The World of Biennale

The exhibition of art at Kochi Biennale has always been something that interested us. The largest art exhibition in the nation has never ceased to draw people from not just Kochi or all around the state, but also from different parts of the nation and the world. We have had our journeys to biennale before, and people around Cochin have surely considered it to be a very significant event, something which happens with the Cochin Carnival at times, bringing an even bigger crowd to the area. Fort Cochin has remained the area of such cultural significance which cannot be matched with any other place.

The exhibition continues to be set in areas across Cochin, while using existing galleries, halls, and installations in public spaces, heritage buildings and abandoned structures. Ever since beginning on 12th December 2012, the popularity of the exhibition has only increased, despite the price of the tickets reaching a new high. The cost of the entry has now reached Rs. 150 from the early Rs. 50 which prevailed during the early times of the exhibition. As Fort Cochin is a destination of interest at all times, visiting the main locations of biennale remains a priority for the tourists.

A little bit of environment catches in with biennale every time.

Some scenes at the exhibition is worth being in the camera.

The Aspinwall House serves among the best destinations too.

There are always enough exhibits to explore at the biennale.

The Aspinwall House itself is a place which requires exhibition.

You look at the boats and the backwaters which lies in front of you.

And there is also the cafe, even though expensive and crowded.

There is also the option to travel on the boat towards other areas.

There is also that nice little biennale shop, even though it is expensive.

The old Mattancherry Bridge, also known as the Harbour bridge.

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***The images used on this blog post were taken by me on my Samsung mobile phone during the visit to the last biennale at Fort Cochin.