2016: The Second Quarter

I had earlier written about the movies coming up during the first three months of 2016, an year which provides so much for the fans and admirers of the cinema. Now, there is the second group of three months of the year, and it is actually huge, and maybe even bigger than what is there in the first three months. There is something for all types of audience, and here are the movies which I am waiting during the second quarter of 2016. Lets hope that these movies release according to the dates and also have faith that we don’t have to wait too long. There is no particular order which is followed here with the list, and you can choose them according to your own preferences.

Warcraft: Even though there is no particular order for the movies which I love, this one is still the movie which I am looking forward to watch more than any other. This is because I waited so long for this movie to release. Warcraft is one of the first strategy games which I have played, and undoubtedly the first strategy game which I loved and played for many hours. So a movie based on this game was always going to be a big thing for me, and should be the same for the large number of gamers all around the world. While Warcraft: Orcs and Humans started it, Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness was the big game which I loved a lot. Then there was the majestic thing, Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos which made me completely into it. Lets see what happens when humans and orcs collide in the movie version; and worlds come together!


Captain America: Civil War: This is more like an Avengers movie, with most of the big names present there, but I would guess that this is named Captain America because this follows the incidents of Captain America: Winter Soldier, and the situation has more to do with the Captain rather than anyone else; for it is personal for him. This one will have two teams, one lead by Captain America, joined by Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, Ant-Man, Falcon, Agent 13 and the Winter Soldier, and another lead by Iron Man, joined by the War Machine, Black Widow, Vision and the Black Panther, with Spider-Man also there in the movie. With evil already existing, lets see what these fights bring, and who the real villain is. There will be high voltage action sequences, and we know what Avengers can do.

X-Men: Apocalypse: This one which comes as the sequel to Days of Future Past and becomes the ninth installment in the X-Men film series. Directed by the man who brought us the best X-Men movies in the franchise, this flick shall bring the first and most powerful mutant from the past, Apocalypse – this creature who was once worshipped as a god, will awaken and decide to purify the world which he finds as a miserable one. He will come up with his own horsemen of the apocalypse, and will go on war, with only Charles Xavier and his fellow mutants will stand against him, preventing the destruction of humanity. Nightcrawler will make a return here, and the presence of interesting mutants like Psylocke, Jubilee and Archangel will surely make things better; this one is of epic proportions. Wolverine will still be missed.


The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist, Now You See Me 2, Rings and Amityville: The Awakening: Two of the highly anticipated sequels release on the same day of 2016 – June 10th. The Conjuring was one of the best horror movies of the century, and its prequel Annabelle didn’t click that well. With Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga reprising their roles as the paranormal investigators, this one should bring the glory to horror genre. One thing about the sequel to Now You See Me which releases on the same day is that it has Daniel Radcliffe on what seems to be his return to magic after school 😛 We will miss Isla Fisher, but Lizzy Caplan will be there as the final horseman. Rings, after the delay, will finally release on April Fool Day to bring us the horror 😀 Amityville: The Awakening will take whatever remains of horror as the fourteenth installment in the Amityville series.

Independence Day: Resurgence, Alice Through the Looking Glass and The Huntsman: Winter’s War: It has been twenty years since Will Smith and his people saved Earth from an alien invasion, and it is correct for both the invasion as well as the movie release year. But the aliens are not finished, and they will be back for vengeance in the name of their fallen comrades and the other creatures who are left on Earth. This one should surely be bigger fun, with newcomers added to the cast and some of the older cast returning. Meanwhile, Alice also returns to bring us the entertainment through the wonderland. The team of Mia Wasikowska, Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Hathaway and others returns with the sequel to that visual splendour which reminded us of our childhood. The Huntsman: Winter’s War will bring something a lot better than Snow White and the Huntsman because it doesn’t have Kristen Stewart, and instead still has Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth along with Emily Blunt and Jessica Chastain.


