Immortal Vantage Point

Vampire Bat: Yes, it is the Immortal Vantage Point that all of us here possesses.

Interviewer: I don’t get it. What on Earth is that?

Vampire Owl: Okay, I will explain it to you. Do you see that electric post outside this castle?

Interviewer: Yes, I do see it. What is special about it? Why is it leaning towards one side?

Vampire Owl: Most of the vampires who go out to hunt with an Immortal Vantage Point end up not seeing the post and hitting it. Until this date, the vampire team has hit that post forty nine times. We are hoping to score the half-century tonight itself. It is the difference between your vantage point and the immortal one.

Vampire Bat: What? That was so negative. They hit that electric post because they are sleepy most of the time and it is the first electric post you see when you get out of this castle. I am sure that if we switch off the generators, you will hit that post too, as the power is supplied from the station only for a few hours every day.

Interviewer: Then you owe me and the readers an explanation.

HT (2)

Vampire Bat: Well, you know that we have all evolved from the mortal side very long ago. We had many ways of seeing things, and it has been changing through the ages. We have lived most of our lives with almost no social contact until Uncle Dracula found us and united the vampire brethren in this castle. I had the Vantage Point of the Bat, he had the Owlish Vantage Point, and so did the other members of our vampire team. They looked at things differently, and according to the mortal existence of their species, never really seeing things as the immortal vampires that they have been.

Vampire Owl: Vampire Crocodile still sees things with the vantage point of Dr. Hannibal Lecter. This is his third vantage point, and it is dangerous to have him with us. I told you.

Vampire Bat: You don’t need to say bad things about other members whom you don’t like. At least he has a stronger vantage point, and Hannibal himself is immortal too. Also, we are united in vampirism. We are the same at heart and in the mind.

Interviewer: So, you were united by the uncle under one vantage point. Can you explain further?

Vampire Bat: Yes, Immortal Vantage Point has been something special. We always had a part of the same attained the moment we became vampires. But we realized it very late as we were afraid to let go of our mortal existence which we thought was still our identity. But it was not the same anymore. Things had changed, and our immortality had replaced our previous existence and had given us another perspective. We needed a guide to explore the same, and it was Uncle Dracula.

HT (1)

Interviewer: Okay, but what is the point? What is the advantage of having this particular vantage point?

Vampire Owl: I can make the point in a shorter way. Have you seen chaos? We see that each and every day. We look at humans from the Immortal Vantage Point and the only things that we see are vanity, hatred, envy and pathetic lies. They are provided so many religious texts and still they haven’t learned. Some of them claim that they can have morality without religion, but that is pure nonsense. None of them got any love for the other.

Vampire Bat: You are making a point again to take over the world. No, the Immortal Vantage Point is not that simple. To be frank, it is not a vantage point as humans see it. You can call it a skill, or a vision. We get to see things from a point which you can never accept. We get to see things as neutrals and also as people among you. We become you, not in blood and bones, but as the life force of your soul. We can’t do it for each person, but we do create a group with the particles from each person’s soul and use a ripple effect to influence a better result.

Interviewer: I am confused. Is this even legal? This is not listed in the vampire powers as I have read in books and noted down.

Vampire Bat: It has been officially added to the list. We are actually conducting spiritual experiments to discover further possibilities.

Interviewer: I think that this will be enough for today. I would like to move to my vantage points without any distractions.

[The interviewer leaves…]

Vampire Owl: I think that he just hit that electric post.

Vampire Bat: How can you be so sure?

Vampire Owl: He looked more confused than we are.

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A Man of our Times

There have been so many movies in Malayalam with the feel-good factor provided throughout them intending to target the family audience. But among them, one flick stands apart due to being not only a feel-good movie, but also a satirical comedy which ends up being more thought-provoking than most of the other movies which have been brought to the audience of Kerala. I know that this might not that have been one of those Malayalam movies which did manage to have a place outside Kerala like AmenDrishyam, Memories and a number of others, and so lets speak something about this movie which I can watch so many times.

As one of the movies which I watched on the first day itself standing in the queue for about one and half hours, Ranjith’s Pranchiyettan and the Saint was a movie which was worth every single moment of the wait. The Malayalam movie industry wasn’t going through good times then, and a number of mindless superstar movies were threatening to take over. But then, there was this movie all prepared to stand strong between all the superstar nonsense which were making its way to the audience, along with another good movie Elsamma Enna Aankutty.

pranchi (1)

Some of those blind superstar fans didn’t like this movie, but this was far above their intellect. There is no stunt or overreaching romance here, as this movie tells the story of a man who is just like anybody else and also thinks like a regular person. He is a simple rich man who is troubled with one thought only; that is – what others think about him and how he can be a better person in the eyes of the others, as even with so much money that he has earned through business, he remains with very less education and even after getting so old, remains unmarried.

He has had a certain number of failures, with the school as well as his first love, and he also has that title of being a rice merchant even as he is in gold business now. What he is in urgent need of, is to have a popular face in the society. He demands that people see him as more than just an uneducated man who took over the rice business of his father and grandfather. He is ready to do anything for the same, and has got a number of advisors who keep helping him in achieving his aim of being the big name in the town, hoping that they would also be rewarded for the same.

pranchi (2)

For the same, he attempts to run for the post of president of a club and losses, as he completely losses his focus due to a silly talk from his rival who is married to his former romantic interest. He tries sponsoring the felicitation for an Oscar award-winner, but that also fails. Then he tries to be honoured with a Padmashree, but a corrupt politician who gives him the offer for the recognition cheats him and steals his money. He is also unable to express his love towards the girl whom he admires, and believes that he is too old and has lost too much.

As our protagonist has a conversation about all this and his latest attempt to adopt a boy to Saint Francis of Assisi at the local church (fictional conversations come quite naturally to him), the saint shows the man three visuals which makes him realize that what one thinks is a loss might not be a bad thing, and that good things come to those who wait. He acknowledges that we see as success might not always be that, and a certain amount of failure doesn’t decide future lives. Whatever impression we make in the eyes of the society doesn’t define us as an individual.

Pranchiyettan and the Saint is a movie to watch for each and everyone who think that being rich and famous is everything, and also to those who are depressed that they have been a failure throughout their lives. The movie is highly inspirational and with creating the fictional conversation between the protagonist and Saint Francis of Assisi, there is the divinity and a certain amount of innovation which works in favour of the movie, and nicely brings the climax to the next level. The movie is also a lot fun! Everybody needs to watch this one! []

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