Quote Challenge Extra: Orwell

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”
― Animal Farm (George Orwell)

Even though I loved the vampire fiction, my initial feeling was fear for them. But things had to change. But I then realized that they were better, as never do they discriminate in their lives. It is more of a result of the later knowledge that I will never be considered equal to others, and I can never demand that status from people around me. I was always the person who scored more for the wrong subjects, and I was never as good as others in acting the love and care. Acting was not my department, because it never really came to me naturally.

I was never to have the same status again, because I never studied any science after I got rid of the shadow of the forced courses over me. I would never be considered as good enough because I didn’t study science. With so many engineers and doctors around, how can I be of any good in this society? Then I thought that may be getting a job will be my key to getting closer to equality. It could make some relatives consider me to be of any good. For them, Bachelor of Arts go far below everything, with commerce also coming a long way above it.

My favourite demon; I wish that this one comes and scares me instead.

My favourite demon; even he doesn’t discriminate in taking souls.

Then I thought that I will apply for Phd after MA. I saw the reservations list and realized that the only way I can study in any university from the General category is by death and later becoming a ghost. I am not denying that people do get admissions from every category, but people deserve more chances as humans and not due to belonging to a caste. Even the questions are like helping people who want to learn things byheart. I want to earn knowledge and not study things byheart. I want to know and not to memorize.

Death was pretty much a fine solution, but I did wonder if souls are allowed in such classes because they won’t be considered equal too. I have met so many people who have got admission for Phd and still struggles to write one full essay. Such people get admission to Phd and despite scoring a long way above and despite being the one to help all these people with grammar and spelling, I will get nowhere near. You get prepared for a Phd and for that you need to take a memory test through which people who can’t write an essay gets in.

A sample demon who used to be pretty much awesome.

Souls are taken without any reservation; all are devoured in the right order.

May be I should burn my books. There is no point in all these. When you go to write to English NET exams, you see an objective question paper which make sure that people who don’t know English grammar become the “qualified”. The rich Reserved gets in and the poor General category tries again and again. Things in life gets repeated, and I was again told that I am not equal. All Indians are my brothers and sisters, but I am not close to being equal to a good number of them. Well, it could be because I am useless and I should apply for equality after death.

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”. Seriously? Paulo Coelho, you should be from another world. The only thing that the universe has already decided is to mess up people’s lives. May be it is how things work at Brazil, but calling a nation a universe is rather extreme a step, isn’t it? The universe here already got the reservations ready and will provide even more for vote banks. Yes, we have the equality in death, and is it the end that we should conspire to achieve?

PSC does the same thing, and it is like a struggle till death. This is that kind of a world where if you want to study, you are not allowed. Everything is bloody reserved. I am still glad that Section 309 of the Indian Penal Code is repealed. There is always the last chance. There is provision for suicide, and even a mental institution is a lot better than being in a world in which there is no equality. Why would someone read and study so much for absolutely no result when ending everything is so easy? How can someone blame the British before the independence while treating one’s own people without equality? Why should there be legal discrimination based on one’s religion, community or caste?

***All images used in this blog post are from the official Facebook page of Diablo game.

This is a special extension of the three day quote challenge for which I was nominated by Kiran, at https://drkiranacharya.wordpress.com/2015/06/19/day-three-quote-challenge.


37 thoughts on “Quote Challenge Extra: Orwell

  1. Don’t die yet. One of my cousin was in the same dilemma. Today he is a PhD from IIT Kharagpur. Don’t blame yourself too much, blame it on the reservation, but there is always scope for everything man… not just engg and medical profession.

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      • I work for construction industry and in Gelf you know there are chances for technical field like say Engineers, Doctors and even hospitals. But if you have a PhD, you might be able to get into some university here.

        My time outside India is pathetic 😛 I don’t think I will trade India for Gelf. But if it’s west then that is a different story.

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      • Even I like to work in many nations including Sri Lanka, Philippines, Bhutan and all in Asia, and also the Eastern European states 😀
        I don’t like to choose Gulf over India either; they are like the least favourite. I also think that America and Western Europe are too modern for my taste, but I would love Eastern Europe, like Romania, Estonia, Bulgaria, Serbia…:D
        As of now, I think that Tamil Nadu will suit me the best; I need more dosa, idli and tea 😛

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      • In Kerala there are chances in showroom for sales. Some of my friends were talking. If you are interested…. :/ Btw, what’s your interest?

