RIP: Simona the Kitty

I had been looking forward to post this one, but as most of my friends here are friends with me on Facebook or is in contact with one person or the other who is friends with me, I thought they knew. But the news about Simona’s death had to be told, at least for the people who don’t yet know about the same. It happened on a terrible night, when she jumped in front of a vehicle which was passing through the road in front of our gate. We have been missing her a lot, especially from a few days after the event; the absence was really felt!


Here are a few of my favourite photos of her from the past which you might have seen in this blog; I have kept them separately…




Simona shows her tongue in defiance of the latest food ban.

I declare this as my property. Nobody touches this :D

And also falling asleep in different ways.




14 thoughts on “RIP: Simona the Kitty

  1. Simona was seriously adorable! After almost 2 years of togetherness, it might have been sheer nostalgia for you to loose her 😦 May her pure soul rest in peace where ever she is. We all miss her posts on Tea Celebrations badly.

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  2. It hurts and hurts bad. I can relate as I am still grieving on my 3-year-old feline. You chose to write a blog, commendable. I made a poster sized print for my wall. We all do our part in remembering them when they are gone.

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