Best of 2017 in a Flash

2017 had its own interesting flicks to make things better, and among them, here are those which I found to be the best Malayalam movies of the year. Even though there might not have been a movie which would break all records, or would be considered as one of the greatest of them all, we surely had some excellent works. We all need more movies to be released so that the choices increase, but it is up to us to make sure that most of them will be watched, and will not get the negative result that they don’t deserve. These six are surely the kind of flicks that you can choose to watch without second thoughts.

1. Take Off :: Quoting from my own earlier post here: “This one is Malayalam movie industry’s answer to Airlift, but takes the time to get more out of the emotional side with a first half which establishes the main characters and the situation of the protagonist really well. Taking a page out of a real incident and adding the needed creativity, Take Off becomes the movie that is not easy to find fault with. There is Parvathy as the protagonist doing an excellent job, and there is Fahadh Faasil who gets things to be more intense in the second half. Kunchacko Boban remains serene with his act. The positive opinions received are all deserving.”
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2. C/O Saira Banu :: Quoting from my own earlier post here: “This one is an interesting movie which moves from family drama to its twists after the half time. It deals with some interesting incidents which have happened in our society, and also leaves with a message along with an ending which comes as a pleasant surprise with a nice turn of events. It questions not only a past, but also the present and the future in a prejudiced society that we live in. Manju Warrier and Amala Akkineni are the ones who shine in this movie which will work for not just one category of viewers. Along with Rani Padmini and How Old Are You?, this one will be on the list of the best works of Manju Warrier after her grand return.”
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3. Sakhavu :: There is the strength of ideology behind this movie, and it goes towards taking a righteous stand, especially when a political leader is concerned – on what the left ideals really mean, if they are implemented in the right way. The message is strong, and there is the presence of feel-good elements. Here, Nivin Pauly comes in two roles, and among the two, it is the new-age role that suits the best for him – the other role also demands him to play the elder version of the character, which also leaves a mark. There is the new generation social worker portrayed nicely with all the shortcuts of life which are taken, and there is the maturity of the old generation comrade, who has struggled so hard with everything in life for the party as well as the society.
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4. Godha :: One quality that Godha has retained from the same director’s Kunjiramayanam is its quality in simplicity; as we look through these two movies, we see simple things made beautiful or memorable. The latter was all about making its comic side more and more effective while the former here works on delivering the inspiration on the big screen. In a world which is being swallowed by those sporting events which has more money and bigger heroes, there are the sports other than cricket which struggles to find a path towards attention, and Godha has certainly caught your eyes. Tovino has another big movie with Wamiqa debuting great in Malayalam.
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5. Tiyaan :: The thought-provoking moments of Tiyaan are intense, with that intensity like never before. The dialogues are stronger than ever, and we feel all the correct emotions in each of them, whether it is anger, hate, fear or grief. There are signs of what is to come from the beginning itself, and we feel how this is going to be something different, and it is. The whole thing remains a thought-provoking saga, and we are left with hope in a world which doesn’t have much of the same with almost everyone being hypocrites. There might be complexity within, but the final message is rather too simple, with all religions leading to one God, and love being the path.
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6 Mayaanadhi :: As this one brings a new love story of this age, the melodrama never finds a seat. There is a realistic approach in this movie, and we never really gets tired of the same, even when the movie seems to get slow in between. We see how much people need each other, when things get better, or when they get terrible. The protagonists are two people who have struggled with their lives, and their world is something which is not difficult to relate as we understand their circumstances. There is the overall sadness in this movie, which seems to reflect on the depressing human condition which remains the same, no matter how the world changes. There are also some harsh realities reflected too, with either fate being so cruel, or the society being against the individual. Tovino and Aishwarya makes a wonderful pair.
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***The images used in this blog post are from the official Facebook pages of these movies. Also read about this years movies, Hey Jude, Aadhi, Street Lights and Shikkari Shambhu. Also read about the best of music.

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2015: Favourite Video Songs

1. Manpaatha NeettunnaMili [Click for review]

Here are ten of the favourite video songs from among the popular Malayalam movies of the year according to my own taste related to the same. The list of the favourite songs of 2015 should surely begin with this song from the first inspirational movie of the year which was followed by many others of its kind reaching up-to Jo and the Boy. Being part of this movie which becomes the voice of introverts and everyone who wish to make it big, this song has a certain amount of sadness, but it never gives up hope.

2. Ee ThanuthaAnarkali [Click for review]

There are not many enchanting love stories which also entertain; but Anarkali manages to be both, and that is its success. The same quality has been maintained in this song as it is beautiful with its music, scenery and there are also the light-hearted and funny moments in there. You will love Prithviraj Sukumaran and Priyal Gor here, that is for sure. The cuteness that this one has is quite a lot. I had a similar feeling with a song in 2014 from London Bridge featuring Prithviraj and Nanditha Raj.

3. Oru KarmukilinuCharlie [Click for Review]

This is one special song which will surely grow on you. If you have watched the movie, you will feel more about this one as it has the soul of the movie, and the reflection of the fairy-tale idea which we see in the song is amazingly good. The movie’s radical but delightful divergence is the strongest side, while the existence and the essence which we see here are just beautifully mental. If you haven’t watched this movie, you will still enjoy the song, but watching will surely help.

4. HemanthamenKohinoor [Click for review]

AND Mele MeleLife of Josutty [Click for review]

There are not many songs which provide the feeling of old times, but still manage to be different and interesting to the new generation. So, this song from Kohinoor is more like a beautiful song from the past, and something that will make you feel nostalgic. Featuring Asif Ali and the newer face Aparna Vinod, this song was one of the more popular songs of the time overtaking other big ones. The song sung by Shreya Ghoshal from Life of Josutty is another cute and simple one resembling this.

5. MalarePremam [Click for review]

I used to like the “Aluva puzhayude theerathu” song earlier, but this one managed to overtake the first song as I went through them later after watching the movie. One special thing about this song is having the UC College at Aluva in the song, and it is well taken as you look at those visuals. I have always liked those beautiful songs which has something also in the video, and often I choose to look as well as listen to the songs. This song has such an advantage along with many others in this list.

6. KankankalilMadhura Naranga [Click for review]

AND Venal OzhiyunnuLove 24×7 [Click for review]

The song from Madhura Naranga has a mood which is rather different from the movie, and it serves more as some happy moments even when we know that this is not really going to go on well. It is an enjoyable song for all time featuring Kunchako Boban and the debutante Parvathy Ratheesh. Love 24×7 which released at the same time deserved better treatment at the box-office, and this song featuring Dileep and newer face Nikhila Vimal is another smooth one for you to listen.

7. VasanthamallikeChandrettan Evideya

AND KaathirunnuEnnu Ninte Moideen [Click for review]

All these songs are from the movies which I watched during the year, but Chandrettan Evideya came up as delayed watch, and it was this song that actually made me watch the flick. If you see the video of the song, you will feel that there is something about this story, and you will also have the feeling that the movie will be funny. Among the songs from Ennu Ninte Moideen, my favourite is this one as it has that special factor and what defines this particular movie, the procedure of waiting.

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