First of the Awards

I am glad to announce a first time for this blog: Jay Shah ( has nominated my blog for  Very Inspiring Blogger Award! Yes, there have been a long list of awards for my other blog Movies of the Soul ( and also a few for my Travel Diaries, but this is the first one for this blog.

Well, this is an award about inspiration, and I am glad that even if I rarely get inspired myself, I still ended up being an inspiring blogger 😀 That should make this award more significant than most of the other awards though 😉 Here is the post concerning the same: (

There is also a first in everything, which is why I chose to publish this one as a post rather than as the page like I used to do with the awards for my other blogs. Thank you Jay, for the nomination; you have a very inspiring blog right there 🙂

Here, I have to mention seven things about myself:

  • I have always believed more in death than in life, and I hope for a better world after death.
  • I am now at a new level of tea addiction which you might not want to know about 😉
  • I don’t usually trust people. It has never been my kind of thing; may be I can get a superpower for that.
  • I hate crowds. I would prefer to be left alone or with just a few people, because it feels better.
  • I don’t believe much in winning. I rarely give much value to it. Doing your part well is the better thing.
  • I have become a cricket hater from cricket lover, and the credit for the same goes directly to BCCI as it is now, and I thank them for saving lot of my time.
  • I am a jobless person with not much hope for getting to work in this birth or the next – not even in inferno or purgatario.

Here are the fifteen blogs I’d like to nominate:

  1. Maniparna (
  2. Namrata (
  3. Gowtham (
  4. Kokila (
  5. Anita (
  6. Raja (
  7. Najm (
  8. Tara (
  9. Shaun (
  10. Sagarika (
  11. Vartika (
  12. Shabab (
  13. Vandana (
  14. Sucheta (
  15. Ranjini (

Do share the award, and also try to:

  • Display the award on your blog.
  • Link back to the person who nominated you.
  • State seven things about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 bloggers, linking to them.

Keep Blogging. May this New Year bring awesome results for you. Welcome 2015 🙂

29 thoughts on “First of the Awards

  1. Many congratulations buddy for the award. You really inspire people with your awesomatic creative words and you deserve it. Thank you so much for nominating me for the same Teny. I am stunned by teh nomination :-O

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks 🙂 Nobody can be as stunned as I am, I think 😀
      Btw, how is it like posting to wordpress from blogspot – I am struggling the other way around…I try and most of the comments go into some kind of black hole, I think 😦


  2. Many Congratulations, Teny. thanks for the nomination but why did you nominate me? I am just blooming in the blog world. plz take away my name, it is a request.

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  3. Yo owlet….mine is an awards-free blog zone 😦 Nevertheless…thankyou so so so very much and I will be happy to at least write the seven things about myself 😛 🙂 I didn’t get any ping backs and saw it now…

    These are seven random facts about myself, which you know.

    And these are seven more 😀

    1. I have a pet turtle called Wasuli, which also goes by the name of King Julien 😛

    2. I do not like beaches. Mountains are my true-calling.

    3. I strongly believe in the fan theories doing round on in Game of Thrones.

    4. I want to adopt a pet dog and that would be a beagle or a GS for sure. The name will start with Sir or Lady 😛 A cat will be another pet but it should behave like Garfield 😀

    5. I used to have a stamp collection. Only a boxful. Love to see the colours even now 😀

    6. I do not like the overhyped movie going experience in theatres. Watching a flick in Drive-in cinema appeals to me more.

    7. I have a thing for whales. Its mixed feelings…maybe will blog about it someday 😀

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    • Nice; I am studying the 14 again and again 😛

      Even I love whales since Moby Dick. Hoping to meet a Vampire Whale someday 😀 Over-hyped movies are normally disappointing 😦

      Here is news: Simona the Lionhearted catches wall lizards – she jumps from chairs to tables and make a big jump, and sometimes she gets them 😀 Paneer based gravy dishes are awesome 😉 Btw, doesn’t almost everyone love chocolates and ice creams? 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • I agree. I can’t stand over-hyped movies and to me, the Lunchbox was one of them. I have read the book and no way can I see it slaughtered on screen 😛 Vampire Whale sounds so very interesting 😉

        Simona is my precious. She is doing a wonderful service to humanity. Tell her that! 😀 I love the dishes too and yes, everyone loves chocs and ice creams but they can also dig into sweets like laddoos and pedas. I don’t even touch them with the exception of sohn papdi and kaju katli 😛 What about you?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Vampire What can lead the vampires of the ocean 😀 Yes, which is why I didn’t want to watch movies like Interstellar and Haider, but still ended up watching them 🙂 I completely avoided PK as of now 😀

        Simona needs more creatures to hunt. It is depressing to see a few of those things evading her by going up the wall – its cruel 😀 I often try to bring them down for her to hunt

        I love Soan Papdi – eats some of it everyday, but those available here are surely not as good as it is there 😦 And I don’t know Kaju Katli – I know only Kaiju Monster 😀 I like green ladoo and pedas…the latter taste like guava – not much into the usual sweets; needing variety 😉 Yes, death by icecream and white chocolates await me 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      • hahahhaha and where do you stay though? SImona can easily be taught to hunt down mice and then you can watch TOM n JERRY live in concert 😛

        PK is avoidable. Have you seen OMG ?

        Kaju Katli is cashew sweets. The rhombus shaped ones.

        I love Kaijus as well. Simply love Pacific Rim. And the old Godzilla of course 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      • Where? Does Cochin sound familiar? 😀
        Mice? There are big mice around here which are twice the size of her – found one dead last day and cats take shortcut even seeing that dead mouse 😀

        No, OMG is very good as I have heard, but missed it 😦 Is it a real bad miss?
        Yes, now I feel I have seen the Kajus, never tried – I think.

        Pacific Rim is one of my all-time favourites; del Toro is my favourite director 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      • Have you seen Pan’s Labyrinth then? I was suggested this long back and loved it. Cochin and I have met through Highway on my plate (and that rhymes 😉 )

        Keep your preciousssssss lionheart away form them – mice!

        OMG is worth a watch once. Because of the performances. Mithun is also wow 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      • Pan’s Labyrinth is my favourite movie in many ways – and I love his Hellboy movies too – now waiting for his next; Crimson Peak. Did you read about it? I think it is going to be special 🙂

        Meet Cochin outside Highway because the Queen of the Arabian Sea is better that way 🙂

        Until SI-MO gets older and stronger, yes 😀

        Yes, I shall watch OMG only once 😀

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