A New School of Abuse

These days, we see people thriving on a school of abuse. May be they are striving for graduation and post-graduation on the same instead of doing something constructive. Whenever there is a chance for a debate, things turn to abuse and it is all about who can be the bigger foul-mouthed creature. May be they have the experience of winning so many battles with abuses. But does that win them the war of life? Have they won all the battles and still lost the big war? Do they even care? What has education provided these people with? An extreme case of nothingness?

It has been a few months since the Maria Sharapova abuse program was launched by Indians, lead by Keralites seemingly making an attempt to be champions at that high quality program which is going to win India medals in Olympics. They flourished through her Facebook Page hurling the worst kind of misogynistic and degrading comments, and after giving the worst possible abuse, all they have earned is a bloody elephant egg that never really existed. I had never thought that so many people in Facebook are so anti-female – but that helped me because I could remove a few idiots from my friends list in Facebook.

Maria Sharapova has the best fans, but not at this part of the world.

Maria Sharapova has the best fans, but the worst areΒ at this part of the world.

That was their global problem. The abusers did go back to their local level after that incident. The question that Maria Sharapova asked was just one of their problems. Being active in local programs was always in their blood. There was always the need for controversies. Prithviraj Sukumaran hasn’t been giving much interviews, but once their found that his daughter’s name had the “Menon” in it, they came up with the caste based controversy. The big surprise is that it came from those people who won’t say no to reservation for their caste. They still need to go after a name and enter the abuse mode – this one was short-lived though.

Abuse at television and news paper pages happens to be another common thing. Without realizing that there is an unlike option on every page, these people wander around hoping to come up with an abuse here or there. Some of them come with extra fake accounts and the rest with their friends. They choose some random news and start the daily program. They have special love for entertainment news and after passing some rude comments at celebrities, they starts advice-oriented abuse. The moral policing and abuse combination begins here and spreads to celebrity pages.

There was the recent controversy about them teaching an actress how to wear clothes. Yes, there was teaching class available for free, but not without abuse which comes along with the same. At another time, they had problems with another actress becoming the news-maker of the year 2014. What they don’t understand is that this choice was made by people – those who were inspired by her performance in a motivating movie. She was far above the level of the movie, and it had inspired too many women, which was why people voted for her. So the abuse should go to the common people who voted right? Why don’t they try abusing everyone on the streets?

He was selected by Asianet as the youth icon of the year - eat it.

He was selected by Asianet as the youth icon of the year – eat it or leave it.

Then there were the blind fans becoming so sad that their favourite young actor who had so many flops in 2014 didn’t become the youth icon of the year. They were a developing category in the school of abuse and decided to protest against it in a foul-mouthed manner. Yes, they just did that and finished it as if it is a program conducted for some festival. The celebrity fans are the biggest abusers available. The problem with them is that they donate their brains to that celebrity when they should have instead given a kidney. If you abuse one celebrity for another one, you are showing your lack of brain which hurts the zombies who want to eat them.

Some people were after Suresh Gopi because of something he said. If he had mentioned that one community should strive for something doesn’t mean that the others shouldn’t. The only mistake he has done is by giving some help to the contestants coming for his reality show. Seriously, one has to wonder how many other celebrities are as philanthropic as he is. The other crowd favourites for abuse include Rimi Tomy and Ranjini Haridas. Sometimes, I am so surprised at the reasons that they find for abuse that, I doubt if I belong to this world. This world is slowly, but steadily going to the school of abuse. Being a cent percent literate state, Kerala is showing the rest of the country that literacy means so less when online.

Isn’t it a good thing to stop interfering in the lives of others and begin to respect their opinions; being nice to others? ***The images used in this blog post are from the official Facebook Pages of the celebrities.


27 thoughts on “A New School of Abuse

  1. Nice one Teny …
    I am always left flabbergasted by the pupils of this school ! They are trained with such expertise that I wonder if their teachers can lend their skilled to other causes too.
    Loved the point that your FB list has been ‘updated’ :P:)

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    • Thanks πŸ™‚ I think that cyber cell should do something, may be give them a warning and in the case of doing the same again, ban them from using internet and impose a big fine for every bad word being used.

      I had too many idiots in my friends list from this part of the world. I should have added people only from Indiblogger πŸ˜›


      • Right Teny .. IB has gems indeed πŸ™‚ as you might have experienced ahem-ahem ….:po
        on a serious note I was ashamed and shocked to see some such morons in my whatsapp list !! which means that certain ‘intellectuals’ and ‘close’ contacts are also worth deleting… Stupid parody-poems on P.K. and BABY movies….
        At such times I just shake my head in disbelief … where are we heading to ..

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      • Yes, high quality gems πŸ˜€

        I liked this person, a director registering a complaint when someone abused him out of nowhere (http://www.thenewsminute.com/entertainments/684). If someone finds something boring, he should have the right to say that; make his opinion without being abused by dumb fans. Punishment for abuse should be made severe.

