Finding Some Fun

There is nothing much going on in our universe except for the repetitive stuff that eats our brain parts every day, and society support the same. We are expected to be the machine-like humanoids who get a job and be married in the next few years after finishing studies, but when we try to do that, the firms will only ask for experience and deny us opportunities. It is a continuous process of not getting a job and the only thing that we can take home is more and more dosage of rejection. The positive side rarely makes a visit, and the scope for happiness is very less.

Often, we feel that there is no point in life and death is the only relief. During these boring days, finding some fun becomes rather easy only when related to movies – there is nothing much otherwise. As movies provide the much needed escapism from this meaningless universe which has nothing much for us, we get closer to the flicks and its characters. This is where the HP Starwars: Special Edition Notebook becomes a significant force in leading us into this fun which has been lost to modernity and its busy world, which has no place for you if you are true; unless you #AwakenYourForce.


When I was a child, I always wanted to have a Star Wars wallpaper, but those were the days without internet and wallpapers were not easy to find. Still, I managed to find some Jedi inspiration through the computer games related to the movie. This inspiration has always made me think more about space and all which came with it; as I had no blog at that time, I used to write stories and put them in the trash can. They were all lost, but this has played a major role in my blog becoming what it is now.

Star Wars: Dark Forces was a big game for me at that time, and its sequel provided the same effect. The demo version which were available with the computer magazines played a major role in inspiring the gamer in me, and along with the games like Unreal Tournament, made me the FPS game lover. Then there was Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds which came up as the replacement when I was playing too much of Age of Empires 2, and that took over the RTS genre for me, taking the interests in strategy games to another level. That kept the other side of inspiration going.

Star Wars have also inspired me to watch more movies, and it was the simple reflection of science fiction at that time – I had known no Star Trek at that time, and other movies based on space were also unknown. It should also be the first science fiction movie which I watched, and that was on cassette – when Starship Troopers arrived for me, it was on the CD. Star Wars was always there though, and the unknown lady of that time, Carrie Fisher was a big favourite. That music from the movie franchise kept ringing in my ears for a very long time, and it still continues.

So, the HP Starwars: Special Edition Notebook which is pre-loaded with everything required for the fans becomes the symbol of nostalgia and the return of inspiration. There is one command centre icon here which will help one to access everything related to Star Wars which goes through two centuries. There are wallpapers, behind the scenes shots, concept art, illustrated art and all which takes us back to those early days of Star Wars until now. Screensavers and sound schemes related to the movie are those which we really wanted during our childhood – there is the need for a time machine here.

Then there is that special font which will bring that special galactic feeling. All these will only prove interesting before and after watching the new release – Star Wars: The Force Awakens which is preparing to make its arrival grand. If you have had a look at the gadget, it does have a special look which makes it look like something else. There are those designs on it, and the red backlight on the keys will only add to the variety present there. This is the kind of thing that we should have had when we were kids, but it is never too late to have a Star Wars themed notebook as you #AwakenYourForce. This is where you search for more related to the same:

***The image used in this blog post is from the Official Facebook Page of HP India.