Into the Lodgy Universe

On 9th April 2015, Renault Lodgy was launched. It has been a much awaited seven/eight-seated car for some time now with a price range below Toyota Innova. It is also a lot better looking than the other cars of the same category. I find the front grills as well as the lights on the back to be unique. Originally named as Dacia Lodgy, with the Romanian manufacturer being a subsidiary of Renault, this car is going to make big changes in the automobile industry in India. Into this new Lodgy universe, I would like to take a few things.

Simona the Kitty: Well, Simona the Kitty hasn’t gone for a journey in a car yet. She has been afraid of the motor vehicles and runs away in case one of them comes any close to her. But she loves to rest under the cars or even around the tyres when the vehicle is at rest. With the new Renault Lodgy, we would like to take her on a journey, may be to our ancestral home or to one of our uncles’ places. It will explore another world for her, and she is going to love those seats.

lodgy (1)

The Book Rack: I have a small book rack in my room which I would like to add to the list of things to be taken along with all the books on it. The advertisement itself tells us to take our world with us, and there is no real world without the books, and these will nicely suit the bigger universe that Renault Lodgy has to offer. With Renault preparing to revolutionize the Indian automobile industry, I see no reason why those favourite revolutionary books are left behind during any journey – books are permanent need.

Badminton Equipment: The sporting needs get to another level now. Once upon a time, we used to play a lot of badminton at home. But now there are not enough people who are willing for a game, and our new place is terribly dull. So, it is time to take the game with us, and all these equipment will need a lots of space as we go to the relatives’ place. It is quite a big collection here which we have here, and it will be a pleasure to go for the game in a Renault Lodgy.

lodgy (2)

The Laptop and the Tablet: There is no life without the laptop, and the tab just comes as the plan B item in case the laptop turns to be not that good enough for the time. The laptop does weight a lot, and so my parents never really allowed me to carry something which took so much space in the car, but never more with Renault Lodgy and all the space that it provides. It will only be the second time that I take my current laptop somewhere; the first time being to Delhi for the India Today Conclave, and surely the first time for my tablet.

The Figurines of Saint Christopher and Our Lady of Good Voyage: There are two of these which I would keep with me to ensure the safe journey. The latter one has been part of my car for quite a long time, and along with a figurine of the patron saint of travelers, I would like to keep my Renault Lodgy a blessed place. These would be the fifth and final items which I would like to take with me in the Lodgy, as there is this car which asks to #LiveLodgycal.

lodgy (3)

It is the time to live lodgycal, with Renault Lodgy. Its spacious world makes sure that it is the universe that we have always wanted, and the power also contributes to the same. It is a family car – so we never really have to go without our people. You just need to go to their website to know how good it looks, not just on the outside, but also inside the grand new vehicle. There might be many cars, but Renault Lodgy is surely something which catches our attention quite fast. #LiveLodgycal

I’m participating in the #LiveLodgycal contest with Renault in association with BlogAdda to get a chance to be a part of the #LiveLodgycal Drive in Goa.

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