        Its a shock – we actually think that such people are evil strangers, and then we see our own acquaintances doing the same 😦


    • They were using the same dialogues for Sharapova, even when she wasn’t going to understand anything there. The problem they had with Sharapova was also the same because they couldn’t stand a woman playing some random sport not knowing the greatest God-man of cricket, and they always have the same speeches to use everywhere. I have seen them try the same for Rimi Tomy and Kaniha.

      First thing to do is to ban the fan clubs of these actors. It will decrease the actress abuse up-to an extent. At least this teaming up and bullying has to end. Some people think abuse = make a joke – but it is not.


  2. Isn’t it because of that so called, ‘freedom of speech’? It’s because of that along with the free platform of social media, that everyone is up to her/his opinion and often are seen to let out their vitriolic ire against famous personalities. Perhaps this gives them a sense of sadistic satisfaction 😦

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    • The freedom of abuse – I would hope that it is not included within the freedom of speech 😦

      People get abused for freedom of speech too – I would consider this more like the use of abuse to control freedom of speech πŸ˜€


  3. Kerala is the only place where they called for Bandh/Hartal (strike) for Saddam Hussain being hanged. Lool. We are so global. (I think I mentioned it before, but worth mentioning again). Seriously our people have nothing to do. Criminal case is like one step close to being a politician.

    Btw, Ranjini Haridas, typo.

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  4. Teny, first things first, Ranjini is missing a ‘J’. Though you meant Ranjini Haridas, the typo stings my eyes πŸ˜›

    Secondly, a huge applause for this post of yours. This is precisely what I wondered many times. And yes, particularly about the people in Kerala. I really don’t understand how we attained 100% literacy. I wrote a similar post about Ranjini and Prithviraj earlier. Why is it so difficult to accept succesful people? Personally, I believe there is no one to beat Ranjini in her anchoring. If they don’t like what she does on stage, why don’t they simply change the channels?

    Same case with Maria Sharapova. What benefits would she have if she knew Sachin? And what did the fans lose because she did not know sachin? There are too many abuses, mostly aimed at women. :O

    I thought all guys like swearing and belong to the school of abuses. I am happy that you changed my opinion. Namichu Anna Namichu _/\_.

    Btw, what are those 5th & 6th para? The wearing clothes tutorial and newsmaker thingy? I am ignorant about all those. Enlighten me please.

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    • I am finding too many typos these days – corrected this one, sorry for the J gone missing; I thought it was the N that was lost in typing πŸ˜€

      I was planning on more detail with Ranjini Haridas, but I remember seeing your post some time ago. So took over the other topics which I have been following more πŸ˜€ Changing channels should be the easiest thing ever πŸ˜‰

      As I have mentioned before, they have only achieved an elephant egg or aana motta in the case of Sharapova. Yes, the culture was shown to the rest of the world, but not that much about the other things πŸ˜€

      I remove people who use bad words on my Facebook profile regularly. I am pretty much happy with my smaller friends circle πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Do you know too many people from the School of Abuse? πŸ™‚

      Moral Police was busy teaching Kaniha how to wear clothes after she posted a photo. Manju Warrier was selected the Newsmaker of the Year for inspiring women and related stuff – wasn’t following it in detail, but found too many ridiculous comments about her selection. Then there were the Dulquer Salman fans going mental about Kunchako Boban being selected the Youth Icon.

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      • Um… If you ask me that, 99% of the guys I know use abusive language if you know what I mean. I thought that is how generally guys talk to each other in Malayalam. (Am I wrong?) Initially it was revolting, but later, I was fine as long as people did not use such abuses in front of me. I don’t mind if they have ‘fun’ among themselves. I don’t know what joy abuses give and I don’t want to know.

        Ooh I didn’t know any of those things about the actors. Well, I can imagine the uproar. Pathetic!

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      • It is something that happens at the root level – sometimes, you have to use such language to keep close to the gang – I have myself tried to fit in for long, but then realized that it doesn’t come naturally to me and managed to be weird and alone if needed; if I was good enough and managed to get along better, may be I would have been abusive too – can’t be sure πŸ˜€ Came up with a smaller friends circle and was happy and more comfortable with it πŸ™‚ It is easier nowadays to choose friends though with FB add and removal. If you go for PG, the classes are less abusive and rather emotionally powerful – if you get what I mean πŸ˜€

        You meet your old friend from school after so many years and he start with one abuse with every “hi” and “how are you” – happiness of meeting him again = the tendency to block him on Facebook πŸ˜€

        Media and fans – not the easiest ones to figure out πŸ™‚
        Do you watch Badai Banglaw? I have found some of the comic talks there as easily applicable here πŸ˜€


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