Vampires of the Soul

There is no other book that I loved more than Dracula, and I used to read many versions of the same in English and Malayalam during my childhood, and I have known Bram Stoker before I knew William Shakespeare. Count Dracula has been part of my early life more than anyone else and even inspired me to read more horror and made me watch my first horror movies, and my first horror movie in English to be watched on a VCR, John Carpenter’s Vampires. It would introduce me to the entity called “the vampire” which would never be redefined better than it did for me in this work.

Dracula was one person who never really scared me. But people around the world were worth being afraid of more than this one vampire. Some of them suck the life out of you, others money, and the worst of the suck the happiness out of you, and they are the vampires of the heart and soul. Most of them feel that they are the only people in the world, and the Earth no longer revolves around the sun, but instead exist for their own needs and all the people in the world are made for them to use. This one-human-centric universe have been sucking everything good out of our known world for centuries.

Consider the case of Count Dracula. He wanted to migrate to another country leaving his rural world behind. For the same, he leaves his old world behind and is ready to blend in with the so called urban people. But what does he get in the end? He is forced to keep running and in the end gets a stake through the end for trying to understand other cultures and mingle with them. He was a man of nature, blended with his natural environment and feared by the people of his land due to him being an introvert.

Bran Castle, commonly known as the Dracula Castle (photo from wiki)

The beautiful Bran Castle, commonly known as the Dracula Castle (photo from wiki)

Now, there comes the problem of being introvert. There are many organizations for supporting even the dumbest things in the world saying that it is one’s personal life and there is the choice to be different. But being an introvert is rather too difficult, as the other take away or rather suck everything away, and bening terribly talkative has been becoming a need, and on the tip of the talks, there would be big lies which will help one to advance in life. The others who can’t lie or show off their vanity will suffer like Dracula.

Still, the society considers introverts and people who can’t use tell a beautiful lie every hour or so as not easily acceptable. Being talkative should be a choice, and when people are chosen according to the performances during a few minutes of interview, it is a case of losing the right person for the job and instead finding someone who can talk and justify all mistakes and atrocities. You can’t find the right person by talking for a few minutes, because lies are too easy to say for the new generation designed just to succeed. This is the world of fake smiles, and the season of faking love.

Dracula was undoubtedly an introvert and a man who couldn’t socialize easily, and the use of diaries, letters and logs in the work and making it an epistolary one means that it was rather the idea of a group of people from one side of the society, and even the ideas claimed to be of other people could have also been forged. May be he had some bad teeth, and it is also possible that he was too much addicted to wine – there goes the ideas about bad teeth and drinking the red fluid. He just belonged to another culture and it is usual to be afraid of the customs and traditions, plus he had his own special abilities.

Christopher Lee playing the Count (photo from wiki)

Christopher Lee playing the Count, considered the common depiction (photo from wiki)

It is a usual misconception to related Dracula to the devil, and it is plain wrong. The vampire is surely not the devil, and beyond that, the Count has a personality which is far better than this plagued society which is not just affected by hatred towards other religion, caste, race and community, but also towards the random people who don’t know one’s idol or their most awesome person, a sportsperson, a movie star – any random celebrity. Yes, vampires have to look scary and not like a dumb teenager, but the story of the Count is debatable. Dracula was million times better than most of the vain humans of this age even on his worst day. Yes, the Indian cricket fans have already proved the same with their racist and sexist comments.


10 thoughts on “Vampires of the Soul

  1. Oh I love this post. So, in that book, the Dracula is finally killed with a stake?
    You might judge me, still, I’d like to confess that I’m a fan of Vampire romance. No. I am not a fan of twilight or vampire diaries. But I am a fan of forbidden love and when it happens to be related to fantasy, you know, it gets even better. The thought of running a stake down a vampire’s heart brings a lot of sorrow to me. Because, I harbour this thought that someday a vampire might just come in through the window and fall in love with me. 😛
    I agree with you. Human beings are the worst and I believe the vampires do what they do because they are scared of us, they are outcasted and they need food. We never gave them a chance. We never give anyone, who are different from us, a chance! How close minded is that?
    Regarding being an introvert, sometimes, I see some people and wish that I could talk like them. But mostly, I am glad. It is better to be unable to talk than have loose talks. At the end of the day, when no one is judging, if you ask me what I think, I like the introvert me! 🙂 Hope you like yourself that way too 🙂

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    • In different versions – stake, knife, spear; the sharp end is for sure. I have read and watched too many of them.
      Don’t you know that I have no plan of judging you? 😀 Yes, I am not against it either. Have you watched Interview with the Vampire? Not at all against it – even Let Me In has vampire attraction and Byzantium’s vampires are too good 😀
      I love the second last paragraph – I will just agree with you say nothing else 😛
      I have often thought so too, but I have this never-ending doubt which will only end when I get a job 🙂

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      • Oh! That is new to me. With the limited knowledge about vampires that i have, I assumed that vampires could be killed only by wooden stakes. In case of some old vampires, a special kind of wooden stake. :O
        I have had this doubt right from my school days. I could never answer questions in class when teachers asked me. Even if I knew them. It took me a while to know that the problem wasn’t with me, but with the education systems and the human beings who want me to be like them. Who judge me keeping themselves as the yardstick. I can’t answer questions in public. That doesn’t mean I don’t know. :/
        So yeah, it is the same with interview. Screw them!

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      • Something sharp right through the heart – lets go for it 😀
        We had to by-heart too many things, and know/understand very less. We were supposed to like what the majority liked, and the best were what they proclaimed as the best. Every time I wanted to be different, I was told to act like I am like others, and in the end, I ended up forgetting what I actually wanted to be. When talking, we had to talk exactly as they wanted to – things are not getting any better, but its just that the choices are different and things are more refined. Nowadays, people pretend better.

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      • I know! I know! I know! I was insulted because I said I liked Aamir Khan, the bright pink color, bright yellow, make up, shiny weird things and the list goes on. Finally, when I reached my twenties I wore only dark, dull colored clothes and looked stupid :/ Once I attained that extreme, I stopped caring.

        Look what the world did to us 😦

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      • Me because I said I liked Sourav Ganguly when everybody was Sachin Tendulkar fan, for wishing to talk about tennis, with the consistent love for black colour, being fan of the “very evil Dracula” and his vampire minions, drinking tea when true kids had ice cream, loving the “wrong subject” of history and so on.
        Yes, now it is all gone 😦

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