Finding Dory, The Jungle Book and The Angry Birds Movie: It took so many years after Finding Nemo, but we finally have the sequel – this time, we will be finding Dory instead, as she will be uniting with her family. Well, we have wondered what took them so long as many other animated movies have released in between and came up with other movies to add to the franchise. Kung Fu Panda and Despicable Me will surely agree to that. The animated adventures will also have The Jungle Book, which is another case of nostalgia for us. A return to the childhood becomes possible again with this movie; I am sure that a lot of people would agree. With its release once postponed, I hope it releases on the exact date this time. I am kind of doubtful about The Angry Birds Movie, but I still wish to watch it and know the secret of that game which we have been playing on Android 😛

***The images used in this blog post are from the Official Facebook Pages of the movies mentioned in the post (Warcraft, X-Men: Apocalypse and Alice Through the Looking Glass).



We are Still Waiting

As we await the release of movies like Spectre, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, The Peanuts Movie, Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension and The Martian, my wait for a few of the other movies continue. The fact remains that I don’t expect at least half of the movies in this list to release here, or find enough screens here. But there is no limit to waiting, and we will watch some of them at Star Movies or HBO if the theatres don’t shower enough blessings to the lesser known ones. The need for the same actually begins with Guillermo del Toro’s Crimson Peak for me.

1. Crimson Peak: My most awaited movie of the year, Guillermo del Toro’s new adventure which is to be combination of many things, continues to make me wait. With Tom Hiddleston and Mia Wasikowska around, we know that there is the best possible cast for such a Gothic environment of mystery and horror. The trailer was really interesting and it promises a different kind of Gothic horror, the kind which we have dreamt about a lot – I believe that a lot of literature students would have wanted true Gothic horror, and may be this one will deliver the best of them all on the big screen. After all, we know what Guillermo del Toro is capable of.

2. Sinister 2, Maggie and Dark Places: This sequel to Sinister was expected to be another big horror movie of this year, but it never really impressed the critics and haven’t released here yet either. Another horror movie, Dark Places also seems to have faced the same fate. Arnold Schwarzenegger starrer Maggie is the third movie to face that fate, but with better critical reception which stands as mixed. These three movies make the three horror flicks which never came here despite promising to be there through the multiplexes – I would guess that they did release at some other cities of India, or may be they will come here much later with another release date?


3. Rings: The star power of Arnold Schwarzenegger couldn’t bring Maggie here and the name Charlize Theron couldn’t bring Dark Places to our theatres yet. So the question would remain about this movie releasing here even though the name has its own power. Insidious: Chapter 3 made much less impact here just like Insidious: Chapter 2 and lets hope that this third film in the Hollywood horror based on the Japanese horror flick Ringu, and the third after The Ring and The Ring Two can create enough impact in the United States to release here. It is surely not good times for horror. But Crimson Peak can change that before the release of this one, but that would still depend on many factors.

4. The Last Witch Hunter and Victor Frankenstein: While the Keanu Reeves starrer Knock Knock should be an interesting watch, it might not get a chance to release here, but for these two movies, there is chance for big collection here. The Last Witch Hunter has Vin Diesel as the immortal witch hunter looking forward to save the world with the help of another witch, played by Rose Leslie – she was there in Game of Thrones for so less time, and needs to be there for us on the big screen. The latter, which is another adaptation of the classic horror story with James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe leading the way. Both can use the star power to get to victory with ease.

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5. Hotel Transylvania 2 and The Good Dinosaur: The good monsters lead by the vampires return here to bring the fun back. This year had animated movies having big box-office collections, even with Minions which was not considered that good as Despicable Me and its sequel, there is a big chance for this movie. The first one never released here, and I hope that the second one do because this is good time for that. It was rather too predictable too, and lets see what the second movie brings with Dracula’s father being a character too. Meanwhile, The Good Dinosaur is expected to be simpler and to appeal more to the kids. But it should also be fun anyway.

6. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 and Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials: With The Hobbit finished and out of the way, one franchise looks to finish well like The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies and another one looks to do the second job. Both of them are surely to attract enough of the audience. The would expect the second part of the book’s third part to do better than its predecessor, and the second movie of the other franchise also to do better than the first. Both are sure to have some very nice moments which can leave some lasting impression on the audience. The combination of science-fiction, dystopia and adventure can never really fail to work completely.

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***The images used in this blog post are from the Official Facebook Pages of the movies mentioned here.


