2016: The First Quarter

Another year comes to a close with more than half of December gone and buried under the memories. 2016 is going to be a big year for the movie fans as a lot of you might have already guessed. Yes, we have felt the same for other years too, but you can just look at the movies which are going to be released, and then think in detail about how good the year can be. They have the right to disappoint us too, but looking at it, there is the feeling of something huge coming up. The following movies are only the most anticipated movies from the first three months, and even that is a nice list. It is not prepared in a specific order.

The 5th Wave and The Boy: Here is another science fiction thriller which features an alien invasion. Based on the novel with the same name written by Rick Yancey, this one has Chloë Grace Moretz and aliens. The situation has already gone through four waves of alien attacks, and the fifth is just on the way. The world is in chaos, and people are caught in this destruction and mutual distrust, and extinction is already on the corner. The movie also has good line-up of well-known faces including Liev Schreiber, Maika Monroe and Maria Bello. Yes, this is part of a trilogy and the last book is going to arrive in 2016 which means that franchise will have the material early enough for all three flicks. Meanwhile, look out for The Boy, a supernatural horror movie with a doll at the centre of everything.


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Kung Fu Panda 3: If you have watched the trailer of this movie, you will have the idea what to expect. This follow-up to Man of Steel has the two big superheroes of DC Comics fighting against each other as another threat arrives. There is also Wonder Woman whom we haven’t seen for quite a while on the big screen. Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash are also supposed to be there. I would love to see how Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman will turn out to be. As you might have already felt, the action is going to be huge, and there should be some interesting themes. About Kung Fu Panda 3, we will just watch it – no other description is needed; the franchise should keep its level at all times.

Gods of Egypt and London Has Fallen: Well, how often do we get to see movies based on Egyptian Mythology? Here is one for a change from the Greek. In this movie, the evil god, Set takes over Egypt, and it is up-to the mortal heroes allied with another god, Horus to save their world. Game of Thrones‘ own Jammie Lannister, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau plays the great god Horus, and Gerard Butler is the villain. We have all heard about the Eye of Horus, haven’t we? It does look kind of strange, but it is different, and so it should work. Meanwhile, London Has Fallen, the sequel to Olympus Has Fallen returns with another release date, after supposedly escaping competition with Ridley Scott’s The Martian at the earlier planned date – I already talked about it last year as the movie to look out for in 2015, and it will be an interesting watch when it finally releases.


Deadpool and The Divergent Series: Allegiant: I am not without doubts about Deadpool with the humour in the trailer which is rather too much. But we could do with a mutant, because it has been some time. Days of the Future Past still lingers in the mind, and lets see what this mutant superhero got for us. This one also has Morena Baccarin from Gotham television series? That brings more need here. The fun could be quite different here. Even a sequel for the movie is already under development. We will also have the third movie of the Divergent series, after Insurgent made a lesser impact than its predecessor. But from the material for this part of the franchise, this should be a lot better. Then there is Shailene Woodley whom we can’t resist as Beatrice Prior.

The Young Messiah: We have been waiting for a long time to have a vampire book from Anne Rice made into a movie. We had the amazingly good Interview with the Vampire which had Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Kirsten Dunst, Antonio Banderas and Christian Slater; the movie which turned out to be so good that it could be better than the book, and there was The Vampire Lestat which was pretty much terrible. The Tale of the Body Thief was going to be made into a movie, but not much was heard about it after that. Well, we have one work of Anne Rice made into a movie, and it is not the vampire stuff this time. It is from her work Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt, a fictional work which depicts the life of Jesus Christ at the age of seven to eight. It will be interesting to see what it brings.

The Witch and The Forest: Released at 2015 Sundance Film Festival and with 87% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and 90% on Metacritic, The Witch is going to be something different, that is for sure. It should be a higher level horror movie, as the genre is not something usually loved by the critics. The movie takes the viewers to a seventeenth century Puritan family in New England, along the wilderness, and through the fears of witchcraft and creatures of the dark. The Forest is another supernatural thriller that we should be looking for. It has Natalie Dormer, Game of Thrones‘ own Margaery Tyrell in the lead, and is set in Japan – you are sure to meet some interesting souls here.


***The images used in this blog post are from the Official Facebook Pages of these movies (The 5th Wave, Gods of Egypt and The Witch.



This Year’s Sequel Power

*On the upcoming sequels for this year. Read my previous post, The Upcoming Horror for details only about sequels and non-sequels related to the horror genre.

Jurassic World :: One of my favourite movies of all-time, my childhood favourite Jurassic Park comes back to life here, and it is the first big sequel to come to us in early June itself. The sequels to the movie have been pretty good so far, and making a return after so many years, this movie is going to make a big impact; there is no doubt about that. This time, we have a working dinosaur park, but the scientists go the Doctor Faustus way and with no satisfaction, creates a hybrid dinosaur in this movie – not really the best idea for the characters on the screen, but should be a treat on the big screen in 3D.

Terminator Genisys :: One of the greatest action movies of all time, and that franchise with which we relate Arnold Schwarzenegger returns once again, and this time, we will have him doing a big role instead of being taken over like in Terminator Salvation. The franchise called Terminator always needs Arnold, and he is back as he had promised. Emilia Clarke, who has been our long time Daenerys Targaryen or the Mother of Dragons plays Sarah Connor, and this time, the war is fought on not just one time period, as there exists more than one timeline. Two more sequels are also announced, and so this is going to be big.

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London Has Fallen :: I did enjoy Olympus Has Fallen a lot, and Gerard Butler is sure to handle this one with the same awesomeness. This time, the action shifts to the Great Britain, but the danger remains the same, or rather worse. With huge conspiracies all around, this movie is all set to improve on its predecessor, as a full action thriller is guaranteed. The movie does have a big chance to make the desired impact, with the release date on October 2nd – all the violence on Gandhi Jayanthi! But it is still the holiday that has turned even the worst movies into big hits.

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials :: I did like the first movie, but it left too many questions unanswered, and there were so many paths left for the flick to follow, as the mystery never got close to being solved in the predecessor. I haven’t read the book, but the first movie has surely managed to make the viewers interested in the second flick with a nice end there. I have got a feeling that this is going to be very interesting, but I do wonder how this one will work without the strength of that maze. There is scope for sure, and it is once again dystopian in nature.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 :: The division of the last book by Suzanne Collins into two made sure that we were to watch the end of this move franchise adapted from the book only in this year. Well, I did love the first two books of the series and did watch the movies based on the same. But the first part of the final book is dull, and I did skip the movie based on the same. The book does have nice final moments, and the ending was something which I liked, for which I am going to recommend this one if you have been following the story of Katniss Everdeen well enough.

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Hotel Transylvania 2 :: Well, the Team Vampire has called for a special mention for this movie in this blog post, and has threatened to quit in case of its absence. But we can’t allow that to happen. I am not without doubts about this one, but still we can be sure that this could prove to be a lot better than its predecessor. There seems to be full fun guaranteed, and the policy might be to follow the predecessor which had impressed the family audience even while dealing with an idea which dealt with one of the most feared villains in the history of Gothic Literature in English.

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation is the next big title, and with Tom Cruise in his usual avatar and Jeremy Renner for support, this one is going to be huge – the franchise has always been the big one. For the light-hearted, we have Ted 2 with Mark Wahlberg. Star Wars: The Force Awakens will bring back some of the lost nostalgia this year. Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension is also there with its stuff, but I haven’t been a fan of the found footage movies. ***The images used in this blog post are from the Official Facebook Pages of the respective movies mentioned here.