Your Cabin in the Woods

Horror is forever; just like the vampires. There are only a few full horror movies which can claim to have 91% approval rating at Rotten Tomatoes, and in the last three movies, no entertaining horror movie has managed to gain that. Do mark that I don’t consider the overrated flick, The Babadook as entertaining – I am still to figure out what brought the better ratings for that one, and I will write about it when I do find out the truth behind the same. Even The Conjuring did fall short, and so it is a great achievement that one movie has made among the usual ones.

The name of this movie can be guessed from the title itself – it is The Cabin in the Woods which did excellent with the critics and good at the box-office, but still remains a rather unknown title in South Asia. Well, it never really released here, and may be it could have got a theatre after the release of The Conjuring, after which all those horror movies started releasing one after the other, none really making the same impact with the audience. The Cabin in the Woods just came a little early, and the big horror fan teams were not active at that time.

cabinwoods (1)

The Cabin in the Woods is not just horror, as it is also a slasher. Another thing that it manages to be is to become a satire on the movies which can be classified more into the category of torture porn than anything else. It can also be considered as a horror comedy which makes fun of the use of violence, nudity, torture and sadism in those movies which uses them for no reason instead of integrating them or working them as necessary part of the flicks. The Cabin in the Woods doesn’t add them as stupid fun, but uses them effectively to mock a few other flicks which have brought the genre down.

There are horror movies which have used all the elements in the right manner, and while making use of those which never did along with becoming the satire, The Cabin in the Woods actually becomes that horror movie which is never to be missed. It also knows where to use the elements and when to stop. Even its bloodiest moments are controlled, and never going beyond a certain limit. The dumb movies like Kingsman: The Secret Service which tried some of the similar things and miserably failed becoming the true nonsense, which was strangely appreciated, can actually learn from this movie.

cabinwoods (2)

Kingsman: The Secret Service was a bloody stereotype which should have been blown right out of the theatre, as it is kilometres away from being funny or interesting. It couldn’t go on to become a satire and glorified all the possible stupidity. Meanwhile, The Cabin in the Woods manages to become every good thing that this year’s spy movie couldn’t. The people without the ability to think differently will still consider this one as just another horror movie. It should happen with a lot of people, and so a warning has to be issued related to the same.

This movie uses the idea of the “deserted cabin” which has been successfully used in many other horror movies. The movies which used it successfully include the Evil Dead franchise, and Cabin Fever has it in the name itself; I Spit on Your Grave and Wrong Turn had their own cabins, and here, we use the perfect example of the same, and at the same time making fun of the whole setting. This one has college students at an abandoned cabin, and a number of horror cliches are unleashed on them leaving them with no option but to fight them off watched by unknown people.

Dana Polk (Kristen Connolly), Holden McCrea (Jesse Williams), Marty Mikalski (Fran Kranz), Jules Louden (Anna Hutchison), and Curt Vaughan (Chris Hemsworth) are the five people left for the fate this time. The performances are really good, and they themselves make fun of the stereotypes used in horror movies. There is also a final twist in the end, and the movie itself becomes a reflection of how horror movies are made, or a thought about what would happen if reality shows were made based on horror rather than the repeated things that are shown on television. This is fun, and it works on brilliant idea, that of more than one existence – as a horror, comedy, satire, slasher, thriller and also that of a separate existence in the mind of a horror lover and inside a possible reality show.

***The images used in this blog post are from the Official Facebook Page of The Cabin in the Woods.


Making Life Better

I have been just sitting at home, locked inside my room and staring at the wall, the first one which is painted in maroon, and I had some idea about how to make life better. Thinking about it in a normal way won’t help it though, as I have a better chance to get a job as a pirate in the Arabian Sea or an Anaconda seller rather than here. Well, thanks to the days of reading books and watching movies, there are other options, a lot of them. I hope that I can be useful to at least a few people.

1. Apply for Hannibal’s liver eating campaign: Hannibal Lecter is the reason why we are not really defeated. He has left us the option to be of use. There is something about that one character. The TV series was good and the movie had received many accolades. So, lets consider this donation a tribute to the movie and the character immortalized by Anthony Hopkins winning the Academy Award for the main categories. This should be fixed for the extremities of hopelessness; the purpose of our lives is to useful to the society or at least someone – lets hope that all of us can do something worthy, or in the end, there is Hannibal Lecter.

betterlife (1)

2. Donate blood for Countess Dracula’s activities: Elizabeth B├íthory should find it really difficult to maintain her youth without enough blood. I don’t really fit into her needed categories, but as it might be very difficult for her to find the best these days, I hope that she would adjust with what she gets. She should have just given an advertisement on the newspapers, because we have seen much terrible ones already – at least her desire is for a cause. I really hope that she still got the castle; otherwise it won’t be that interesting. She can have the bloof anyway.

3. Explore the Bermuda Triangle: If a place is also known as the Devil’s Triangle, it is one’s duty to explore and prove that it is not, even if it is really so. Even though people might want to relate it mostly to fiction, I would hope that it is not so during my visit. I am planning to discover a portal to another dimension of the demons, a secret entrance to the world of ruthless mermans or quick travel machine to another planet left there by the aliens. I am hoping to prove to be more useful to any species as of now. Demons and aliens will like me better, I believe.

4. Be the sacrifice at The Cabin in the Woods: This is actually for a very noble cause. If you have watched the movie which might be the most highly rated horror movie for a long time, you will know. This sacrifice is needed to save humanity, and even though the end of humans is better for nature as a whole, I have nothing to do and so got to be at least the sacrifice. Well, humanity might not be worth saving, but that movie surely was. So, this is more with respect towards the film than anything else. If you want to watch the sacrifice live, please leave an application for spectator mode.

betterlife (2)

5. Volunteer for the House of Wax programme: The movie is nice and so is the idea. There is surely something interesting at work here, and it is up-to us to contribute to the work of art. Creativity has to be promoted in each case, and we have that skill on display here which goes unnoticed. The horror just comes as a bonus. If interested in being part of the programme, do watch House of Wax movie and plan the future. There is actually more than one movie with this idea. Wax statues are mostly better than humans, and so it is an interesting choice to have a House of Wax at home if possible.

6. Replace the Sleeping Beauty: Among all those fairy-tale heroines, Sleeping Beauty had the easiest thing to do. Along with being a princess, she just had to get that curse working with one single activity and go to sleep. I have been following the sleepy idea for a long time, but with an alarm. If situation continues to be the same with no opportunity and all reservations, may be the number of sleeping beauties will increase and all the princes will also be sleeping. As the sleep activity comes naturally to me, I am expecting this to be a frequent thing.

***The images used in this blog are from the Official Facebook Pages of Hannibal TV series and The Cabin in the Woods movie.