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***Something from a few movie quotes.

Alice in Wonderland (2010): From the moment I fell down that rabbit hole I’ve been told where I must go and who I must be.
This keeps happening, no matter how much we try. Some people tell us to move out of it and that adults should take the decisions by themselves. But for people who have been taught to respect and obey the elders, it is not that easy. We have been taught this as part of our culture. Along with it, there is the commandment number four “Honour thy father and thy mother” – this comes as a very strong commandment, and the uncles, aunties along with the others also joins the party as the extention of this commandment. One can work, but only within the limits. Some people will find not obeying which points to not respecting very easy, but not every people can do that with ease; but, may be practice will help.

Wonderland? The world deserves to be called the bloody wasteland instead.

There is no wonderland.Β The world deserves to be called the bloody wasteland.

The Devil’s Advocate (1997): Vanity, definitely my favorite sin.
In one of my favourite movies which combines so many interesting things, this quote had my attention. It is not something that is not a secret, but surprisingly it becomes more and more relevant these days. As the movie ends with these lines, it leaves people with a never ending scope for false pride and leaves them considering the other as humans of a lower level. If there is something that evil can thrive on, it is this. The same feature has been carried on to both younger and older generations who boast about themselves as well as their sons and daughters who score high marks, marry from a rich family or earn a very high salary. Yes, these mean everything for them.

The Island (2005): The life you thought you had… it never happened.
Even though The Island is one of those lesser known science fiction movies questioning the reality of one’s existence, I have found it more engaging that a number of others. I have often wondered about this particular quotes, about the life that has seemed to exist. I have felt that my life has extended so much without nothing special happening with it. As it goes on to the third year of my times after finishing MA English, I wonder if that post graduation ever happened. My memories about the same fades, and with nothing much to memorize after that, I often feel that most of my life never really happened. Each and every day moves on as if nothing really happens – nothing really happened or happens, right?

King Arthur (2004): There is no worse death than the end of hope.
Even though this is closer to truth than ever, there is never any certainty about it. In this case, I have died so many times, and has remained dead for a very long time. Death takes us all, but one has to wonder why life doesn’t take everyone. There are very less cases of hope being personified; may be it doesn’t really exist, and to prevent death and the ultimate end, hope is invented so that people can live on. Meanwhile, death is personified so much and the same is the case of fate. So, is the hope something that we can hope for? If there is none and we are not even provided with the illusions about the same, aren’t we already dead? I should contact someone to dig a grave for me.

Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (1994): The world changes, we do not, there lies the irony that finally kills us.
This existed in the original book by Anne Rice with small changes, and this one haunts me very often. Even when we think outside the immortality, we understand that we are getting outdated so fast. I have felt that I was outdated even when I was in school. I struggled to keep up with the increasing pace of the world, and even though I learned computer very early, I have fallen out of that certain advantage. I feel very old already, with not able to keep up to the pace and the thought procedures of the new generation. Nowadays, I feel that I don’t need to choose to be different, because I am different, more than I have ever been. Each and every day, my strength disappears as modernity further progresses.

Immortality? Even mortality is so long when there is no hope or peace.

Immortality? Even mortality is so long when there is no hope or peace in the world.

DragonHeart (1996): Dreams die hard and you hold them in your hands long after they’ve turned to dust.
There is a lot said about the dreams, but do we do when there are none? What if there were so many of them one day and nowadays the only thing that remains is dust? Well, may be I should think about selling some ash. I wonder if some churches will be interested in buying ash from me for an Ash Wednesday. If dreams could stay as ashes, that could be a job to do, but ashes also gets scattered into the void and there is almost no sign left of it. Ashes of the Undead Dreams could be a nice title for a future novel with the dreams coming back as nightmares to haunt the sleep, bringing hopeless nights. Well, the hoplessness is eternally possible, even without that.

Braveheart (1995): Every man dies, not every man really lives.
I have often heard similar quotes and I have often wondered what would classify as living. I am pretty much confident that existence is just a part of living and there got to be something more about it. There had to be a meaning for life and my existential crisis has led me only to understand the absurd side of the same. Nihilism is such a natural thing, and it awaits all of us. May be one day, I can look back and see if I had lived, may be after my death. There can be only doubts about this, as the classification is really difficult. Living is more difficult than staying alive, even though from the viewpoint of those who feel dead already, they are both the same.

***The images used in this blog post are from the Official Facebook Pages of the two movies mentioned above.


20 thoughts on “Through Movie Quotes

  1. hmmm… sharp thoughts… may need to read it again… all I can say is life is a gift… I remember quote from Kung Fu Panda … Past is history, future is mystery, present is present(a gift)… well I believe we all have to find our purpose in life that strikes us as meaningful… we may fail at million things, but there is possibility of doing infinite good things… it is ok to struggle… I am hearing disabled guys and mentally challenged forks doing well for themselves… purpose in life is to be happy, maybe go into the pursuit of happiness… it depends on person to person… anyway… living I guess is doing something beyond existing, it maybe enjoyment of a high level, making most of the time of life that ticks etc, also the little enjoyments may matter… we must keep the enthusiasm to live life… hope well and dreams… its ok to want something and work for it, you did not succeed, its better not to think about it…think about things that work… or see how you can make things work… I do believe Teny, if things are not going well for one, one is doing things wrong so instead of critizing and using one’s intelligence in saying things are not working, use it to see why things go wrong… You do things right step by step one day you will suceed and have fun doing things… I am sure you would have heard take things as challenge etc, I think thats good…Life is a game, be free to play with it… do what you want, do crazy stuff just see they are not things that are wrong or say are not right morally… I think everyone should have the capacity to take blows smiling, get up after a failure… there will always be inspiring and sucessful forks, just read their thoughts, for ex our Abdul Kalamji and many more… anyway…guess I am blabbering… but I am sure you have the potential and your unique good qualities you will come up… it’s just hard because you don’t know why it’s not happening, or nothing comes to your expectatons… but it is ok… anyway… PS:don’t delete my comment because it is too longy longy please… I am tries to improve my thinking by thinking and ranting… I like lots of positive movies can writen things bases on what I infered from Karate Kid, Kung FU Panda… I wanted to add matrix as well… I love those movies…anyway

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    • It is only the people without disabilities who are not supposed to struggle. People expect them to just win everything without looking at the circumstances.
      When things keep going wrong, there is something wrong with one’s own existence, I feel. It has been too long, not the comment, but my idle life.


