Trivandrum: A Quick Return

I have been to Trivandrum multiple times. The first time goes a long time back, and the most recent one was related to the Airtel 4G launch some time ago. The last journey has been different as the motive was to visit the University of Kerala as part of my PhD studies. As a research scholar, this happens to be one of those interesting library visits, which includes the time spent in the National Library of Kolkata, British Council Library of Kolkata, Calicut University Library of Kozhikode and Kannur University Library of Cannanore. This was not really a visit as a tourist, which means that there were not many places visited, and not that many photos taken. After all, we just cannot have them all during a trip, if there is a specific focus. But during my early journeys, I have visited a lot of tourist attractions in Trivandrum.

This is also my first journey to Trivandrum during which I was driving the car all the way; this makes the journey much different – we took the Perumbavoor-Ramapuram-Palai-Ponkunnam-Ranni route as the route was comfortable to travel. There was always one Indian Coffee House on the way to take a break. If you are a tourist, you know that there are many options in Trivandrum from those churches and temples to the beaches which have remained the classic destinations for such a long time. Kovalam Beach and Padmanabhaswamy Temple have been there as the first priorities for an eternity. On the way to Trivandrum, you are sure to find Jatayu Earth’s Center on the way, where we didn’t stop as there was a certain shortage of time. There was also Museum of the Word, a Bible Museum showing on the map available with a diversion. Well, there is so much more to be seen in Trivandrum and on the way back, but that would be left for another day.

University of Kerala has one peaceful library.

Madre De Deus Church (Vettucaud Church) is legendary.

St. Mary Queen of Peace Basilica of Palayam enlightens.

Palayam Juma Masjid is a place frequenting the films.

St. Joseph’s Metropolitan Cathedral features in many movies too.

A beachside church has remained a thing of beauty.

There is the eternity of serenity in these places of worship.

Some places of worship are not to be avoided during any trip.

Why wouldn’t one visit the Indian Coffee House even when there is a choice?

God faces the tides; the eternity of the sea and its waves.

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***The images used on this blog post were taken by me on my Samsung mobile phone during the last trip to Trivandrum.



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