Mili Lost on NH10

It has been months since I watched and reviewed the movie Mili ( and also wrote a number of related posts which talked about flick and a few things which are directly or indirectly linked to a movie. Even after these many months have passed, there is a question which keeps lingering through my mind, and it is about why people are unable to comprehend the good intentions of the movie and how well it has managed to stay out of the masala elements and make a fine movie close to life.

Yes, some people just can’t relate to the character. But that doesn’t make Mili a mean character, but a girl suffering due to circumstances. Just because they are not introverts, these certain movie watchers think that people who are not extroverts don’t exist or don’t have the right to live inside their smaller worlds. These people have a certain problem with “the other” which they will keep exhibiting because they feel that they will have the support of people of their kind because they are used to hate.

The story of Mili should begin and end with everyone having a personality.

Well, in that case, I choose not to relate with these people who have no empathy at all. I am surprised or rather shocked that people are still choosing the masala entertainers with the heroes who are so negative in their treatment of law and order/women/truth, and they refuses to accept movies with positive messages having a protagonist who is true to life and trying to find her feet in a world of chaos. Well, there are too many bullies out there who wishes to keep the people with problems away from their lives, and it is their easy solution.

This is the world of fans, and they are of that kind who supports the movies of either those heroes who are past their prime or those newer heroes who are there just because their parents have some influence in the movie industry; sometimes the fans also pass on to the next generation. May be if we stop watching the movies of these so called superstars who are forced on us by birth, such fans will also cease to exist. There is no choice of superstars here, because some are born and labelled so and are brought to the audience with the title. What is more surprising is that the fans even talk about “killing the movie” – honour killing for their superstars? That NH10 model? Well, the talks from some people seems to indicate that it is also possible in the future.

Mili will always be Mili. If you don't like it, please go to the Ninth Circle of Hell.

We should get out of this family business in movies, and only then the fan menace can be dealt with, and then the situation will get better in the theatres too. The lack of acceptance of a movie just because the so called superstar hasn’t acted in a movie and adding dumb excuses for the same, is rather shameful. I have heard similar comments while watching NH10 – why is people hoping for the end of a good character when the heroine has done so well in the role? Is it a new generation trend? Some people have the attitude of those villains of NH10 when facing a good movie with a message – they just can’t take it.

Why do people think that only the speeches done by their role-model are worth the applause? Why is it that goodness on the screen go over the head of some new generation people and a few old generation pretenders? Why is it that these fans make so much noise in the local theatre for the movies which don’t have their favourite stars and one can do nothing but watch the same only in the multiplexes? Is empathy and sense clearly lost? The situation of NH10 exists in the minds of people – I will say the same about the incidents which are depicted in the Anushka Sharma starrer.

Yes, there can be no method of teaching empathy and sense to these people, as it had to be taught at home. Some people have surely spared the rod and spoiled their children. But there seems to be no hope for the movie watcher who wish to get into the shoes of the character and see things from his or her angle, as well as wander through that world which exists within hte screen. There is just terror in the theatres, with ridiculous judgments clearly lacking in sense, empathy and an actual desire to watch the movie. They are people of NH10.

***The images used in this blog post are from the Official Facebook Page of the movie Mili. When I say NH10, please read it as “the movie with the same name”. *Also a reminder to those who are fighting over IPL – it is not real, and neither is the title of “the best team of all-time”. The worst fans title should be shared with the new generation cricket fans.



17 thoughts on “Mili Lost on NH10

  1. I think fan worship in movies are a bit unreasonable. Ultimately the director and script writer are to be praised for creating and making the so called actor to commit to the role perfectly.

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  2. I haven’t seen milli but I so agree with what you said about NH10, and I remember watching a video of screening of Piku where the journo asks Irrfan do you think its a trend of women oriented films and he gives a super answer. Films are not women and male, heroine and super star oriented, its the story, the cast, the crew all of it together! Start asking the right questions don’t worry TRP will flow.
    And this shows that people are not appreciating the right things, they don’t a taste…well not really.
    Your post triggered so many thoughts that I can talk for hours with you on this

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    • You do want to write and post about it? 🙂
      I do think that there is so much difference as far as the celebrities and their interviews are concerned here and in the Bollywood industry – not the same there, but the fans seem to be similar 😀


  3. Haven’t seen NH10 because of the grim reality shown in movie(my husband told me the story)…I become paranoid and agitated so no….I am though of the same opinion that the fan worship is strictly not acceptable… See how certain actors fans rejoiced after he was acquitted of drunk driving 13 years back….blatant misuse of money and power…if same is depicted in movies it makes me angry because i feel helpless…

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    • I have known people here who say that such things can’t happen and things are exaggerated, but I have never doubted the possibility. It still shocked me.

      I have thought about the same related to the IPL fixing. Everybody knows that there are big names related to it, but in the end, it was only Sreesanth and the smaller names which suffered. Somebody becomes a big name in Indian cricket, and once again the law comes under the person, I guess.


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