      • Come on your just in your 20’s… your just depressed… everyone gets those dark phases… I don’t know weather life is beautiful in general, but you are supposed to make it beautiful(: … I agree our life is not as valuable as we think it to be… but the ultimate death is not ours to take, it comes by when it does, till then do what it takes to live well… anyway time will tell… I know someone who is feeling so idle in life that person started taking drugs): and that’s ruining the health of that person… feeling hopeless gives no solution… you have to arrive at a solution, things will work, you can find enough instances to show that… read this blog… … its not money that alone gaurentees happiness or sucess, it’s growth…anyway


      • When nothing works for you, there is a lot of chance to get isolated because people and society don’t like those who don’t get a job.
        Money is not happiness, but it means acceptance; thanks to the attitude of our society.


  2. That is fine but why you feel you won’t make money or get a job… look people are what they are, don’t bother about it… the way your saying won’t make sense all the the time… you have potential nothing else matters, go find a outlet to make your potential work… it’s not good to be negative all the time?… takes you no where… you just want excuses to feel defeated… thing is action matters not cribbing and ranting… anyway… just take iniative apply for a job some place, go there give interveiws…or go online and take projects do them and earn money… I know someone who works hard and makes money online… creating quiz questions, and blog comments, maths questions, gets lots of projects… if others can do it, how you say it won’t happen… why do you think education alone can give you jobs that you did Ma English then another course… anyway… u are just stubborn… u should spend your time seeing how things work for you… and something will work for sure Teny… maybe you go to City for a while away from Kerala, maybe talk to someone in your field, anything… chalo not that I make sense but I don’t understand why you should feel so downcast and defeated and hopeless… only thing you know your still good at something and tell society is flawed, that maybe true but to a limited percentage… anyway


    • I know people in my field; they are all teachers, and I don’t want to be a teacher, not unless I am good enough to inspire my students.
      I have gone to interviews, but I understand that they want people who can lie and exaggerate their skills, and I am not ready to show my vanity. I will not do that.
      Yes, I have applied outside Kerala too, but it is very difficult for some people to even reply to mails and say no.


      • hmmm… nothing wrong in lieing to get a job Teny… if your not good enough they can fire you so it is even. You need a job now, if you think it’s getting late, you can work anywhere for a while maybe call centre, maybe you teach english in english institution for adults…lots of Keralites who not in English media so can’t speak english… I hope you don’t show your vanity or anything like an attitudenal problem to interveiwers… I would say fake it for a job, it is not a marriage, and it is not that you care for the people over there to be completely honest… but obviously it’s not been easy for you and my stuff I say might not be applicable to you… all I am saying that at your age you cannot give up ji… and not at this generation and not after so much education… what do you lack or what do those people think you lack that they won’t give you job… go and make a list of job oppurtunities for you… and write it down and think… do that swat analysis…anything, you will get an idea and find a way through this… you won’t get money now, it might take a while but job that gives you experience yes I think you can get… nothing wrong in understanding why your not getting it whatever the reason just go accordingly… lets not separate society we need them, so try to please them so you can be well sucessful in their eyes… ok chalo… you can go to career counsellor… and don’t blame relatives if they show they think your useless, you are not but it is ok… you got to prove them wrong… people have done it and so can you… saavy… your still young only, have ages of energy to do wonders, no doubth…keep trying Teny till you suceed … no other go now…it’s the least you can do, struggle and struggle to suceed … thats all goodday


      • Exaggerating my achievements will have a direct attack on my conscience; and I intend to do that not for marriage, not for job and not for being temporarily happy. I do what I do, and I will tell people only that.
        Yes, I have not completely given up; I am just less confident. I don’t blame my relatives, I blame a certain people who are my relatives, but acts like fault finders.


  3. hmmm… your wish(: … I will only say do things right when you get a chance… right job don’t mess up on the interveiw… don’t show any spiteful attitude… keep your self motivated… I know it is hard but even then… only you know the difficulty your going through it is easy for others like me to give comments and suggestions… you seem strong person, self confident and more like wants to do things by your own terms…so well that is good…chalo goodday…


  4. Very nicely written. I hate being told what to do all the time, or unless I ask for it specifically. There is nothing sadder than losing hope about something when you still have a long way to go. Some things in life are so close to us and all of a suidden they disappear from sight just when we think we’ve had it safe. As much as we ask for change, the human mind hates changes mostly.

    This is a wonderful post. Thanks for sharing the best of the quotes out there πŸ™‚

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    • Thank you πŸ™‚ I have been pondering about these quotes; but could never find the solutions for these, because truth has always been there with full strength, and change wasn’t there πŸ™‚


  5. Woohoo! Lots of such on the questions of life… and man these are really strong. You have picked up the perfect quotes buddy and they reflect the dark side of life. Which then is thrown upon us to make it airy and light in our own way. Hope we’ll win… Hope is never dead.

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