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It has been only a few months since I returned to the town of Perumbavoor, and I would still want to share my favourite places of food here. These places are the most frequently visited bakeries and restaurants during my short stay here. There haven’t been that much food programs as in Aluva, but there are always those movies and with the days at the theatres come the food from outside. Still, missing Anna-Gowri and Surya Restaurants or the Navya Bakers (http://www.navyabakers.com) of Aluva comes with it.

1. Honeywell Restaurant: The bakers attached with this place is fine and I have had something from there now and then, but my attention has been more on restaurant. What interests the most is the Beef Biriyani there, and the Ghee Rice itself is nicely prepared. I would choose the one here as the best Beef Biriyani I ever had, and it is a big challenge to my hopes to stay vegetarian most of the time. It is on the way to Kalady/Angamaly from Perumbavoor, and just after the Saint George Catholic Church and the Annapoorna Vegetarian Restaurant on the left side.

Navya Bakers brings the need to travel to Aluva and watch movie there.

Navya Bakers brings the need to travel to Aluva and watch movie there.

2. Maria Bakers: This was a discovery we made while travelling to Kothamangalam, and on the way, just about two kilometres from the town of Perumbavoor, this place is on the right, exact opposite of a petrol pump and between workshops and tyre works – a good choice to have tea and snacks from here if your vehicle needs repair. The cutlet and puffs are among the best, and the green laddoo here is very nice. Also check out for the special thengalapaal murukku and kuzhalappam here which comes from Thodupuzha – and another mention for the tea.

3. Orma Food Court and Woodlands Restaurant: Just on the side of the KSRTC Bus Station, Orma is the best choice around that area, and therefore I have chosen the place for food whenever I arrived at the bus station there – as far as I can remember, not many restaurants flourished at that place, but Orma does because of its bakery-restaurant combination and the nice Beef Fry. Meanwhile, if the choice is vegetarian, I would just walk to the Main Central Road, and choose Woodlands Restaurant which has nice Poori Masala and a fine Masala Dosa. It is a smaller and nice option.

4: Kumar Bakers: This one has always been there, and has been my first choice to buy cutlet whenever I passed through Perumbavoor. I have been to three branches of them at Perumbavoor, and the two on the Main Central Road are close to each other, one on the right side just after the Kalady Junction and the other on the left side of the Oushdi Junction, while travelling to Angamaly/Kalady. I have my tea and cutlet on the former, but parking a car might be a problem.

Ceecee Bakery has had a long "cutlet" relationship with my childhood.

Ceecee Bakery has had a long “cutlet” relationship with my childhood.

5. Ceecee Bakery: Ceecee Bakery is a big name in the bakeries of central Kerala, and I can remember those large number of cutlets and puffs that I had from there when I was a kid. After a short break, it has come back to Perumbavoor, and this time, it looks even better; situated on the way to Kalady/Angamaly from Perumbavoor, one the right, just after the Oushadi junction. I have visited nine branches of the bakery if I remember it correctly. Ceecee has a long history, and even when we were at Aluva, their branch near Cochin Airport was common choice for us. Here areΒ more details: http://www.ceeceebakery.com/

Along with these options Saravana Bhavan is always there and Zaina Food Court is also a fair option. Shree Aryaas is also not much different from the former, but is without almost any parking space at all, which is applicable to the latter too. Annappoorna is another option. I would give a special mention to a closed Aarya Bhavan and the Indian Coffee House that hasn’t been here since its shifting long ago. The closest ICH is at Kalady, and it is also the quickest from here considering the fact that the same restaurant a few kilometres before Muvattupuzha has disappeared. ***All the images used in this blog post are from the websites of Navya Bakers and Ceecee Bakery.



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  1. Oh you must try the cakes from Ohmycake.in. Specially the blueberry cheese cake. We celebd my mom’s 50th bday and all our guests swore that they will order cakes from there henceforth. πŸ˜‰

    PS- Got a ceecee near my house. Gonna try it out asap πŸ˜€

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