Marvel’s Marvel and DC

***Following is the list of Marvel and DC movies I wouldn’t miss after COVID-19 is over.

Suicide Squad 2: Suicide Squad is one of the most underrated superhero or rather the supervillain movies of all-time, and it has always deserved to be considered a classic. It was strange that it wasn’t that big a hit, and people were not intelligent or creative enough to immerse themselves in the beauty of that flick. Now, with the second part of this movie coming up for release, one can be sure that the aesthetic beauty on the screen can only get better, and there is the certainty of those anti-heroes whom we are going to love more than anything else. There is nothing better to watch than Margot Robbie as the psychotic Harley Quinn. Then we have John Cena here too, and we know that this is going to be big. We will still miss Cara Delevingne as the Enchantress.

Morbius: Jared Leto who was the Joker in Suicide Squad is now Morbius, the man who gains the superhuman abilities with a thirst of blood to go with it, making him a vampire hero with a dark side. This one can make one fine anti-hero movie which can go through the same seriously, without having the dumb side like Deadpool did. These are the times when vampires have the advantage over others, and with the releasing date shifting to 2021 from 2020, this one can be the lesser known superhero making it big after COVID-19. Yet, the thing about vampires is that you have to make it good, and there is the change that some unnecessary elements can come in, like we had seen in Twilight and its sequels. If done well, this one from Marvel can be one fantastic work with this man in the lead.

Black Widow and Doctor Strange 2: Scarlett Johansson’s Natasha Romanoff is one of the best female superheroes, and is clearly a step ahead of the overpowered superheroes like Captain Marvel. The same more or less reminds us of Batman who also thrives so well without the superpowers. A movie focusing completely on Black Widow was something much needed. At the same time, Doctor Strange is one character that goes beyond all superheroes, having a special place among the Avengers. He has also required a sequel, and with the sequel to Black Panther not really seeming to be a reality during these days, it is the sorcerer who can keep this franchise more interesting – no more Captain America and Iron Man demands that for most of the fans.

Eternals and The New Mutants: The tale of these creatures from outer space living on Earth and trying to defend them makes us interested in Eternals. To add to the same, most of us don’t have any idea about what the film is about, as they are not the usual superheroes whom we know about. The New Mutants is supposed to have released already, but the movie didn’t reach here as our theatres are still closed – it is a really a disappointing thing because a lot of people would have wanted to watch it on the big screen when COVID-19 was over. All those powers coming together would have been a treat on the big screen in 3D, but we will miss that. Even though the rating are not that great, we know that our audience have appreciated certain movies better than the North American movies.

Thor 4: Among the Avengers, there is no superhero who can have so many tales like Thor, as Asgard and the other worlds have so many things in store for sure. Thor: Ragnarok might have been the best the superhero movie featuring one hero from Marvel, just like Aquaman can boast of having a similar status from DC, as far as the last few years are concerned. With the turn of events happening related to these superheroes, there can be some interesting events related to this particular immortal. We can also be certain about the fact that we will have more visual splendour in store here. After all, the world is not the same after what Thanos did, and Asgard has also changed its place. Even the hammer has made way for the axe, and you know that innovation is to come up here.

Venom 2: The present version of Venom is actually better than Spider-Man, when we have a closer look at the characters, their quality and maturity. As the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the date of this one’s release to 2021 too, we can’t wait to see the next symbiotic human, Carnage, unleashing himself against Venom. It is always good to have an anti-hero who is not foolish and ridiculous as Deadpool. And in working with that role, Venom is a successful work. Unless we have more mutants from X-Men becoming anti-heroes in their own style, Venom will remain Marvel’s classic anti-hero, with further additions in this version which could connect nicely to other superhero tales from Marvel.