The Upcoming Horror

With The Woman in Black: Angel of Death failing to make an impact and The Lazarus Effect along with its companion negative reviews never really making it to the theatres here, we haven’t had the best of horror for sometime. With even Annabelle not living up-to its predecessor last year, people might think that horror has suddenly lost the charm it had gained with the movies like Insidious, Sinister and The Conjuring, but no – horror will live on, for there are four big movies coming this year to make sure that horror stays alive, and I am also mentioning a few others in the end. But don’t forget that the next big movie is not horror, but action – Mad Max: Fury Road and there are Jurassic World and Terminator Genisys to follow.

1. Crimson Peak: Guillermo del Toro’s new adventure won’t just be horror, because it will be a combination of many things with horror having the most significant role to play. The trailer begins with the words “Ghosts and real; this much I know”, and then we are taken into a Gothic world which resembles those which we have read about in Wuthering Heights and Northanger Abbey rather than what we have been encountering with the usual ghost tales of this century. The team of horror consists of Tom Hiddleston or the Loki of The Avengers/Thor and Mia Wasikowska of Stoker/Alice in Wonderland. Here is the certainty of performance when these two are together – if this comes anywhere close to the mysterious quality of the trailer, there will be masterpiece waiting for us.

2. Sinister 2: Three years ago, Sinister wanted us to take it seriously and we did, as the demon there gave us no choice. This year, it will once again try to take over innocence and bring out brutal evil. Sinister will not be just the horror right out of evil, for it has the potential to be pure evil, and there is scope to make its idea even better. There are many kinds of horror, and Sinister 2 have all the potential to be better than all of them. Let’s hope that it makes the best use of its resources. There is the need to know more about the origins of the demon, and about the sould that he take. I watched this one along with Insidious some years ago, and I guess that this year will have these two contributing to the big horror year.

3. Insidious: Chapter 3: Lead by Stefanie Scott, the supernatural returns to scare us in the third movie of a franchise which couldn’t improve much on its very first movie. Well, the theme music surely has managed to gain my attention, and it replaces the “Let it Go” song from Frozen which should be a relief to many around me. The movie actually goes back to explore this horror, and hopes to make use of the horror’s origin powers to make a better impact than the second movie for sure. I do believe that the third episode can surely do better than its predecessor, and can go on to become the first big horror of the year depending on how Poltergeist performs and when it comes to India.

4. Poltergeist: Here is the first horror movie which plans to attack you, and it will precede the monsoons, having a go at you in 3D. I have always wondered why the Hollywood horror movies never came here in 3D, except for the dumb horror – may be some of them did in some other parts of India? Poltergeist gets to make amends for the weakness of horror movies this year as it will come to the theatres here too as it seems. The next season or the bigger season of horror will begin with this movie, as it hopes to take over the fear. From the producers of Evil Dead and The Grudge, comes the first big horror title of the year, sorry The Woman in Black: Angel of Death. It is certainly not good when the spirits know what scares you the most. Feel free to ask the Vampire Bat.

Among the rest of the horror movies, the one big name should be RINGS. It comes as the third movie in the American made trilogy based on the Japanese works after The Ring and The Ring Two. It comes to us on November 13, 2015, having Guillermo del Toro’s name associated with it too. You might have missed The Ring for too long and here is the movie to say you from the long waiting. Yes, it comes in 3D too, as it seems. THE DISAPPOINTMENTS ROOM with Kate Beckinsale in the lead will be another movie to look out for, with some extra psychological stuff added. Even though less is known about this movie, we can be afraid of the attic after watching this one. It arrives on September 25.

On the same day, BEFORE I WAKE also tries to make an impact, with a special orphan child at the centre of everything – no, this is no sequel to the 2009 movie Orphan, and this will have the supernatural elements. But as two horror movies might never hit our theatres here together, we will surely have to choose between the two or wait for one of them for an eternity. Another movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Abigail Breslin is also there, but this movie titled MAGGIE which has received good opinions won’t make it to our theatres because it is an independent horror film. It is supposed to release in the United States this weekend, so lets keep the hopes somewhat alive for some random supernatural reason.