New Generation Slashers

***Newer slasher list with a few interesting flicks. Don’t expect awesome story-lines with these. This is just a drill to prepare you all very early for the next Friday the 13th in November 😀

You’re Next (2011): Among the lesser known slasher movies which turns amazingly good, You’re Next has a special place, and it is well supported by the critical appreciation. You have Sharni Vinson of Step Up 3D here, bringing the chaos to the masked killers who attack the family in a remote cabin rather than falling victim to them. The home-invasion slasher thriller becomes a full entertainer here. It is one of those movies which doesn’t take the story to the next level, but manages to deliver with such nice and energetic sequences which keeps you interested. It is also a reflection of the new generation family which has too many problems, and the link of love is missing.

slasher (2)

Friday the 13th (2009): The reboot of the Friday the 13th film series happens with this movie, and it manages to work with all the elements of a slasher movie without adding anything new. It might feel like a repetition, but the same also makes this a perfect slasher movie with the legendary villain Jason Voorhees returning to murder more people in a hockey mask. There is nothing like seeing one of those few killers who provide nostalgia to go on the murder spree again. The cast which includes Danielle Panabaker, Jared Padalecki, Julianna Guill and Aaron Yoo becomes the right choice for this horror movie with a slasher fan’s favourite day on its title. If you have missed any of the movies of this very long franchise, do watch it on a Friday 13th 😀

The Collector (2009): You can also continue this journey with the sequel, The Collection which released in 2012. This one happens to be a movie with a lot of blood and gore; it was supposed to be a prequel to the Saw franchise before things changed, and so you can guess how it is going to work. As an ex-convict in desperate need for money breaks in and attempts to break the lock to the safe, he realizes that another person has already got in and has locked up the whole house including the windows and anything can initiate a trap good enough to fatally injure him. The family is held hostage and he finds himself in trouble with no chance to escape as deadly traps and deadlier psychotic killer awaits.

My Bloody Valentine (2009): There are only a few movies which instantly gives the feeling that it has done better than original, and is qualified enough to be a righteous remake – this is one of them. It has a good cast lead by Jaime King, and it is just pure slasher fun without leaving much to think about. The fans of the genre can surely be happy that this one has returned to give them what they wanted. This movie in 3D might have been a great joy for them. It goes through the expected lines with the killer on a spree, and what you will see here is a reminder of how those slasher movies were during their best times, and how they have still managed to keep that essence.

All the Boys Love Mandy Lane (2006): Amber Heard is Mandy Lane whom everyone has a crush on. As she remains the center of attraction for everybody during a party at a farm, people start dying. It is said that some people are worth dying for, but this goes the rather brutal way. A former outsider with secrets who turns out to the dream girl for everyone, there is something about falling in love with her and dying. Amber Heard is one of the official horror queens, and if you have watched her other horror movies, you will know. There is a certain amount of artistic style associated with this movie, and there are some nice twists related to this one, and some moments are really smart.

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Halloween (2007): I remember liking the 1978 movie and I also liked the 2007 version, the remake which was not that much liked by the critics, but you can’t go with the critics on a slasher movie. Michael Myers is one of my top five slasher villains of all time, and so I have no second opinion about liking this movie. The one who might be the best scream queen for the horror fans, Danielle Harris is also there. It is the highest grossing Halloween movie by a good margin, and I liked the sequel which released in 2009 too – may be it should have released after the mall culture had further developed here, and the multiplexes would have made it more popular!

Laid to Rest (2009): This one has an young woman with no memory breaking out of a coffin in a funeral place, but her trouble doesn’t end there as she is chased by a woman with a chrome skull mask. With no knowledge about where to go, the man chasing her shows more skills in brutality that anything else. Bobbi Sue Luther plays the protagonist who keeps running from the unknown murderer. ChromeSkull is actually another interesting slasher villain, and there is also a sequel, ChromeSkull: Laid to Rest 2 which released in 2011 with the scream queen Danielle Harris. With limited resources, the movie manages to create a fine experience for the slasher fans.

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After Friday the 13th

On this beautiful Friday the 13th, I was depressed in the absence of no horror movies being released. I just ended up watching a Malayalam movie, a thriller ( So I am choosing to go after some horror from my memories and bring back a few bad guys to life. No, Uncle Dracula will not be on the list because he was never a real bad person. Here are some of the villains of great horror from my favourite slasher movies. This time, I choose the psycho killers and make them better known.

Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th): This lovely killer from Friday the 13th series needs a mention on every 13th Friday that you have in an year. Having a machete in his hands and murdering people at will, he was a grand character in the 1980s and 1990s only to come back to us with a reboot in 2009. The movie does exactly what it was supposed to do, and it is time Jason come back to us with another sequel. That one even had Julianna Guill who could be one of the best scream queens. Even if the movie name is forgotten, you might not forget his mask which has become the serial killer face that makes the most impact.

Jason needs something for his machete. After all, this is Friday 13th season.

Jason needs something for his machete. After all, this is Friday 13th season.

Rusty Nail (Joy Ride): This part-time trucker and more of a serial killer comes from the three movies of the Joy Ride franchise. I like that name – it has something about that draws interest towards him. His face rarely has any chance to come near the camera, and the horror is drawn from the huge truck and his method of operations. Even as the first movie had a better cast, I would prefer the second – the third is not bad either. Rusty Nail in a truck might also be the smarter one around and will make sure that your love for Optimus Prime won’t be that much from admiration or respect.

Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare on Elm Street): Here is a villain who had me scared during my childhood. I remember it to be scarier at that time. Among all the killers here, he has that nice, scary supernatural side that work so well. He rules the dream world and in invincible there. He comes in your dreams and kill you, so there we see that reason for not falling asleep. All your fears come alive in his world as this burnt face and bladed gloves are sure to provide some nightmares and questions your decision to go to sleep. The last movie of the franchise did no justice to the villain though.

Be silent in your dreams. Freddy doesn't like to be disturbed.

Be silent in your dreams. Freddy doesn’t like to be disturbed in his world.

Harry Warden (My Bloody Valentine): The imagery of the miner armed with pickaxe is a nice one, especially when there is that mask bein worn. The remake of the original, My Bloody Valentine 3D which came in 2009 carries the legacy of the killer. There are some nice moments of thrill and gore in the new version too which can establish this killer in your list of villains. This really matches the situation of having Friday the 13th and Valentine’s Day so close to each other, right? You might need to find a mine or a town near a mine to have that special feeling of having this killer though 😛

ChromeSkull (Laid to Rest): I first thought Michael Myers (Halloween) or Victor Crowley (Hatchet) would have been the right choices, but then replaced him with this one. A less known killer here, but he can still be a nice choice for your Halloween or Friday the 13th – even the name is so interesting, isn’t it? It is time this one gets his due as he has been ignored for too long. Moving around and murdering people, sending the video tapes of the murders to the authorities, ChromeSkull is one strange and lethal killer to bring the horror.

So, it is the Valentine’s Day that comes after Friday the 13th. It might sound strange to some people, but not for me, as I don’t find too much difference between the two. My Bloody Valentine is the movie which you can watch on both days. There will always be something common between romance and love – this closeness is the sign of that common thing being even more common this year. This should be a bloody valentine’s day indeed 😀 Even if you don’t need any of these people of the gore, there is always Hannibal 😉 ***The images used in this blog post are from the official Facebook pages of Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Happy Friday the 13th and Happy Valentine’s Day. May the combination work very well 😀 😀