Destination: Impossible

My list of places to travel in this life has been a very long one. I have often thought about buying a new shelf to keep that list. The cities like Rome, Barcelona, Milan, Vienna, Florence, Lisbon, Venice and many others have been part of that list, along with a good number of Latin American nations. There have also been nations on the Eastern side of Asia and the South of Africa which have been in my list. But there is something about Eastern Europe and one nation in particular, which I wished to visit right from my childhood, even before I knew more about the nations, their geographical locations, capitals and the distance to be traveled from here.

I know my friends who wish to travel and settle down in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, along with those who are already there. I am the first one to make this wish here, and I made it when I was in school, and nobody knew the name of even one Eastern European nation other than Russia. I wanted to travel to Romania. Some friends thought that I wanted to travel to Rome with its Colosseum and Vatican, but that was not my priority. I wanted to see the legend, the hero and the prince of darkness, or at least what remained of the myth and history.

I have loved almost everything I have known about Romania, the most recent love related to Simona Halep, the World No.2 in Women Singles Tennis; that even lead to our cat being named after her. Coming back to the love for Dracula, the first non-Malayalam horror novel which I have ever read, Carpathians had become a grand part of my perpetual endearment towards the unexplored side, something which was to be kept away – the kid who read horror is never the lovable kid, right? It was the time when I had to read the children’s books, and there I was, reading the horror novels.


“That kid who read horror novels” – not that much of a popular tag to have at the Municipal Library of a town; it was a fair title though. Then there were people who had the shocked expression seeing me with the horror novels. I was often called Dracula in the class and I loved it so much; as I soon asked to be called that name, my classmates realized that they couldn’t make fun of me by calling me Dracula and they decided to stop addressing me so. The horror always existed with me, and the genre grew, with horror movies and then reaching my final MA English and Literature project about Vampire as a Cultural Construct.

The Carpathian Mountains should be my place to begin. I should be there alone and be the Jonathon Harker of the time, and it is something which I owe that kid who read horror novels. The Bran Castle should be the big destination as the Dracula Castle, along with Poenari Castle and Hunyad Castle making sure that the legend is truthfully followed. I have always loved the castles even outside the horror stories, and with the myth connected here, you know which is the castle which I wish to visit long before any other. The Dracula Castle is like a holy site of myths for us!

Bucharest, the capital and largest city of Romania also needs to be visited. I have found a number of interesting buildings on the pages, most significant ones being Saint Spyridon the New Church, and the architectural beauty in right there with modernity as well as those with antiquity. Another city on the list is Iasi for the Metropolitan Cathedral there. Constanța, the port city where Simona Halep is from, also makes it to my list. The other cities include Timisoara, Ploiesti, Sibiu, Craiova, Brasov, Galați and Cluj-Napoca – you search for details about a city, and you end up wishing to visit them!

Well, it is clear that I have no job as I have been learning the names of cities. I wish that my MA thesis would come to its real end during a trip to Romania, or may be I could do a Ph.D thesis there on the same topic; the journey is a wish that is never to come true, and Romania is a dream destination which is never to be added to the “visited” list. This is one destination which seems necessary for my salvation, but it is also something which I have put on another list of many impossible things. Do I need to say those six impossible things before tea? May be I do.

***The image used in this blog post was taken by me on Samsung Galaxy A5.



19 thoughts on “Destination: Impossible

  1. Ahhhh ! This was such an interesting read 🙂 The phd idea aint bad 😉 or maybe you should get in touch with an organization which lets u intern/ work in Europe for a couple of months. I have friends who have volunteered in South Africa. Am sure in tat way, u can strike off Romania from ur list:) Europe is beautiful and there is so much to see and learn 🙂 I have so many mallu cousins and friends who think USA / Aus and Gulf are “The BEST”. Its just coz they havent seen beyond these places. Some serious blogging can definitely take u places !!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks 🙂 You have the best ideas 😀
      I will see most of Europe from your camera as of now 🙂 I couldn’t find what an MA English graduate could do in Europe. Even here I am like telling everyone that I am MA First Class [Nadodikkaattu style] 😀
      I used to look on the newspapers hoping that they would add something for those who studied languages or at least something in subjects like History, but nothing there – its like we are not needed anymore 😦

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      • Hahahah “Nadodikkaattu style ” just brought a huge smile on my face 😀 I am happy to show you Europe through my posts 🙂 But am still sure u can and will see Europe someday! Maybe try to connect with some Unis here and see if you can do a phd / work in the Literature department. In Eindhoven, the place where i live, i know phd scholars who get paid for their work. They needn shell out money from their pockets. how cool right! Hmmmm…i will definitely enlighten u whenever an idea pops up in this head 😉

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      • I believe that the situation here demands to get a job or get another job; so that will be very difficult unless something huge comes up through online – agencies here surely won’t take people to Eastern Europe 😀
        I don’t know, may be they can use a vampire expert who reads horror works and talks like a vampire to boost their tourism 😛

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