The Flash and Wonder Woman 84: The two movies from DC are of much interest, as the latter has us waiting for Cheetah, a lady villain suitable for Wonder Woman. We can only hope that the character as well as the costume provides what we need to see on the screen. Meanwhile, The Flash has always required a movie, and with that speed, one needs to see what all can be done, different from the limited idea which we had in the television series. As one feels that Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman have been stealing the show a little too much, and only Aquaman has stood in the way against the same, we need the fastest human on Earth to make an impact.

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You are Indeed the One

There is something empowering about our traffic, as it grants us the superpowers or at least makes us the shadows of superheroes; this is something that happens almost every time we go out to face the dangerous warlords who drive on the streets. Some of them truly believe that the road belongs to their fathers and the rest of them just come with a claim for the same. We need superpowers to make sure that we survive and we need to be “the one”. Here are a few examples.

The Vipers that Spit: This happens when you ride your two-wheeler too close to a bus, as there will be vipers inside the four-wheeled monster which are always trying to spit the venom out so as to prove their worth to the Legion of the Vipers, and at the same time, get rid of the excess venom that is stored in their hearts. At that moment, we have to bring out the Neo in us, evading the bullets which are these shots of venom. Lets make Keanu Reeves proud with this ability. Trust me, there are so many types of spit, and you don’t need to even come close to some of them.

The Reckless Hydra: The private buses of this part of the world are the Lernaean Hydra and their siblings, as they are part of a never-ending group of heads which has one coming up at the place of the other. We see one bus doing the dangerous driving and as we hope that we can finally breath, there is another one following us, and this is a procedure which never ends. To get rid of the monster, we need to be Hercules, extremely agile and strong, thus taking our vehicle away from the monster and hope that another one doesn’t come in.

Hercules on a battle with Hydra (Pic from wiki)

Hercules on a battle with Hydra (Pic from wiki)

New Generation Manticore: Then there are the new generation kids, thinking that their motor-bikes are bullet trains and going through small gaps between the vehicles at high speeds without helmets. These are the Manticores whose tails are incredibly venomous as they are injurious to everything around them, always causing accidents which usually leads to injuries or even death to the others as well as themselves. To save yourself here, you need to see the future like Alice Cullen, as they are unpredictable and extremely dangerous.

Manticore in all its glory (Pic from Warhammer Online Wikia)

Manticore in all its glory (Pic from Warhammer Online Wikia)

Three-legged Nemean Lion: We are not that big as the buses, but are still the kings of this concrete forest, says the auto rickshaws as they moves around changing lanes as they please, and turning without using the indicators. But can we blame them? May be they are yet to invent the indicators. May be lions don’t need indicators. They also have such powerful fur that anything we say will have absolutely no effect on them, as they are to do the same thing again and again. Here, you need to Jean Grey and read their minds so as to avoid accidents.

Hercules against Nemean Lion (Pic from wiki)

Hercules against Nemean Lion (Pic from wiki)

Collossus of Roads: We just can’t ignore the most powerful villains on the road, the tipper trucks who are unproclaimed rulers of the roads. Despite their huge size, they are incredibly agile and tries to be even faster than they can. Appearing our of nowhere, it is not easy to be safe from them as they are responsible for too many accident. As it is created from powerful and indestructible material, the only escape is to borrow the speed power from Flash and give a passage for them as soon as possible – any direct contact would be highly injurious to the health of any vehicle.

The Careless Gorgon: They are the bigger cars, those which can afford to drive carelessly as they are fast, huge and costly – with their sharp fangs and the hair made of venomous snakes, they rain upon the common in high speeds and often with a rich new generation kid on the driving seat. Among the cars which chooses not to stop at a red signal, there is rarely a small car involved. Why? Because bigger cars are the gorgons and with Medusa dead, they are immortals. The route to escape is the x-ray vision which has to be taken from Superman, and identify them from a distance, making sure that they are gone for our own safety.

*This is not applicable to everyone in the respective categories; just taken on the basis of those repeated incidents that happen. The people responsible for such evil situations are prone to change according to the circumstances.