        Get ads up and running on your site and I don’t think you will ever need a job. 😉

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      • I am looking for a job in which I don’t want to see these vain people every day and talk to them 😀 I hate talking. I am not given any Ads, so I don’t think that it is going to happen 😉
        Well, job should be in what we have studied, or there is no point in education 😀

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      • Education only helps us to think and be rational. It is quite lucky to be in a field that we studied. Here I know someone who studied my favorite subject, BA in Psychology and today he is a supervisor in painting company. How pathetic is that?

        I think you should go for your PhD and then try and get into some college, which is really expensive btw. These days colleges demand donation, especially in KL.

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      • There are some courses which we don’t try because we know our limitations. If the job offer is related to that course in which we cannot shine, there is no point. But some people who have multiple skills will find it easier.
        Universities have like four seats for the General category or even less – I will spend my whole life doing that. There are people who study 24 hours for the 3 or 4 seats. I would rather be reborn and check my category after that 😛

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      • It’s game of thrones for you 😛 That is one of the reasons why parents push you to join engineering. At least in Gelf, there is no reservation and you eventually end up getting a job. Blame it all on the reservation. Our country is not headed the right way.

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      • Actually Engineering means some job here or there even nowadays when there are many engineers 😀
        I am actually surprised at the quality of people getting into Phd work. I have known some of these people who get there by reservation – people doing Phd in English or those who have passed NET can’t even spell the simpler words or write a full essay without many grammar mistakes. They will learn things by-heart and feed it to the children? And that is education 😀
        Yes, that reminds me to somehow get GoT this season 😛

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      • It’s sad to see the Engineering field being misused. It’s one of the toughest course of study and people just do it simply cos they have money. There is nothing called passion or love for the subject or it’s very less these days.

        Exactly. Everyone who gets in through reservation are sadly not great in their field. Reservation should always be by the virtue of merit and not caste. We should move past all that but won’t happen in our country due to vote bank problems 😛

        Torrents…catering the world with Movies and TV series since 2006 😛

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      • The admissions should be tougher – this is now a world in which everybody passes in SSLC and it is like give money and take admission for Engineering. I don’t see chances of education level going up in the case of any course!
        Yes, it will continue to matter where you are born – more reservations will come up and new castes will be declared scheduled castes and OBC, and some of us will remain the very small General minority 😀
        Especially for GoT, I guess 😉

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  2. George Orwell always writes about the worst truths. Equality is almost a myth with some people being extra equal.
    And Paulo is right; the universe does help, even in India. It’s just that it is a little slow. You will get your Phd, and much more.
    Besides, why would you want to be equal to the engineers and doctors? I’ve read your posts. You’re way better than most of them.

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    • Yes, loved Nineteen Eighty-Four! There is no solution to equality because with the rules, one person or the other always becomes not equal to the other 🙂
      I am actually targeting lower so that it is easier for the universe – may be it has too many people to help considering our population 😀
      I never want to be them or someone else, but I am always caught in those conversations about “an engineer is always an engineer and a doctor is always a doctor – you are just a post graduate.”

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      • Yeah, in India, people have tendency to respect specific degrees rather than knowledge, which would include respecting everyone.
        Nineteen Eighty-Four was awesome. I was depressed for a month after reading it. 🙂

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  3. I may say something totally different but that’s my belief Teny, Faith and Patience they have helped me achieve what i wanted to and what I didn’t I felt it was not for me and thus for my own good I didn’t get it. Just faith and patience and you will get it trust me.

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  4. Such things are faced by almost every general category youth in our country who have decided to study according to their own will and have nop opted for medical or engg or CA. But, I would like to say don’t ever doubt your abilities. This is a passing phase only 🙂 keep patience and you’re sure to succeed…. 🙂

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  5. You took my heart away with this. You’re honest, Teny. And I don’t know what am I doing after being an Engineer! I find my life totally in a mess where I am doing what my heart doesn’t feel in love with. You know, it disappoints me to see how our lives are so brutally being controlled by these law makers and by the orthodox people who decide the trends of the society. But there’s one thing which is different from you in me; somewhere or the other I believe that I will get out of this mess. There’s a strong desire and hope. I also believe that universe will conspire to make me meet my world of dreams. And I am sure that I am not mad. 😛 Being positive is the first step towards a happy life. You will do it, you will achieve everything that you want. And then we will party together, maybe in Cochin. 😀

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    • Thanks 🙂 Yes, I surely hope for that tea party 😀 I don’t trust the universe, but I am hoping to trust people a little more considering how the next few months go 😀
      I am also afraid that if it gets better, I will die of shock 😀


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