Year 2016: Best of Songs

Here is the list of my favourite Malayalam songs from the year 2016.

10. Pookkal Panineer – Action Hero Biju

This one sung by K J Yesudas and Vani Jayaram has a nice touch with Nivin Pauly and Anu Emmanuel featured in it, as beautiful visuals of the city accompany the melodious tunes, making it a top song from the first quarter of the year, and maintaining a fine spot till the end of the year.

9. Njanum Njanumentaalum – Poomaram

Poomaram will have Jayaram’s son Kalidas Jayaram in his debut in Malayalam movie, and it is itself a moment that many people might have been waiting for – with that expected to happen next year, this song has surely made a big impact, with the same being listened to, at so many places ever since it was uploaded on the internet.

8. Neermizhiyil – Maalgudi Days

Directed by brothers Vivek, Visakh, and Vinod in their directorial debut, this was one flick which deserved more attention, and this song is just one of the reasons why that had to happen. Janaki Menon won the Best Child Actor (Female) at Kerala State Film Awards 2015 for her performance in this movie.

7. Payye Veesum – Aanandam

Filled with newcomers, Aanandam is that risk that Vineeth Sreenivasan decided to take, and it did come out successful too. Along with being a light-hearted romantic comedy, this one also had the support of some wonderful songs, among which this one should be the favourite for most people.

6. Ee Sisirakaalam – Jacobinte Swargarajyam

There happens to be more than one interesting songs in Jacobinte Swargarajyam, the most popular one being “Thiruvaavaniraavu” – but I would personally prefer this one, as there is so much of feeling of togetherness in this one – if there was to be one full family song for everyone, it had to be this.

5. Mala Mele Thirivechu – Maheshinte Prathikaaram

With this movie being so close to life, the songs also had to have the same quality, and this is one that makes sure about the same. The lyrics as well as the scenes of this song proves the same. This should be the best Malayalam movie of the year, and this is one of the two popular songs from this flick.

4. Thennal Nilavinte – Oru Muthassi Gadha

Nicely placed in the movie, this song has all it takes to catch our attention. “Thennal Nilavinte” is that kind of a song which impresses us through our eyes as well as the ears. Inside a feel-good movie with a message, this song becomes a boost, bringing us that needed feeling.

3. Neelakkannulla Maane – Kochavva Paulo Ayyappa Coelho

In the movie that marks the return of Udaya Pictures to the Malayalam cinema after a long time, we have Kunchako Boban and Anusree starring in this song. This was one of the most talked about songs during its release, and in a movie that has minimum romance, this song stands apart, as a special one.

2. Kathangal Kinavil – Darwinte Parinamam

One can be sure that people had different opinions about this movie, as I know those who have liked this one as well as disliked it a lot – but there is no doubt about the quality of this song – it provides us with that kind of a special feeling. For me, there is more to love this song, which I don’t intend to reveal.

1. Mazhaye Mazhaye – James and Alice

This movie might have had more negative opinions than positives, even though I am yet to watch the flick. But this is surely one song which caught my attention the first time itself and I have had it on my mobile phone’s music player for a long time. With Prithviraj and Vedhika on screen, the song about the rain makes it big!



4 thoughts on “Year 2016: Best of Songs

  1. Poomaram has been chewing away my ears. πŸ˜€ Onum parayanda. First it sounded great. But with time, it is like a termite. The sad part? I catch myself humming it at times 😦 baaki list kollam πŸ˜€ I liked the Hindi song from Aanandam more.

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