2015: The New Faces

In the year 2015, there were a number of actresses who were more noticed with their new movies. The same were the case of a number of new actors getting better attention, but with those faces not that familiar with the audience, there were more new faces making an impact among the actresses than the actors. I can list a few names here on those actresses who have made us feel that they are here to stay in the Malayalam movie industry. I believe that you will also like them. Along with these actresses, you can also add Divya Pillai from Ayal Njanalla and Sana Althaf who was good in a bad movie, Mariyam Mukku.

Nikhila Vimal (Love 24×7)
There are not many movies which has deserved more attention like Love 24×7; it surely needed a better ending and direction, but still it was a nice feel-good watch which had Dileep and this new face in full form. The lady lead in this movie came as an extra boon here, as this movie is sure to get more attention with the DVD sales. Nikhila has a cute character in this movie, but that evolves very well with determination which changes the person as the movie gets towards the end. Two different styles and that nice attempt at Trivandrum slang makes her the big, sweet surprise!

Gayathri Suresh (Jamna Pyari)
With Kunchacko Boban and the debutante Gayathri Suresh in the main roles, Jamna Pyari made its entry into the Onam season; and it ended up as a hit at the box-office. The Miss Kerala 2014 and currently an employee in the South Indian Bank made her entry into this movie and had done a very good performance for a debutante actress as she nicely fits into the girl-next-door character and the Trichur accent does wonders for the cutest face around. Even though Jamna Pyari doesn’t have that much in it to provide its actresses with situations to do anything special, she manages to be noted.

Mareena Michael Kurisingal (Mumbai Taxi)
Mumbai Taxi is an interesting movie made with a cast and crew consisting of a lot of newcomers. The return of the child actor in Pappayude Swantham Appoose, Badusha was used as the selling point of the movie, but the central character and the one who makes the most impact in this movie is Mareena Michael Kurisingal who was there in a smaller role in Haram and is part of one of the funniest sequences in Amar Akbar Anthony. It was a serious role that she had in the thriller shot at Mumbai and she managed to do that very well; not much of smiles out there, but serious focus.

Parvathy Ratheesh (Madhura Naranga)
This is actually the debut which many people have been waiting for, and it was also a much talked about one in the news and entertainment channels. With the strength of the trio of Kunchacko Boban, Biju Menon and Neeraj Madhav with the first two having a long success story together, this debut was going to be nice, and the movie had a long run. She is the daughter of the popular actor of the eighties and ninetees Ratheesh who shined as hero, villain and supporting actor. Parvathy makes an interesting entry by playing a Sri Lankan Tamil girl who is in trouble in the United Arab Emirates.

Jewel Mary (Pathemari)
There were two sides for Jewel Mary this year, both with Mammootty; one was with the miserable Utopiyayile Rajavu and the other with the much acclaimed realistic drama, Pathemari. Even though the first one brought her to the big screen, the earlier shot movie was the latter one. Utopiyayile Rajavu has almost nothing in it with not much positive for her there, but Pathemari had her true debut as a great success. She played Mammootty’s wife, and she did well; it is a lot like how Meena has played Mohanlal’s wife in Drishyam and many other movies, looking like the one right pair.

The Three Heroines of Premam
Everyone knows how well Premam did not only in Kerala but also in other states and even abroad; it was that kind of a movie which came and brought the big surprise. The movie was not just about Nivin Pauly being the protagonist, but also about three women, played by Anupama Parameswaran, Sai Pallavi and Madonna Sebastian. Anupama was the cutest one around, playing the youngest character who studies in plus two; it was simple and she managed that well. Sai had the most interesting role which she played to perfection, while Madonna had the most pleasing side of the flick, and she made sure of that with her smiles!


Full Defence of Premam

Premam is still running in the theatres now, and it has gone on to become a special movie in Malayalam movie industry; it was the second highest grossing movie in Malayalam, the last time I read about it. Meanwhile, I have been hearing and reading a lot that Premam has been misleading the youth, and that the movie was rather not needed. I will not say that movies don’t have the ability to send the young men and women the wrong way, but this accusation about this particular movie is nothing but a strange thing. There are many reasons why I can say with clarity that the misleading has been minimal or never really happened.

1. The youth has never been perfect: So, this late defence starts with the ultimate realization of truth. The youth has never been perfect, and never came close in the eyes of the older generation. The situation will only get worse as time passes, and a newer generation can come up with things which were not expected by a much older generation. It is usually not a positive thing, but it is how it works. There are things which are waiting to happen, and there is no stopping them as the world gets immersed in more and more modernity and less values of the old times. Premam doesn’t contribute to that directly because it was always going to happen.

premam (2)

2. Premam brings nothing new at all: As the director Alphonse Puthren himself has suggested, Premam is the second movie from him and the very next movie after his own Neram which brings nothing new at all. Where the film succeeds is in the presentation of something which has been around for a very long time. It is the success of the movie, and not bringing something huge out of nowhere. Premam‘s magic wand comes much later. So, the argument that Premam has made that kind of a change doesn’t stand because it can’t bring something which already existed. Premam is just another stylish take on what you have seen already.

3. Premam is just a reflection of the truth: Premam is a realistic portrayal of the incidents. Most of the things which are shown in the movie have already happened here or there. People who have studied in colleges will know that the new generation is already like this only; not all of them, but a good number of them. The quality of the teachers as well as the students will continue to come down as long as the National Eligibility Test is done on the basis of an objective test with no negative marks. Instead, it should be done to test the quality, goodness and creativity of the teachers; students will be never better than the teachers and the parents.

premam (3)

4. There is a message right in the soul of this movie: You can say that some other movies have messages and all, but Premam is the one which has left us with a better message. There are movies like Bangalore Days, Neelakasam Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi and 1983 which pretends to have messages, but the only thing that they all show is the pathetic state of youth in a fake way – they are all protagonists worthy of detest. Meanwhile, Premam shows how a protagonist finally becomes the good person and then he gets the girl – it has the traits of a morality tale when justice is served for the good guy, not for the person who had no clue of being good earlier. He finds his love when he becomes the better person, after leaving the third-rate life he had during the college life, learning to be a good person; it is the message!

5. The examples used are all wrong: I am really surprised that people have used so many ridiculous examples related to this movie. A lot of movies have shown the incidents in this movie in one way or the other, already. A good number of movies had terrible protagonists, compared to which our hero of Premam is nothing. It is to be noted that a lot of heroes of the past have been just criminals who beat up people. There have been smugglers, underworld dons, murderers, thieves and many others, and our protagonist in Premam is none of them. May be some people prefer Honey Bee and Kili Poyi as the great “righteous” movies. Or are they movies like Praja, Chattambinadu, Ustaad, Pokkiriraja and all with the right examples?

6. Misunderstanding is never the fault of a movie: You can have your own misunderstanding, but you just can’t blame a movie for the same, because you can’t understand what a movie can do in your life – you have to take the good things and leave the bad things behind. If you are not able to understand that, it is a serious mistake on your part. These days, people end up taking what they like and what they are comfortable with; if they had taken the good things instead, world would have been a better place. But if they try to take all the wrong things into their life, the director and the writer are not to responsible for the same. Movies don’t make things terrible unless you choose, but problems are there when some people choose the evil, but that applies in the case of every movie!

***The images used in this blog post are from the Official Facebook Page of the movie, used in defence.