The Worst that We See

We are forced to watch some of the worst advertisements because we have to look at the idiot box at times, and now even Youtube is doing the same. I have hated the motor-bike advertisements so much and I never wanted to talk about them (especially of Bajaj Pulsar) – most of those which we saw on the screen never really had anything to do with a particular bike. The same is the case of many others, but the ones I list below pretend that they are so awesome, while they are nowhere near doing that.

Special mention: Fair and Lovely Ads
I have always found the Fair and Lovely Ads more absurd that anything I have seen on the screen. There was rarely a moment for the Ad when it was not racist, and a lot of us had shamlessly fallen into that fairness cream trap. They have been making Indians too attached to turning white and looking down upon the people with darker skins. There was even a version for men, and this should been discouraged a long time ago; but at least we don’t see much of this one, or may be I am not watching enough of the television.

ads (2)

5. The 5 Star Ads
I have to agree that this one began nicely, but then went on to become so repetitive and irritating that nobody really cared about any new advertisements. They actually end up making the chocolate feel like a certain kind of drug, or rather what makes people so stupid and unable to really use their brains in a proper way. It is very close to attaining the zombie status for those who eats them, which is possible with the next advertisements. They can surely think about making such advertisements.

4. The Boost Ads
The Boost Ads have finally succeeded in making sure that the Indian cricket team remained the champions – may be the heroes of our times stopped drinking Boost, and Dhoni never actually tried which is why Australia is the present champion. Boost is no longer the secret of anybody’s energy. Just by putting a number of cricketers in an advertisement, nothing gets better – this is just like a number of Ads with whom there can be a draw; there are too many celebrities and no sense about making a good advertisement. These let us know that some are people running short of ideas.

3. Airtel lovers Ads
The worst and the most irritating lovers were these who plagued our television sets for some time until getting extinct – may be they got divorced even before getting married, and it is only a fair thing. What the advertisement makes clear is that lovers can be really irritating and it is only fair not use the kind of mobile connection which these people use. It was just not working with its fake love content, and has no positive impact made in favour of getting new customers – it did have the ability to work reverse though, may be it brought more people to Vodafone, BSNL and others.

ads (3)

2. The Thums Up Ads
Yes, everyone wants to jump off a building or a cliff and Mountain Dew would say the same “thumbs up” and applaud after you fall on your head. This has never really made any sense at all since it started bothering us on the television. Don’t we all just want to have these bottled drinks rather than think about making a sincere attempt to kill ourselves? I would consider these advertisements more like inspiring suicide rather than anything else. People have to drink these when they are thirsty, not when they are adventurous.

1. Idea IIN Ads
With their worst advertisement being the one which says that everyone has to do engineering, and join something which starts with “II”, and proclaiming that Idea is the only hope that they have with the internet, this mobile network has gone and found a new low. It also teaches the audience that the girls who aren’t allowed to go to college can be and should be happy with just the best andriod phones with internet from Idea. These are only two of the problems of a series of pathetic advertisements. All advertisements which come from them fight hard to outsmart the other to be even more worse.

ads (1)

I am joining in on all the Pepsi IPL action in my own style with the #CrashThePepsiIPL activity at BlogAdda.

***The images used in this blog post are from the Official Facebook Pages of these products.

This Pepsi IPL, it’s not just about cricket. It’s time to crash with your own created ad! Make your own Pepsi ad & if it’s chosen, it could play on TV during Pepsi IPL! And hey, it doesn’t end here… Even if you’re chosen as a finalist, you stand a chance of winning a prize amount of Rs.1 lakh! So what are you waiting for guys?



36 thoughts on “The Worst that We See

    • And it is so difficult for the celebrities to say no when needed. They are all together and the common man is on the other side. Some people will always end up feeling a need.


      • I meant to say that I am not in a hurry because I could manage to get a lower quality version of the same, and you can take your time to provide a better quality one 😀 That was what I meant with the “game of thron-ned” statement 😀 😀

        Take as much time as you need, and if it is possible, you can add the next season to it 🙂

        And best of luck with the game of exams 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Well, that is a relief. I just read your post. You watched the entire series in just 4 days!? Wow!!! But I do agree that there is no other series that was this irresistible (From the few that I watched :P)
        The prints I have are good. My exams get over on May 16th. After that I’ll give them to you. 🙂

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      • Yes, 4 days; didn’t sleep much – planning to go for a long sleep now as the mission has been accomplished 😀

        I was addicted to Sherlock too, but I liked the movie versions a lot, so could delay it 😀

        I think I have a PSC exam too on May 16th; lets do well 🙂

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  1. This list is so needed, and I’m sure you can add many more to it! The Fair and Lovely (or Handsome, depending on which one you supposedly need) ads are abominable. Ramesh and Suresh started out being hilarious, but like you mentioned, they’re so repetitive now I get annoyed every time I see that ad. And IIN has achieved fame/notoriety of another level, with all the memes floating around! 😀 And in the end, I suppose that’s what ad-makers want: to imprint their brand on the minds of viewers, whether positive or negative… and hence we get stuck with ads that annoy us so much we can’t get them out of our system enough!

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