect the rest of your kind: There is nothing like giving chance for the rest of the humanity, including the motorist and the pedestrian a chance to pass. We are not the only busy people out on the streets, an everyone needs a fair chance. It might not be easy to let someone pass through and take a turn when some random stranger is honking from the back, but lets give that person a chance. To add to it, the road doesn’t belong to anyone in particular, and so keep left and stay off the side of the path. It is only by respect towards the rest of the people on the road that once can claim to be a good driver – not by driving fast, scaring others or by showing circus on the bike. It is not about having a costly vehicle and making some ridiculous sound either – give respect and take respect, as for a good number of people, vehicles are for transportation and not to show off.

5. Discover the indicator: Some people still don’t know where this button is. It comes under the steering, for some cars on the right and for the other, on the left. It also seems to take too much strength to do the same, that a lot of people just turns without prior warning, especially the auto rickshaws, buses and trucks. I have often wondered where their indicators are? Do they usually come out of the showroom without that facility? Everybody needs an indicator, and let’s hope that someone will tell these people about the same. Meanwhile, lets make sure that each and everyone of use indicators whenever there is a need, and after taking a turn, we need to be sure that it is turned off – we don’t want to create another nuisance on the road by having a tendency to turn in a direction almost every second.

6. Find a way to dim the lights: This is a necessity, especially as the road is no private property. There is roughly around fifty percent of the night drivers who dim their lights. It is all about what they can see, and the rest needs to adjust. They don’t realize that the other person also has the need to see the road. Even when we brighten and dim our lights, some people don’t seem to care. I would guess that it is because night driving is not taught in driving schools. Those who wish to get a licence are taught only how to take the “H” in the case of four-wheelers and “8” for two-wheelers. Even the driving time on the roads happen during the daytime and nobody knows that what to do with the bright and dim feature. The system of giving driving licence surely needs a change.

7. The things that are never to do: The first thing to follow is never to drink and drive. Any doubt about the same is just plain ridiculous. There are so many of such incidents that we know from the newspapers. The second thing is not to use the mobile phones while driving. I don’t know why too many people do this in broad daylight when other people are watching. It is clear that doing so is not safe. But it seems that some people value that more than human lives. When there is a phone ringing, stop the vehicle and talk or call back later. There is the need for bigger fines for these two categories. Another thing – never keep changing lanes; it could be solved by developing a certain amount of common sense, I guess. But it is becoming more and more rare these days – not common. Let’s try to do what is in our power and hope for better results.

This blog post is written in relation to Nissan Safety Driving Forum’s nationwide safety campaign with the concept of “Safety begins with me”. It says that saftety and etiquette are not to be taken lightly as it is the responsibility of each and every driver and not a selected few. There is a duty that we have to our fellow motorists as well as the pedestrians who consists more of the common man. For more details, please check and make sure you drive safe.

The Nissan Motor’s Nissan Safety Driving Forum (NSDF) is part of its safety driving promotion activities, having the beginning in 2012. Starting with three main Indian cities – Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai – it has gone on to touch other cities. This year, NSDF has new cities to go – Chandigarh, Jalandhar, Jaipur, Vadodara, Nagpur, Chennai, Mangalore and Cochin with a reach to about two lakh citizens. NSDF has also seen an impressive 126% growth in the sensitisation of wearing seatbelts. It also conducts simulated car crash to understand safety. Nissan’s NSDF continues to try to build awareness of safe driving in India as it encourages drivers and passengers to wear seatbelts through interactive programmes. Nissan’s aim is to decrease fatalities and injuries caused by traffic accidents, and it considers the same a commitment to the customers in India.


You are Indeed the One

There is something empowering about our traffic, as it grants us the superpowers or at least makes us the shadows of superheroes; this is something that happens almost every time we go out to face the dangerous warlords who drive on the streets. Some of them truly believe that the road belongs to their fathers and the rest of them just come with a claim for the same. We need superpowers to make sure that we survive and we need to be “the one”. Here are a few examples.

The Vipers that Spit: This happens when you ride your two-wheeler too close to a bus, as there will be vipers inside the four-wheeled monster which are always trying to spit the venom out so as to prove their worth to the Legion of the Vipers, and at the same time, get rid of the excess venom that is stored in their hearts. At that moment, we have to bring out the Neo in us, evading the bullets which are these shots of venom. Lets make Keanu Reeves proud with this ability. Trust me, there are so many types of spit, and you don’t need to even come close to some of them.

The Reckless Hydra: The private buses of this part of the world are the Lernaean Hydra and their siblings, as they are part of a never-ending group of heads which has one coming up at the place of the other. We see one bus doing the dangerous driving and as we hope that we can finally breath, there is another one following us, and this is a procedure which never ends. To get rid of the monster, we need to be Hercules, extremely agile and strong, thus taking our vehicle away from the monster and hope that another one doesn’t come in.

Hercules on a battle with Hydra (Pic from wiki)

Hercules on a battle with Hydra (Pic from wiki)

New Generation Manticore: Then there are the new generation kids, thinking that their motor-bikes are bullet trains and going through small gaps between the vehicles at high speeds without helmets. These are the Manticores whose tails are incredibly venomous as they are injurious to everything around them, always causing accidents which usually leads to injuries or even death to the others as well as themselves. To save yourself here, you need to see the future like Alice Cullen, as they are unpredictable and extremely dangerous.

Manticore in all its glory (Pic from Warhammer Online Wikia)

Manticore in all its glory (Pic from Warhammer Online Wikia)

Three-legged Nemean Lion: We are not that big as the buses, but are still the kings of this concrete forest, says the auto rickshaws as they moves around changing lanes as they please, and turning without using the indicators. But can we blame them? May be they are yet to invent the indicators. May be lions don’t need indicators. They also have such powerful fur that anything we say will have absolutely no effect on them, as they are to do the same thing again and again. Here, you need to Jean Grey and read their minds so as to avoid accidents.

Hercules against Nemean Lion (Pic from wiki)

Hercules against Nemean Lion (Pic from wiki)

Collossus of Roads: We just can’t ignore the most powerful villains on the road, the tipper trucks who are unproclaimed rulers of the roads. Despite their huge size, they are incredibly agile and tries to be even faster than they can. Appearing our of nowhere, it is not easy to be safe from them as they are responsible for too many accident. As it is created from powerful and indestructible material, the only escape is to borrow the speed power from Flash and give a passage for them as soon as possible – any direct contact would be highly injurious to the health of any vehicle.

The Careless Gorgon: They are the bigger cars, those which can afford to drive carelessly as they are fast, huge and costly – with their sharp fangs and the hair made of venomous snakes, they rain upon the common in high speeds and often with a rich new generation kid on the driving seat. Among the cars which chooses not to stop at a red signal, there is rarely a small car involved. Why? Because bigger cars are the gorgons and with Medusa dead, they are immortals. The route to escape is the x-ray vision which has to be taken from Superman, and identify them from a distance, making sure that they are gone for our own safety.

*This is not applicable to everyone in the respective categories; just taken on the basis of those repeated incidents that happen. The people responsible for such evil situations are prone to change according to the circumstances.