The Great Point of Life

There are times when we think about the point of life. Even though we come up with many reasons during different situations, there is nothing much about it in the end. There are many parts of life which are supposed to be big turning points, and the great boosts, but none of them are in essence, what they seem to be. For some people, it is never really there to be found either, and some of us don’t try. All these feel more like theΒ illusions brought to make sure that we continue through this meaningless existence. I still wonder if anything close to being the one true meaning can be found on this day or the other.

Birth, is it worth it? :: We come into this world without being given a choice. We are born at some random place where we grow up while entering our meaningless existence. This is the cursed moment when we become someone, and we are not even sure why. We are born to be judged, just like I had talked about in my review of the short-film AUFDRUCK, and I believe that we actually have no real right to life despite being alive. We are not in control our lives unless we are the fake new generation hero who keeps saying that his life is his decisions. The truth is that the life itself is a lie.

Can the monsters be around here? This is a nice place, isn't it?

Birth has meaning, but not in the case of humans; nature does have it.

Education, is it worth it? :: Throughout my life, I had thought that it mattered. I used to feel that being educated should be a priority in life. But in the end, what happens is that it is of no use. You won’t get a job; but if you had failed in the tenth, there are jobs for which you can apply and from there you can get promotion. But being a post graduate is bloody over-qualified. Well, they take those who can talk sweetly and lie about what they can do. You just need to lie, cheat and steal all the way up to the top, and studying is really not worth it – you might have guessed in from the politicians already. I would suggestΒ Salt Mango TreeΒ as the right word to describe the situation!

Hope, is it worth it? :: “There is no worse death than the end of hope” – I heard this one in the 2004 movie, King Arthur. But there are times when hope has no meaning at all. Sometimes, having hope is rather too difficult, and its own existence is doubted. Well, hoping against all hopes is hopeless, and I would rather take it out of the equation. Maybe there was a chance during the earlier days, but not during the days of modernity; not when people can lie and pretend so much better. If you are true, you won’t be considered good enough, and so, truth and hope are at opposite ends. Even this year, there are movies like Mili, Rani Padmini, Su Su Sudhi Vathmeekam, My God and Jo and the Boy which provides inspiration and hope, but what for?

This tree welcomes you to Ezhattumugham as the official messenger of nature :D

Hope no longer flows; it no longer has the wings, or even the feet.

Friendship, is it worth it? :: Yes, we have friends; there might be many of them. How long will they remain on your side? How many of the childhood friends do you know? How many of the school friends are there with you now? How often do you call the friends from college? Do any of these people ever call you back? They will move on, and they will find new friends. They will leave for big jobs far far away, and you will be stuck here having that bloody nostalgia about friendship. If they return, they will have changed, and things won’t be the same again. Nobody is going to go Amar Akbar Anthony!

Marriage, is it worth it? :: I see too many marriages with big wedding ceremonies, having cameramen who sneak through the wires like terrorists getting under the fences on the border. But these people who go through those meaningless pre-marital courses and series of advices from the elders finally go into that bond, but there is no real point there either. Is it going to make life any better? Well, it has never been good, and each and every day, there are so many people who make me wonder if they have any mutual respect and got an idea what they learned during that pre-marital course. The world is strange indeed.

Death, is it worth it? :: In the end, you think that may be death will have a meaning, but you keep wondering about it, and come to the conclusion that it isn’t either. The problem is that could be worse after death. Maybe it can’t get any worse than what can happen to you in life, but you can never be really sure about that. Then the question remains about what is really worth it – I hope at least the sleep is worth it; I at least can try to have some nice nightmares and weird dreams which can be converted into a post. I guess I will just brush my teeth and go to sleep then. In the end, my nightmares are immortal, and about that I am eternally grateful.

***The images used in this blog post were taken by me on my Sony Cybershot DSC-W310.



16 thoughts on “The Great Point of Life

  1. Wow… That was really pessimistic! Some great questions though! There have been times, when even I have pondered over the futility of it all! But I guess it just goes on and on – in a never ending circle and that is the true essence of life! Whether we find meaning in it, is an entirely different matter!

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  2. My take on the year which went by is on the way.. It would be a different take.
    But here I see pessimism.
    The very fact that Birth, Education, Friendship and Hope is being pondered about by you is the proof that you are alive and kicking…..
    But the problem here is: Dignity and Self esteem.
    The people who surround you, the people who judge you by what you do or have achieved have completely different take on what is good life and what makes life meaningful… The river of life driven by the currents of society carry them along.They travel merrily but when the river takes the plunge into a waterfall, they will realize their follies. But you by this time having already swam against the tide would be strong enough to face the eventual plunge which wont affect you much!

    The problem here is this: Your life is running through the inevitable LOW ON SELF ESTEEM PATCH. You start doubting you, the things surrounding you, start pondering on meta questions like the meaning of life etc. Due to the people who surround you and judge you based on flimsy grounds. They are the pseudo intellectuals who are judgemental and have succeeded in penetrating into your thoughts. As a consequence you are being denied DIGNITY or DIGNIFIED TREATMENT which any human being deserves.

    My advice would be to counter them by engaging in a REASONED DEBATE when they come armed with their bragging rights like their sons sucess , daughters marriage, latest car, salaries et al. This will make them think twice. Winning such small fights with the strength of REASON will make you stronger eventually. This will help get back your self esteem and dignity to a great extent. Read Stephen Covey or some good authors. Keep Hope alive for a better tomorrow.

    This phase is temporary. You will sail through this. The trick lies emerging stronger mentally. Never ever forget that this is the best phase in your life and what you learn today will eventually help you advice your kids to get over similar pangs. You are part of a youthful nation, a changing society and a dreaming nation. Realize that and help add some quality to the debate. Nation needs you !!

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