Mornings Right Out of Gold

Each morning brings another opportunity to live and another chance to make a difference, right in front of us. The time after getting enough sleep makes it a good morning, and in my case, I have a lot of time to sleep, and that makes sure that the morning is better. But we are not to be satisfied with just a few good mornings, as we need the better option – the gold mornings. The desire is to wake up to a better day every time, and as each day passes, we await the best of the beginnings, the gold mornings.

A gold day begins with a prayer, with being thankful about being alive, and as it is another chance for us to be useful. As another lovely breakfast awaits us, there is something that comes in between the sleep and the food. There is the time to find the tooth brush and let it save our world. It is not really an interesting adventure at the dental clinic with cavities in teeth being filled and the possibility of a root-canal treatment hanging over the head. It is a finish that we don’t want for our teeth.

Well, if you like the dentist so much, you should rather see him or her somewhere else, and not at the clinic. There are not many things more irritating than having multiple teeth which keeps giving you more and more trouble, and you have to keep visiting the dentist frequently. It is a situation which you will surely want to avoid to make sure that the morning is a gold one, and you will wish to make sure that the day will only get better with all the food that you have.


A better morning, the one made of gold comes out of better dental health. There is heavy significance in making sure that the teeth works fine; I am someone who has cavities on more than fifty percent of my teeth, and so I know that well. There are also two root-canaled teeth also existing inside my mouth. I have visited the dentist so much that I am sure that he wnted to ask me if I don’t have any other job. This is where Colgate 360 Charcoal Gold toothbrush comes into the picture.

The colour of the brush is indeed gold, and this brush is quite an effective on as we begin the day with making an attempt to save our teeth, keeping it alive at least for this day, making it a gold one. The bristles are thin and soft – I remember using a tooth brush which had those kind of bristles which left me not able to speak well for more than a week, ruining that many number of days. But the Colgate 360 Charcoal Gold toothbrush becomes a fine choice here, as I already use the earlier Colgate Slimsoft Charcoal toothbrushes.

As the slim bristles reach the insides of the teeth easier, the brushing is smoother than ever. The black bristles in the middle are supposed to be charcoal infused. They provide the #Colgate360GoldMornings and it is the healthy as well as the refreshing addition to a good morning. Yes, those days of being lazy and not brushing your teeth in the morning will be over soon. If you value your teeth, this will actually come easier to you, no matter, how much you wish to get to the food right from bed.


So, are you going to try to have your own #Colgate360GoldMornings? Lets make each and every morning the beginning to a lovely day with an option like Colgate 360 Charcoal Gold toothbrush. Having good teeth without cavities is something that we can cherish forever. I have only a few of such perfect teeth left, and I hope to make it count in making my day better. Well, Colgate 360 Charcoal Gold toothbrush is a warrior and it goes through to claim the golden morning for you in the form of #Colgate360GoldMornings!

***The photos of the tooth brush and the advertisement were taken by me only.



The Legend of Root Canal

It was in the year 2007 that I first heard about the great legend of root canal in detail. But it was already known from a time when the Vampire Team was actually having Pappaya Shake and Grape Juice in honour of Uncle Dracula’s birthday when a few mortals were talking about the same. The vampires had believed in immortality of fangs, but nothing about the same was said in the great vampire books. Fangs were never supposed to live forever and even immortals needed dentists to save the day.

Well, I might have heard something about it on a lot more occasions, but never really cared much. The realization that I need understand more about this legend came on the day before an exam. There is something between me and the exams, as the day before the written test always provided me something negative; may be we were never supposed to be together in a hall with question papers. The day before the examination is usually the day of big evil. It is an unpredictable day on which anything can happen, even if there is a harthal in store for the next day.

Darkness spreads. But how fast can that happen?

Evil has its way in darkness, but the first nemesis of my teeth was Chakka Varuthathu.

Evil comes in many forms, and it always finds a way, no matter what the environment is about. That time, the culprit was what we call Chakka Varuthathu, officially worthy of being called Fried Jackfruit Chips – it was one of our usual snacks with Banana Chips, Tapioca Chips and Potato Chips, used while watching strange movies, cheering for a team in cricket or football and even when watching cricket. But it was never known before that such things could break a piece of teeth into two like a solid hammer on a rock, but it was about this that you are going to read about.

I had one nice bite of the chips while reading a book, and the result was surely not awesome for me, but it assured me that dentist will get another opportunity to show his skills, and provide me with a taste of the legend about what the root canal therapy or what they officially called endodontic therapy, proving it to be true and worthy. A significant part of my last molar on the left lower level had fallen off with the filling which has been serving it for quite a long time. It meant that the legend had to proven true.

Eight years have passed after that significant incident which saw the legend becoming true and myself choosing a steel coloured crown because I wanted to see it as a crown and not as another teeth. It needed to have something special because it lacked what the usual teeth had. It is my gift to that special teeth which is no more the teeth it used to be, as the soul has departed. I made that choice and it has stayed strong until now, and this time it was the upper molar, second one from the left which was going to suffer the same fate.

Well, these were the ones which finished the good times!

It is really bad to have anything too cold or hot these times, right? 😦

It was just another day, and it was the Guava which did the trick this time with its evil seeds infiltrating that one teeth and taking a part of it when retreating; some popcorn during a movie later contributed more, and then the later filling could also stay alive for just a few days only. The legend had to return again to save the day, and root canal was adviced even though a crown without a root canal might still be possible; but I was like, why take the risk when the condition of the tooth looks as if coffin is a nice choice.

So, I took the opportunity to unleash the legend on my teeth and now it is ready for the crown. This crown which is to become the armour of my teeth will save it against all signs of death and destruction. Yes, Lady Death can take me, but not my teeth, at least not as a whole. I will defend this well, as long as there are dental clinics and dentists in this world which provides so much of sweets and tough food to destroy my teeth. I should be friends with more dentists, and I am hoping to send a few more friend requests.

***The images used in this blog post were taken by me on my Asus Zenfone 5.