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Nostalgia goes back by many years, but before reaching the beginning, there is another stage which can be directly related to the Malayalam movies. It is to this stage that one particular actor and his movies are related. The situation goes back to 1997 when his first movie was released, even though I watched the flick only later. His birthday was yesterday, and as usual, I realized that it was another birthday one day later. The actor in picture here is Kunchacko Boban, and it is about his movies that the rest of this post is going to be about.

Aniyathipraavu (1997): The biggest hit of the season and also of his career on his debut as a hero itself – it is something which every newcomer will dream about, and Kunchacko Boban did manage to achieve that. It also had some of the best songs of the century, and it was remade into the Tamil with the name Kadhalukku Mariyadhai and Priyadarshan used the same story for his Hindi movie, Doli Saja Ke Rakhna; it also had Telugu and Kannada remakes. It was also the first movie of Shalini as heroine, and the two established themselves as the new crowd favourite pair in the Malayalam movie industry. The movie was strong in emotions as well as comedy.
The great evergreen romantic song!

Mazhavillu (1999): This was not that much of a preferred movie at the time of its run as I remember people more concerned about this being a sad flick with tragedy awaiting to finish the story sending the audience into unexpected depression – the overall mood of the movie was so happy. This is also Preeti Jhangiani’s first movie and makes a really cute debut in this one. Kunchako Boban along with Vineeth in a rather negative role, this movie would have worked better if it had released later; the audience of the time just wasn’t ready. With some of the most melodious songs of its time, the movie is a lovely memory.
This song was the cutest one of the time!

Chandamama (1999) and Niram (1999): Chandamama was his first full comedy movie and with some good songs, it had enough to keep the laughter going throughout the flick as long as you don’t think much. But the grand movie was Niram, and it will remain my favourite movie from him, and this teamed him up with Shalini yet again. Remade in Telugu as Nuvve Kavali, in Tamil as Piriyadha Varam, in Kannada as Ninagagi and in Hindi as Tujhe Meri Kasam, the movie was a grand success. Once again, beautiful songs aided this one as the movie became a big boost to bring more of the campus based stories which followed.
A long time favourite song from Niram!

Doctor Love (2011): I wouldn’t like to remember any of his solo movies after this except for Kasthooriman, as it wasn’t a good stage in between. There were some nice movies in which he teamed up with others or played interesting roles in movies which were heroine-centered. Meanwhile, teaming up with other actors like Biju Menon had fine results as hit movies, and the trend followed after this movie too. Doctor Love was a nice return for him as the solo hero, as the man who solved the problems related to love in an arts college. The songs are good and the movie has the feel-good power.
And a lovely song from the romantic movie!

Chirakodinja Kinavukal (2015): There are not many spoof movies in Malayalam movie industry, and this one comes as a full spoof entertainer. Even though one might still think that this could have been an even better movie, this flick manages to bring enough here to catch our attention. The movie is successful in making fun of a good number of cliches in the movies, and Kunchacko Boban does a fantastic job as more than one character. It also successfully makes fun of some of the incidents which have happened related to the movie industry and that comes as a bonus – variety works here well.

Lord Livingstone 7000 Kandi (2015): I do not consider this one as a grand movie which needs to be given the status of Avatar from Malayalam movie industry. But it is surely a nice try and it is a variety attempt which needs to be applauded. Kunchacko Boban plays Philipose John Varkey, a survivalist and nature enthusiast in this multi-starrer movie and is the leader of a gang which tries to save a village deep in a forest, as too many people from the world of modernity hopes to end these trees and destroy their world. There is beauty in the way the movie is taken, and it is best experienced in the theatres.
Read full review of the movie here

Wishing Kunchacko Boban a very happy birthday! 🙂
Leaving you with a song from his movie Visudhan.


Energy from Music

*Here I share a playlist of songs with a certain energizing effect. The details of the songs and movies from the list are given below.

“Poove Poove”: Devadoothan [Mohanlal/Sharath Das, Vijayalakshmi]
Part of one of the best Malayalam movies of all time which was not recognized by the audience because it released to early, this song completely reflects the thrilling movie itself. The romantic mystery thriller here has its soul in this movie, and you can feel the mood here itself. The music and those simple and yet beautiful steps make you feel a lot more energized. The movie as a whole, has something like a Gothic horror background and it works so well.

“Rahasyamayi”: Puthiya Mukham [Prithviraj Sukumaran, Priyamani]
Even though this has been a less interesting movie which has slow motion stunts with less interesting story and too much heroism from the protagonist, the two songs in this movie are highly energizing and worth dancing. Prithviraj and Priyamani makes a nice combination here. The other one “Thattum Muttum” is also very good and both of these are the kind of music which you can play in high volume while traveling to get energized for a long drive – I have tried it 😀

“Dhooreyetho”: Rakkilipattu [Stage dance]
This movie with an almost all-female cast had some lovely songs and worked nicely as a thriller; it might also be Priyadarshan’s best without a leading male star acting in it. Among those songs, this one remains my favourite; the music energizes and the stage program in the video actually happens while the main incident in the movie happens. One has to wonder why the Malayalam version of the flick called Snegithiye in Tamil released only after seven years – not fair for a bilingual movie.

“Minnithennum”: Niram [Kunchako Boban, Shalini]
Niram is a movie which we are not going to forget so easily – even though we were quite a long time away from the college when this campus based movie was released, there was such a big impact that the Kunchako Boban – Shalini had gone on to continue their success story as a pair. This had looked more advanced than the rest of the campus romance movies, and twisted the trend to inspire more such movies, but none of them including its remakes could become this awesome, and this song is a reminder of its awesomeness – free nostalgia.

“Kunukune”: Yodha [Mohanlal, Madhoo]
Even though simple, so much fun; that was something about Yodha that we all cherish; the same is the case of this song which is part of that only Malayalam movie in which Rahman has composed the music until now. There song just feels good and gives you the energy in a special way. The visuals and the nostalgia about the movie might have played a big role in the same, but this song and the movie shot in Nepal surely has a major role in the supply of energy every day.

“Suryanaalam”: Thacholi Varghese Chekavar [Mohanlal, Urmila Matondkar]
Along with “Maaleyam Marodalinju”, this is another beautiful song from the movie, and Urmila Matondkar looked so good in this song which was so close to the Kerala traditional style. Even though the movie was more of a thriller, the light shades are seen in this movie which brought Urmila Matondkar in a cute and more traditional way to the Keralites especially with the song in the same year in which Rangeela had released. The traditional dance form of Kalaripayattu remains strong here.

“Pulliman Kidave”: Mazhavillu [Kuncako Boban, Preeti Jhangiani]
Vineeth is the most well known classical dancer around, and he is in this movie doing a much remembered classical dance, but this one has Kunchako Boban and Preeti Jhangiani doing the steps; with the latter having that contagious smile like no other. I watched this movie much later because I knew how tragic it was going to end, but the song was always in my list, and this is just one of those many beautiful songs in this movie. When the bad guy survives, it was going to be a flop at that time, but this was actually an interesting flick too.

*”Chilambolikkaatte”: CID Moosa [Dileep, Bhavana]
*”Minnaraponnalle”: Runway [Dileep, Kavya Madhavan]
I have added these two songs to the list because they have been the most popular songs for performing on the stage for quite a long time. They did manage to be part of the Onam and New Year programs at our flat consistently.

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