The Types of People

I have watched too many movies in the theatres, and what I have found out from my time there is that there are many types of people whom we see there, and the variety is actually more than the kind of people whom we meet otherwise. They can be classified into different categories according to their actions there. Most of them are seen only in the local theatres, and looking for them in theย multiplexesย of the malls rarely work. I am hoping to add theseย people to different kinds of magical races some day ๐Ÿ˜€

The Screamers: They are everywhere and they exist to disrupt the experiences of others. They scream and occasionally howl. They are so much skilled at it that one has to wonder if they were trained by banshees and werewolves. I hope that no theatre exists near any zoo, because the animals there will feel strange. I am sure that all of you have seen these kind in theatres more than the rest who are to come, because they are not attached to any group – they just scream and howl as if it is their basic right. If it is so, I don’t want to hear about the duties.

All hell will break loose - note the point :D

All hell will break loose because it is their season – please note the point ๐Ÿ˜€

People of the Foot: What is the first thing which is shown on the screen before the movie starts? Do not place your legs on the front seat. But it is what these people do from the moment they find the seats. They are the people of the foot, as we always see more of their feet than faces as far as these people are concerned. I have often wondered if they watch movie with their feet and that their eyes are placed there. May be they walk on their heads – you can’t say for sure because it is a twisted world. May be this is a disease which they have inherited after watching Happy Feet.

The Abusers: We think that with them being very active in Facebook, they might be less active otherwise, but that is a wrong conception. They abuse full time on Facebook and part-time in the theatres. The reasons? Well, when there is that anti-smoking advertisement, a delay in closing the doors, not switching off the last light in time, displaying too many advertisements – the list is rather endless. The display of this special culture in the darkness is a lot more convenient because the decent character of these people exists only when the light is there. When it is dark, they let the everyone know that multiplexes are better options for the families.

Multiplexes have something like these - local theatres should have at least tea!

Multiplexes have something like these – local theatres should have at least tea!

The Ignorant Evil: Yes, ignorance is not a crime, but making a terrible mess out there due to the same is a terrible thing. This happens mostly during a Hollywood movie, especially those without subtitles. Some people really can’t get it, and it is okay – but when they keep talking loudly about it, others can’t hear at all. I had this terrible experience while watching Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation; they were keeping on talking about why is it so, and why did that guy do that or talk like that to the other person or why are they not like this or that. The same is somewhat displayed during Hindi and Tamil movies too.

Slaves of Science: This is where the mobile phones take over. They already talk loud, and along with that, they have to talk on the mobiles too. Yes, it should be very important matter, but they keep talking and talking until the interval, sometimes continuing with the same thing in the second half too, and that makes one wonder if they have come to watch the movie or talk on the phone in the darkness. May be the mobile phone usage in the theatre comes as a special offer. Slavery has been abolished; these people should understand that in order to move out of the enslaving technology, and watch a movie as it should be; without making anyone uncomfortable.

Natural Fans: Well, this category needs no introduction. They are in the theatre for only two things, to clap and to howl – the first thing for their favourite actors, and the second for the others. From the beginning to the end, they make such an effect in the theatre that others won’t be enjoying the movie – sometimes, people will end up hearing nothing. Sometimes, we have to wonder what are they clapping for, especially when there is soem pathetic dialogue being delivered on the screen. Well, what can people do when they are programmed to love people who don’t know them, and hate random people?

***The images used in this blog post were taken by me only.



20 thoughts on “The Types of People

    • Yes, they are present, but much lesser in number here – most of the people here don’t buy anything during the interval because it is costlier inside, and only some of the local theatres have fresh popcorn.


  1. Oh and parents who bring babies along. I think they should also remember to bring tranquilizers.

    And I never understood the Screamers to be honest. What joy is there in shouting your throats out!! And there is a new crowd now, the Selfieholes. Taking a selfie while the movie is running – worst!!

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    • Yes, the babies – it happens 1 out of the 5 movies which I watch. It is usually with the family movies – sometimes, the baby never stops till the end!
      Oh the selfies! They are everywhere ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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      • Actually, when I was watching Interstellar, there were so many kids around, and they were asking like “why is it like that”, “why that spaceship goes like that”, “how did he reach her room from the ship”, “why is he not dead”, “Why is his daughter older than him” etc etc :O

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      • Sometimes I wish cinema theaters came with personal headphones for each seat ๐Ÿ˜€ The sound wouldn’t be the same but at least we don’t have to worry about human noises!

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  2. Teny, I loved this post ๐Ÿ™‚ Though I never had such bad experiences (fingers crossed) or may be I get so much into movies that I am virtually out from whats happening in the real world or may be I have thick skin too ๐Ÿ˜›

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ Or may be you have a very forgiving nature ๐Ÿ˜€ Why don’t you try watching a movie in a local theatre in Kerala during the next visit – just for testing? ๐Ÿ˜‰


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