FPFS5: Through the Window


Here is a small part of the speech that Uncle Dracula made for the All-Vampire Conclave at Transylvania. The same is part of the Grand Vampire Studies syllabus which has been approved for eighty seven percent of the vampire academies around the lands that operate between the humans. It was titled “Looking Through the Window During the Season of Chaos and Destruction”, and the Vampire Bat has chosen to share this one here. If you have any problems with the same, you are free to travel to the Dracula Castle and give him your opinion.

“…..still, it has been my duty and privilege to make sure that we get to equality as soon as possible. Do forget what I said before the word ‘still’ though, because it is not really a word that suits the vampire leadership and what came before that rarely becomes the right point. We were chosen, and we are highly experienced leaders, as it is known. So, kindly choose to forget what I said before the word ‘still’. I do choose to see you as my equals on this day. I am chosen for this post by all of you only due to my experience, and we are equals otherwise. I have never forgotten that fact throughout my eternal life.

I want you to look at a few humans. They speak of equality, but there is none. You go anywhere and you can see the same. It is not there in the places of worship or among the people outside the religion who preach the same. There is only a life based on vanity which has no place for equality. People pretend, and in the end, they can say that inequality and hatred are my choice; that much they can achieve for themselves in the end. Humanity stands divided more than the vampires do, and the divisions will only increase as time passes. There will be more people who pretend to work hard for equality because that is to bring them fame, and they will be more equal than the others.

Then, what do these people who pretend to strive for equality really want to achieve? Is it your choice to pretend and hate? There are the some people who deny that men could ever be harmed, and that they could ever face prejudice, because these people think that men can have anything or do anything whenever they want. For some of them, men are not really people who deserve equality. According to them, only one section can be wronged. The biggest shame is that most of these people come from a higher strata and have found it easy in their lives, and when they see the common man who struggle with their problems, they have this tendency to preach equality more, knowing nothing of the struggle that a human being has to go through in a society which demands more and more.

They think that men are born with ease through their lives. Yes, some of them are, but the big shame is that when they look through the window, they can only agree to have seen a few things and they pretend not to be aware of a few others. They look out through the bloody window and see only the tides coming towards the beach on which they have parked their expensive cars with ease. They say that these tides are always against them without setting their feet on the sand. We see other people who are losing almost everything in the tides, but these people which I have mentioned never really see those who are certainly more subaltern than them. How can they see and talk about the same as they were born with silver spoons in their mouths and vanity covering their eyes. Everything comes with power, and these people are with the power of self-created blindness. Hypocrisy comes out of nowhere, doesn’t it?

All those who have used something that they have gathered through a certain type of reservation have absolutely no right to talk about equality. The true equality has to be checked right between every type of people, and if you are talking about one caste, community, religion, social/economic group or gender, you have no right to call for equality. Don’t use the past to justify your right to hate others. You learn a few words like patriarchy, chauvinism, nationalism, racism, misogyny, communalism, socialism, patriotism, empowerment and so on just for using them here and there, and starts preaching for something on which you have no idea about – what do you gain by preaching hatred with your evil minds?

It was never about hatred, and it was never to be achieved alone or for one particular group. The first thing to do here is to treat the other as your equal and understand that another person in another category can have the same problems as you; support him and don’t hate him just because you have a bloody generalized opinion about him. Can equality thrive when based on the hatred for the other? Shouldn’t equality have roots in love or something more lasting than the eternal hatred which is easy just for now? You can come to the cemetery tomorrow and I will show you what equality really is as you look at those tombs of…..”

I have been tagged by Maniparna to take part in the Five Photos Five Stories (FPFS) challenge. This challenge works like: You post pictures for five consecutive days (with possible discounts like sometimes changing to alternate days :D) and attach posts to it, fiction, poem or short write-up. It can be anything that suits your taste. I am also tagging my friend and awesome blogger, Anoop on Day Five, as part of the challenge, and this ends the series. 

***The image used in this blog post was taken by me on my Sony Cybershot DSC-W310 camera.